Chapter 11.1-What she travels through is not a romance book but a horror book!

“Now, the placement assessment officially begins!”
After the director of “Super Idol” finished talking about the second class assessment system, everyone was shocked.
There is no other reason, because this time the assessment turned out to be a 1V1 match.

Players in lower-level classes can challenge higher-level players if they have confidence in themselves.

The instructor used the monitor in the evaluation room to shoot in different directions at 365 degrees to make the final scoring, and finally scored the candidates based on the comprehensive information.

After the evaluation system was released this time, everyone became nervous.

Especially Wen Anan, because she was told by Fan Qianqian that this time, the assessment should be a person staying in a room, just singing and dancing in front of the camera.

There will be no other people, but now, not only are there other people, but also in front of more than a hundred people!
In an instant, Wen Anan’s psychological defenses collapsed.

To be honest, after living for so many years, Wen Anan has always been very introverted and not talkative, she has never dared nor performed in front of so many people.

But now…

Her face paled nervously, Wen Anan whose body was trembling, didn’t notice it at all, at this time the class placement assessment has already begun.

Just when she could no longer control her emotions and felt that she was about to break down, suddenly there was a sound in her ear——

“Director, I want to challenge Wen Anan.”

This crisp and bright sound, immediately made everyone exclaim.

Everyone looked at Wen Anan and the player who challenged just now.

This contestant who challenged Wen Anan is a girl from Class C named Li Feiwei.

Her appearance is placed among 120 contestants, which can only be regarded as the upper middle level, and the singing and dancing level is even more middle level.

It’s just that, except for her appearance that is not as good as Wen Anan, her other singing and dancing skills, can throw Wen Anan on the street.
And the reason why she chose Wen Anan is very simple.

Because, Wen Anan this persimmon is very soft! This kind of vase that looks empty, but can’t sing and dance, she is very confident that she can dance better than her.

She knows her level of strength, so if she wants to enter Class B, she can only use this cleverness to try. After all, Wen Anan’s singing and dancing are very bad, as long as she stands beside Wen Anan, her singing and dancing will definitely be set off very well.

However, Li Feiwei at this time was… completely wrong.
Originally played a very good small abacus, but in the end it ended up very badly.

“Wow, I really didn’t expect that someone would take the initiative to find Wen Anan to PK!”

At this time, the three celebrity mentors sitting in the judges’ room watched this scene very surprised.

And Yan Qi brought worries that he didn’t even notice, because he could see that Wen Anan was in a particularly bad state today.

“I heard from the staff that Wen Anan hadn’t slept almost all night and had been practicing the songs and dances of “I’m a Super Idol”.”

“Well, I can see it, you see, Wen Anan is not in a very good state now, she is a little bit dull.”

“Could it be sickness?”

Suddenly, the expressions of the four mentors suddenly became a little nervous.

However, what they didn’t notice was that Yan Qi was more nervous than them.

“An An! An An! An An!”

The one hundred and eighteen players all puffed up for Wen Anan, and kept calling her name.

However, listening to this loud shout, Wen Anan only felt that her brain was about to explode.

With a pale face, she got up from the seat, and walked down with a little faint under her feet.

In fact, she didn’t have any confidence in her heart. After all, she was not a genius, nor did she have such a high talent for singing and dancing. What’s more, she only had three days of practice time.

And the most important thing is…she is really scared of the game now, really scared of entering Class F.

Because the female character in the original book, she had been in class F…

So she really doesn’t want to be assigned to Class F like the female character in the book…

“Anan! Come on! You can! You are really great! Don’t worry! I’ll cheer you down below.”

Yao Mengduo, who was sitting in the seat of Class A, watched Wen Anan go to war, she hurriedly sat in the first row and said softly.

It’s just that, at this time Wen Anan’s brain is full of paste, and she has no thoughts to listen to Yao Mengduo’s words.

She is full of thoughts now–

T/N: The second part will be released tomorrow.


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