Chapter 13.1

“Now I declare that she is the fifteenth captain C…” When Jiang Yan’s voice just fell, all the players looked at her with very nervous eyes, wishing that Jiang Yan’s mouth was thinking about naming them.

However, it is a pity that all the players except Wen An’an will be disappointed.

“Wen An’an! Congratulations! Everyone has seen your efforts!” Under everyone’s attention, Jiang Yan walked towards Wen An’an and looked at Wen An’an with a smile.


Everyone was shocked when they heard the name Jiang Yan said. They couldn’t believe their ears.

After a brief period of shock and aphasia, when everyone came back to their senses, the atmosphere on the scene was completely fried.

“Oh my God! How could it be Wen An’an?”

“Yeah, she dances so badly, why is the fifteenth captain C being her?”

“Is something wrong?” Not only were countless people on the scene questioning Wen An’an, the last C captain, but even Wen An’an looked dazed and helpless.

The moment Wen Anan heard her own name from Jiang Yan’s mouth, Wen An’an was stunned. She had no idea what happened or why the last captain’s place would fall on her head.

Please, she doesn’t want to do anything at all. Captain C! How scary it would be to be the captain of C in the center! She doesn’t know anything!

At this time, Wen Anan didn’t want the position of C captain at all, and even collapsed a little.

“Teacher, can I ask, why is Wen An’an the captain of this team C?”

“Yeah, why did Wen Anan become the last C captain?” Countless players were not very convinced and asked the biggest doubts of the audience. Even Wen Anan, the C captain herself, was not convinced, nodded with confusion.

“The last captain was chosen from all the remaining members of Class A. The reason for choosing the appraisal is–” Seeing countless people unconvinced, Yan Qi raised his brows and held the microphone in a cold voice and said.

“Whoever practiced for a long time is the last captain. And Wen An’an is the player who has the longest practice time among you. Her total time is twice that of everyone who sits here. This three-day period, she basically only slept for three hours a day, and even last night, she didn’t sleep all night. She was practicing when you all were eating and sleeping.” Speaking of this, Yan Qi thought about it. Something moved, he never thought that Wen An’an would have such a diligent side.

At this time, he really realized that he really wanted to make a difference in the beginning.

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