Chapter 12.2- I have to say, your fake fall sucks.

Caell: This came in late. I was so busy yesterday and forgot, let me know if you see any errors. Enjoy.

“…He Qingqing, Xu Qi…”

There are many people who entered Class F. However, what surprised them most was the last name Yan Qi said.

“Next, I announce the last player in Class F.”

With that said, Yan Qi glanced towards Wen Anan. This look made Wen Anan’s face pale with fright. Her red eyes, like a little rabbit, were timid, with tears in them.

When it’s over, she is definitely going to enter Class F, wu wu wu… Is it true that the plot cannot be changed?

Just when Wen Anan felt desperate, who knew, things took a sharp turn!

“The last one in Class F is Li Feiwei.”

After the name was pronounced, everyone was shocked.

Because Li Feiwei’s performance just now is really remarkable. Although her level is not enough to reach Class B, it will not be reduced to Class F!

All the players present looked at Li Feiwei, with puzzlement and sympathy on their faces.

If they say who is the last of Class F in their hearts, then everyone will definitely say that it is Wen Anan.

After all, Wen Anan forgot the words and dance movements just now. Such a performance is simply the scene of a car accident.

“…Teacher, can I ask why? Why did I enter Class F? I performed much better than Wen Anan!”

Li Feiwei couldn’t accept the fact that she actually entered Class F, and her eyes looked straight at Yan Qi.

And Wen Anan, who was mentioned by Li Feiwei, also looked at Yan Qi with a dazed expression.

At this time, Wen Anan only felt that she was riding a roller coaster. The ups and downs were so fast that she didn’t know for a moment whether she was dreaming or…reality!

She really wasn’t assigned to class F?

OMG! She was not assigned to class F! Does that mean that the fate of her body can still be changed?

Yan Qi, who was still angry, saw Wen Anan’s black eyes lit up when she heard that she hadn’t entered Class F. For some reason, his heart calmed down.

However, there are only a few.

When he was facing Li Feiwei, the look on his face was so gloomy!

The black-faced person is completely able to scare the coward of Wen Anan, but at this time, Wen Anan wandering in her own world, celebrating that she didn’t enter Class F and escaped.

Therefore, she didn’t even see how terrifying Yan Qi was at this time.

“Want to know why?”

Yan Qi curled the corners of his lips, and the gloomy face suddenly showed a stubborn curve, which made him look a little more unruly and cold.

“Yes! With my strength, it is impossible to enter Class F!”

When Jiang Yan and He Yuxi rushed over, they heard Li Feiwei questioning Yan Qi.

Looking at Yan Qi’s scornful and unruly face, both of them understood in their hearts that this kid Yan Qi, is probably going to make trouble again.

“Yes, your strength really shouldn’t be in Class F. However, your character is not as good as Class F.”

As soon as Yan Qi’s voice fell, everyone’s eyes widened in shock, because what Yan Qi said just now was really too heavy.

Facing a delicate little girl, he didn’t even leave her a bit of face.

Even though some of the more than one hundred players just saw Li Feiwei’s small movements, everyone would not pierce this layer of paper.

But… Yan Qi as a straight man of steel… he could see Li Feiwei’s caution just now, and more than a hundred contestants were simply stunned!

“This is the training ground. The players by your side are not only your competitors, but also your partners and friends. But you didn’t hesitate to turn your head to calculate your companions, I am really disappointed.”

Yan Qi glanced at Li Feiwei and said coldly.

“Also, I have to say, your flop is utterly bad.”

Li Feiwei’s entire face turned pale when she heard Yan Qi’s venomous words. She didn’t expect that her cautious mentor could not only see it, but also directly pierced it.

In an instant, Li Weiwei seemed to have tasted the kind of desperate mentality that Wen Anan tried just now.

Because she knows that this scene, out of ten, will be broadcast by the program team, and this broadcast…she will really be over!
For a moment, Li Feiwei felt regret.
She regrets it very much now, and keeps thinking about why she did that just now.
I’m all done for right now. Not only did she not get Wen Anan to class F, but she got into class F herself.
After Li Feiwei was assigned to Class F, more than a hundred players, it seemed like they had been splashed with cold water, and everyone was very nervous.

Fortunately, Jiang Yan and He Yuxi came out to the play in time and announced the players who entered Class A and Class B.
This time, unfortunately, Wen Anan failed to keep the good grades in Class B, but entered Class D.

“Well, since everyone already knows which class they are in, I will now announce the next group match.”
Jiang Yan smiled and looked at the fourteen A players.

“First of all, I would like to congratulate the 14 players who entered Class A this time. You are the captain of Team C in this group match!…”
After listening to Jiang Yan’s explanation, everyone understood. After this personal match was over, the feelings changed to a match between groups.

But this time the group match is more stringent. Because they are about to be on the real stage, performing for thousands of spectators, and finally they will vote for the champion on the night of the performance.
And their 120 players will perform different performances according to each group of eight players…

“No, teacher, we have only 14 people in class A, that is, there are only 14 captains. But we have a total of 120 people, and it seems that there is still one captain left?”

Students who are good at math suddenly realized that if they were divided into groups of eight people, it seemed that there would be one less team leader!

“Yes, there is another captain, we haven’t announced yet.”

When Jiang Yan said this, everyone’s eyes lit up.

Coming to this show, everyone wants to shine, and then become one of the six females of Tianyu’s lucky debut.

AS the captain of C, then they must have a lot more shots.

Therefore, everyone wants to be the last captain.

However, what everyone did not expect was that the last captain was someone who was unexpected and could not convince them!


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