Chapter 11.2-What she travels through is not a romance book but a horror book!

She is full of thoughts now–

I must not enter Class F! Must not enter Class F! If I enter Class F… Then I will be beaten by the male lead first, then be beaten by the female lead, and finally sold to a foreign country as a slave after his revenge…Woo-terrible, for sure! Must not enter Class F!

Wen Anan kept comforting herself in her heart, and had been persuading herself, in that desperate mood, almost did not cry.

She had practiced for three days and nights day and night, but in fact, she had learned most of the movements, but now, she suddenly came out like this.

Watching other people staring at her so scorchingly, she really felt terrified.

However, even if Wen Anan feels panicked and doesn’t want to dance anymore, that’s no use, the accompaniment music of the song still starts to play…

Suddenly, the sweet and lovely accompaniment sounded, and all the players who took the test started moving.

At this time, Wen Anan’s body also moved, subconsciously following the familiar song.

Wen Anan calmed down the panic in her heart and tried to focus all her attention on the music.

Fortunately, Wen Anan these days, was serious in practicing, so even if she is nervous now, her body, is still copying from memory, and jumping out the dance coherently.

Although it may…her dancing is not as good looking as others, but there is nothing wrong with it.

“Not bad, I thought Wen Anan might be bad.”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect Wen Anan to dance so well.”

“It seems that in private, she really worked hard to practice…”

In the judges’ room, everyone was amazed by Wen Anan’s performance. Although Wen Anan’s performance is not the best, but she is the one that surprised everyone the most.

Her performance not only shocked the three star mentors, but at the same time, other players were also shocked by Wen Anan’s performance.

A flower vase girl who couldn’t sing and dance at first, but now she can show it all in singing and dancing? !

Although her singing and dancing are still not very good, but only three days! Wen Anan can already perform this song coherently, how is it not shocking!

Li Feiwei, who originally wanted to make Wen Anan embarrassed, saw Wen Anan’s performance completely out of her expectation, and she also had a feeling that Wen Anan performed better than her.

In an instant, Li Feiwei’s heart exploded too!


I saw Li Feiwei’s feet hit, and in an instant, she fell towards Wen Anan.

Although it didn’t hit Wen Anan, this change still made Wen Anan dumbfounded.

“Bang~!” Li Feiwei fell to the ground with a painful expression and groaned in her mouth.

Wen An’an, who was already nervous at first, only relied on her physical memory to repeat the dance of the theme song. After being so disturbed by Li Feiwei, her coherent movements were suddenly interrupted.

The whole person looked at Li Feiwei who fell in front of her with a dumb expression, and after not reacting for several seconds, she squatted down and helped Li Feiwei up.

“You, are you okay?”

At this time, the other players also gathered around, looking at Li Feiwei worriedly.

“Weiwei, how are you? Did you fall seriously?”

Seeing the appearance of other people on her like this, Li Feiwei suddenly felt proud, especially when she saw Wen Anan looking at her with a dull face, she was even more happy.

It seems that her plan was successful!

To deal with a rookie like Wen Anan, you have to use this method to scare her.
“It’s okay, I just fell down accidentally, I can continue!”

Seeing Wen Anan’s pale and ignorant look, Li Feiwei stood up from the ground boldly and then spoke to the director.

“Director, I wasn’t hurt much. I don’t want to delay everyone’s time. I can dance again.”

Wen Anan, who was almost finished dancing, suddenly collapsed after hearing that her group was still dancing again.

The performance just now was enough to torture her, but now, this performance is going to be performed again…

And… Now even after starting again, Wen Anan can’t remember how to dance.

Just now being so scared by Li Feiwei, all the songs and dances in her head were completely forgotten.

When the music sounded again, sure enough, Wen Anan was much worse this time than last time! She couldn’t even step on the beat, and couldn’t remember the tune and lyrics.

After the end of the song, Li Feiwei, who played steadily, was smiling and radiant, and poor Wen Anan, that is, had a look of despair.

Her mind was pure, and she didn’t think too much about how Li Feiwei, a stranger she had never known, would deliberately interfere with her. She just thinks it might be the book she transmigrated into, the plot is too restrictive, and it is not easy to change.

Obviously she didn’t pester the male lead anymore, but the male lead still hated her as much as in the plot.

Obviously she has worked hard to practice the singing and dancing of the theme song, but in the end, she still made a mistake like the original owner, and the dancing was terrible. She will enter Class F…

Oh oh oh! Is the plot destined to be so uncomfortable? If she works hard, she can’t change it. Then, she will soon be eliminated, and then she will be face slapped by the male and female leads, and then she will be sold abroad by the male lead…

Woo–! It’s terrible, why should I cross into such terrible book! This is not a romance book at all, but a horror book…

T/N:: Its 3:40am and i would love to sleep but i can’t. Let me know if you see any errors.


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