DMGFL Chapter 8

The next day, as soon as the genius was bright, Wen An’an was called out by Yao Mengduo, who lived in her lower bunk.
  ”An An… An An… get up, it’s time to participate in the recording of the second episode of the show.”

Because the program has to be broadcast in time for the summer, and it is still necessary to vote in time according to each issue.

Therefore, the recording of the program is very compact, especially between the first and second periods, there is no gap at all.

After all, the second phase of the recording requires a small test.

For example, train everyone to sing and dance.

Give everyone a few days to practice and then take the assessment test.

If the first episode of the program is only an interview, then the second episode of the program is a ‘written test’ that is the most important.

It’s just that all the players don’t know the process yet.

Wen An’an, who was in a nightmare, was immediately liberated from the nightmare after hearing Yao Mengduo’s voice.

Opening her eyes and looking at the snow-white ceiling, she sighed secretly in her heart.

Fortunately, it was a dream just now!

God knows, she just dreamed, dreamed of those dramas about female side characters she searched online!

This nightmare simply tortured her all night, just now, she was sold abroad before she arrived, and she was crying to death.

Therefore, when Yao Mengduo woke her up, Wen Anan felt extremely grateful!

“An An, don’t you wear makeup?”

Seeing that Wen An’an finished washing and changed into the yellow class uniform belonging to Class B, after walking out of the bathroom, Yao Mengduo looked a little surprised at Wen An’an with a clean face again.

Originally yesterday, she thought that Wen An’an might be different from other players, so she didn’t have makeup.

But today she was watching Wen An’an like this, and she got along with last night again, she felt…all of them might have misunderstood this little girl.

“Don’t you know how to make-up?”

Seeing Wen An’an not speaking, Yao Mengduo widened his eyes in surprise and asked softly.

Listening to Yao Mengduo’s words, Wen An’an nodded.

She has never bought makeup, let alone the skill of makeup.

Besides, she heard that makeup and makeup removal and facial mask are really troublesome.

Yesterday, she watched this group of people just remove the makeup and apply the mask for two or three hours. With this time, she might as well use it to sleep.

“Oh my god, as a star of a girl group, you can’t even make up!”

After uttering this sentence in surprise, Yao Mengduo quickly reacted.

“Oh, but you were so beautiful, so you really don’t need makeup.”

That’s right, Wen An’an looks really good in all. This body, which has been nourished by the pink bracelet into a perfect body and appearance, even without makeup at all, can kill more than half of the players in this talent show.

“Go, go…”

 Wen An’an shrank the hand wearing the pink bracelet. In fact, she is still not used to this group of people complimenting her appearance when they see her.

This body is not hers, and this face is not hers. Others boast but it does not belong to her. She is really guilty.

Moreover, she is not used to these compliments.

Because… she is really not that good…

Thinking of this, Wen An’an lowered her head and looked at the pink bracelet on her left wrist.

In the sun, the pink bracelet is shining, looks very crystal clear, pink and cute.

This pink bracelet that can make one beautiful and communicate with animals and plants may be a priceless treasure in the eyes of others. Even if you know that this pink bracelet belongs to the heroine, it cannot be handed over.

However, Wen An’an is a very pragmatic person who does not love petty gains.

Especially, she is also an online writer who writes online novels, and the heroine of rebirth novels she has read is no less than a hundred.

In these novels, although the characters are different, the plots are similar.

Especially… the person who takes away the heroine’s golden finger will have to pay a painful price!

So, she must not keep this pink bracelet belonging to the heroine’s golden finger!

Maybe if it was returned to the hostess, so the hostess won’t bother her too much?

Ok… it’s impossible…

Thinking of this, Wen An’an sighed. The heroine was originally reborn and had beaten up her face.

Especially her, the vicious female side character who robbed her of all opportunities…

The heroine already knew all the bad things her body had done to her.

And she can be reborn, there is also a part of her credit…

So, she really can’t have such a lucky idea to think about the heroine.

In Wen An’an’s chaotic thoughts, Yao Mengduo has taken her into the assembly hall.

At this time, all the players are already in line, standing in the hall, waiting for the arrival of several instructors.

“Why are we here early in the morning?”

“Yes, yes, what will be recorded for the second episode of the program?”

Because they are all girls, and Yan Qi did not come at this time, all the players started to chat.

Yao Mengduo, who led Wen An’an into the team, also talked to others. Among the hundred and twenty players, only Wen An’an seemed so out of place.

Even though she is wearing the same player class uniform as them, she always seems to have a transparent protective film separating her from other people.

This makes her seem to be very incompatible with other people. Except for Yao Mengduo who occasionally talked to her, no one else had spoken to her.

It looks like someone is squeezing her out, and she doesn’t want to socialize with them, it seems really a little bit distressing.

After Yan Qi walked into the hall, he saw Wen An’an standing in the crowd at first glance. He knew her for one thing, but the other point was that Wen An’an was so protruding.

She is like a luminous spot in the crowd, even if she is ordinarily and inconspicuously dressed, but her face is naturally eye-catching, which makes people unable to ignore it.

