Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch60.2

Such eyes made Yao Mengduo, who was standing beside Wen An’an unhappy.

“Hey! He Tianshan, your brother likes Wen An’an, go look for your brother, why bother our An An, she doesn’t even know who your brother is”

“Yes, He Tianshan, you are a little bit too much today.”

Zhou Jia, who has a good relationship with Wen An’an, nodded and said very seriously.

“What do I have to give? She’s taking a set of my brother’s jewelry. She can’t even buy the value of that set for Wen An’an.”

He Tianshan snorted softly and said disdainfully.

However, Yao Mengduo gave her a big look.

“Really? I don’t know why such a rich like Miss He didn’t have the strength to win the C position of all five songs.”


This time, He Tianshan was completely speechless.

No, what really made her speechless was still behind.

When everyone was washing up and getting ready to rest, Wen An’an went to find He Tianshan with the set of jewelry that she had collected yesterday.

“I’ve always wanted to return this. I was hospitalized yesterday, so I didn’t return it to you.”

Wen An’an handed the jewelry box in her hand to He Tianshan, who had already changed into pajamas and put on a mask. He Tianshan, who had taken off her makeup and wore ordinary home clothes, looked much more cordial than usual.

“What do you mean?”

Looking at the jewelry box in her hand, He Tianshan frowned slightly, looking at Wen An’an with some puzzled eyes.

“Thank you to your brother and your parents for their support. I’m really excited. But… this gift is too expensive, so I won’t accept it.”

Wen An’an looked at He Tianshan cautiously and muttered softly.

She has been taught by her parents since she was a child that she doesn’t accept things from strangers. It’s considered a gift from others, so she has to be courteous.

However, it is clear that this gift is too expensive, and she is not polite…

“Wen An’an, are you playing with me the trick of wanting to refuse and welcoming retreat to advance?”

He Tianshan didn’t believe that a girl could refuse such expensive jewelry, and it was given by her brother.

So, she subconsciously didn’t believe that Wen An’an really came to return the jewelry.

In her eyes, Wen An’an came to her to win her favor, let’s put a long line to catch big fish.

Originally, Wen An’an was still a little cautious and very sincere in expressing to her. After listening to He Tianshan’s words, she was a little stunned, and then nodded to He Tianshan.

“That’s right, I take retreat as advance, and I want to refuse to advance. So, keep this jewelry, don’t give me a chance, I’ll go first.”

Having said that, Wen An’an turned around and left, leaving only He Tianshan, an eldest young lady who couldn’t understand Wen An’an’s words just now.

“What the hell… Wen An’an is really not simple.”

She must not let her eldest brother have any connection with Wen An’an. Otherwise, the stupid eldest brother in her family will definitely be confused by Wen An’an, and then he will marry this woman Wen An’an as his wife and become her sister-in-law.

Come on He Tianshan, ‌you don’t want to continue to participate in this competition. ‌It has to be the final finals. ‌Keep the happiness of your elder brother and yourself in the second half of his life. It must not be Wen An’an.

In this way, Wen An’an found that the chances of her meeting He Tianshan were getting higher and higher during the recording of the next program… and the most terrifying thing was that this girl He Tianshan would always mention her brother from time to time. This really makes her feel a little irritable.

But the deeper the understanding, the more Wen An’an felt that this little girl He Tianshan was really spoiled by her family, and she didn’t have too many bad thoughts.

No, no bad thoughts are bad thoughts, it is too annoying, but just a little bit it really makes her feel a little helpless.

In this way, in this fulfilling training life, “Super Idol” is a seven-phase knockout competition.

This time, half of the candidates were eliminated, and in the end only 18 people were left.

As long as they experience the next elimination, “Super Idol” will go to the grand finals.

And this time in the knockout round, there is no suspense, Wen An’an won the first place with the overwhelming number of votes.

Followed closely and became famous, of course, is Yao Mengduo, although the number of votes of the famous Wen An’an is very big, but Yao Mengduo has never reduced the pace to pursue her dream.

When the program team finished recording the seventh phase of “Super Idol”, “Daddy’s Cute Baby”, which Wen An’an and Yao Mengduo participated in the recording, officially began to be broadcasted on TV.

Although the last zoo incident made “Daddy’s Cute Baby” order rectification, this episode, in which Wen An’an participated, has been edited a little, and it can still be played.

In addition, because of the accident at the zoo, the program group under pressure only added some content to make this episode of “Daddy’s Cute Baby”, which Wen An’an and Yao Mengduo participated in, become a new season finale.

Although it’s a pity, the show had a big accident after all, and other celebrity guests expressed to the show team that they didn’t want to record it because they were worried about their children for psychological and physical reasons.

Therefore, the program team of “Daddy’s Cute Baby” only mentioned the end of this season’s shooting.

As the final episode of “Daddy’s Cute Baby”, and the fermentation of the Wen An’an Zoo incident, the last episode of this season can be said to have created a new record for the ratings in the history of Chinese variety shows.

Whether it is in terms of ratings or the volume of topics, it is creating a terrible number.

And the record of ratings is really a record that no one can easily break except for one person herself.

Of course, “Daddy’s Cute Baby” has just aired, and the super high ratings will not be known until tomorrow.

On this night, countless people were watching the TV and‌ waiting for “Daddy’s Cute Baby” with Wen An’an as a temporary guest. These people were at home, in the office, or in a restaurant or somewhere else, or—

In a high-end private club?

“‘Daddy’s Cute Baby’? What the hell is this? What about the ball game?”

A tall and slender man, watching the TV screen displayed on the big screen in the private room, the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

However, soon he found out… eh? This show is really poisonous! It’s actually… damn good looking! Especially someone in the show.


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