Chapter 12.1- I have to say, your fake fall sucks.

Looking at the monitor, Wen Anan’s drooping face, the atmosphere in the judges’ room also became serious.

The three of them originally had a relaxed smile on their faces, watching Wen Anan dance.

But what they did not expect, was that such a change happened in the middle.

“That Li Feiwei obviously pretended to be! She was deliberately influencing Wen Anan’s assessment this time!”

Yan Qi watched the video, Wen Anan was so uncomfortable that she was about to cry, and felt that there was an indescribable anger in his chest.

Anger, he couldn’t hold the words in his heart.

Even if he said this, it might seem strange, but as long as he saw the sad and desperate expression in Wen Anan’s wet eyes, he couldn’t bear it.

“Xiao Qiqi?”

Both Jiang Yan and He Yuxi looked at Yan Qi in surprise, although they were also very upset about the incident, Yan Qi’s reaction was too much, right?

Besides, doesn’t Yan Qi usually hate Wen Anan? Why this time…

“Is the show’s team mind caught by the door? Such bad acting skills, how can she make her jump again! Anyway, no matter what you guys think, I will give her an F for Li Feiwei! “

For the first time, Yan Qi said such headstrong words.

After all, even if Li Weiwei’s mind is wrong, she shouldn’t be in class F because of her level.

However, Jiang Yan and He Yuxi did not oppose Yan Qi’s proposal.

They were initially dissatisfied with Li Feiwei’s approach, but they were not as impulsive as Yan Qi.

“OK, I also agree with the result of F for Li Feiwei.”

He Yuxi gave an ok gesture and responded in a cold voice.

Compared with the straightforwardness of the two men, Jiang Yan’s approach is much more emotionally intelligent.

Unlike the two, she just said the result, but did not say the reason.

“Although our team is selecting the best female idols. However, as a star, character is also very important.”

Basically, when Jiang Yan said this sentence, Li Feiwei’s future stardom was basically over.

At this time, the staff behind the scenes of “Super Idol” realized how much the three celebrity tutors of the program group do love the little crying bag Wen Anan!

After the 120 contestants had finished the assessment, Yan Qi was the first to rush out impatiently.

Holding the scoring sheet in his hand, he walked out of the judges room with an extremely impatient expression.

Jiang Yan and He Yuxi, who were behind Yan Qi, looked at each other, and both saw a touch of doubt in each other’s eyes.

Yan Qi today is very strange, very strange.

It’s like taking explosives as medicine, it seems that it will explode at any time.

At this time, all the 120 young ladies who had performed, didn’t know that they were about to usher in a Tyrannosaurus rex.

After the performance, they chatted with excitement and anticipation, while waiting for the three star tutors to give them the final assessment results.


With a loud noise, Yan Qi dropped the score sheet in his hand to the ground.

The sound of the score sheet being dropped to the ground can already tell how angry he was just now.

The examination room that had been chattering endlessly before suddenly became silent, and all the players held their breath and looked at Yan Qi.

“There are some people, their performance just now really disappointed me.”

As soon as this sentence fell, everyone’s hearts were in suspense.

Especially Wen Anan, her heart was hollow, she knew how bad she was dancing just now.

Thinking that she was about to enter Class F, she felt an unspeakable uncomfortable feeling in her heart.

“Now, I will announce the people who have entered Class F.”

Yan Qi glanced at the 120 players, then said with a cold face.

Listening to Yan Qi’s words, all the players became nervous.

They really didn’t expect that the first person who will be called was the person who entered Class F.

They thought that Class F and Class A were both the finale.

“The following, please come out if I say your name.”

With that said, Yan Qi read the list of people who entered Class F.

Caell: That is all for today. Next half comes out tomorrow.

Chapter 12.2


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