I am Caell short for Micasella. A third year college student. I major in Math and Computer Science.

Some people think it’s strange that I study Math. Most times they assume I am either a Pharmacy or Medical student. It then makes me wonder if I look like the kind of person who would read a lot. I read yes, but not a lot. I still love my 10 hrs of sleep every day. Coming to think of it, why would I?

I know for a fact that I would be a terrible medical professional. I didn’t say that, my parents did and I totally agree with them.

But I admire those who give it their all. I even have a friend who studies Medicine.

Anyway moving on, I play games but not as I used to. Translating because I have free time till my exams then I’ll take a break.

That’s all for now. Also if you encounter any errors or grammatical mistakes let me know. I’ll soon if I remember add a contact page.

If you like my translation feel free to keep me motivated.

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