Seeing that Wen An’an seemed to be ‘squeezed’ by others, standing in a daze without speaking, his eyes widened as if he was in a daze, Yan Qi felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.


“Quiet! Didn’t you see that it is recording now? What place do you think this is!”

T/N: It is no big deal. It is just one girl.

Yan Qi screamed with such a voice when he came in, and for an instant, the girls who were chatting happily were startled by the noise.

For an instant, everyone closed their mouths obediently and looked at Yan Qi cautiously.

They didn’t understand why Yan Qi had such a big temper at them in the morning.

Although they may be a bit noisy, they just need to talk to them in a nice way.

don’t need to be so loud…

Just when all the players were secretly complaining about Yan Qi’s inexplicable anger, and at this time, Yan Qi’s eyes were completely fixed on Wen An’an!

After he saw that Wen An’an’s whole body trembled because of his own roar just now, his mouth was subconsciously pressed tightly together.

Humph! When was she so courageous! In the past, she was obviously more courageous than him, and she often took him to the cinema to watch horror movies.

T/N: News flash darling, there was a change.

Unfortunately, even when they broke up, he failed to accompany her to the cinema to watch a horror movie…

Thinking of this, Yan Qi suddenly realized that he actually remembered his and Wen Anan’s coming!

Suddenly, his face, which was a little softer, was gloomy again.

Yan Qi ah Yan Qi, if you fall into the same pit twice, then you are an idiot!

T/N: don’t worry you’ll be an idiot eventually

Don’t think about that Wen An’an anymore!

Whatever the reason, you two have broken up! broken up! This is the fact!

Taking a deep breath, Yan Qi looked away from Wen An’an, and then glanced at the others.

“Today, I am here to tell you one thing in advance, and that is your second assessment…”

As soon as they heard that the second assessment was about to be divided into classes, everyone calmed down and listened excitedly to what Yan Qi said.

It turns out that the first episode of the program is just as Jiang Yan said, just temporarily set a potential level for them. But the real assessment did not begin.

“In the second assessment, our three teachers will jointly compile a song and dance. You will have three days of practice time, and after three days, the second-class assessment will officially start…”

Everyone was extremely excited when Yan Qi said so.

If you perform well, you may be able to get promoted from F to A, or you may fall from A to F. Those who enter Class A have a greater chance of being the captain of the group challenge to perform in C position and get more shots for themselves.

So, the assessment this time is really very, very important.

“Oh my God! I like the second-stage placement assessment system!”

“Me too, now those people who rely on their appearance and don’t have any strength are going to be miserable!”

T/n: you mean yourself, right?

Because there are too many people, and most of them are close to their heads, whispering quietly in the ear, so they said a lot of gloating words.

However, these cute newcomers who have not recorded a program do not understand that the live radio is so powerful that even a tiny bit of sound can be clearly recorded into the microphone.

“Cut the camera to Wen An’an’s face and give her a close-up.”

Chen Lan felt that Wen An’an, a little girl, never let her down.

Sure enough, it was the same this time. When the camera switched to Wen An’an’s face, the little girl’s face was completely bitter melon!

T/n: didn’t understand this part

That wonderfully beautiful face is full of sadness at this time.

“An An, what’s wrong? Are you afraid of falling from Class B to Class F?”

Everyone clearly understands that Wen An’an’s level is exactly the level of Class F!

This time, if you say who will drop the most classes, then all the players don’t have to think about it, you can understand that it is definitely Wen An’an who dropped the most!

So, everyone thought that Wen Anan was melancholy about the class, but, unfortunately, everyone guessed wrong.

Wen An’an doesn’t care about class matters at all!

All she cares about is–

“Only three days to practice singing and dancing? This, such a short time…”

T/n: its surprising how people think along different wavelengths

How could she learn!!!

She is just a nerd girl! Can she sing and dance in three days? Isn’t this difficult for a strong man!

Suddenly, Wen Anan doubted the goal she set for herself yesterday, and has finally planned…

Become a famous star, then you don’t have to be afraid of a male lead to kidnap her!

But, thinking about it today… can she really do it?

Ugh…Her heart is so tired, so tired…


——A town in a certain city, a certain county——

“Nan nan, why did you stop studying at university? I heard your teacher say that you are going to apply for an art college? Learn acting?”

Wen Yanan looked at the simple and honest couple in front of her, her eyelids drooped slightly.

After she was reborn, the hatred in her heart towards the Wen family has been difficult to subside.

Even though the couple have raised her for so many years, they have never been biased towards her and Wen An’an.

However, in the end the couple still turned towards their daughter.

Back then, if it weren’t for their silence, how could Wen An’an replace her to become a rich daughter?

“Nan nan, listen to my mother’s persuasion. You have good grades and good brains. Let’s not be as boring as your sister, and say you want to be a star. Just ordinary people like us, can you be a star! Even you I think we didn’t play well this time, and your dad and I agreed to let you go back to school for a year. Let’s go to a good university. In the future, your parents will still count on you for success and to give our family a bright future. “

Wen’s mother’s voice made Wen Yanan’s mouth show a sneer, but she, who kept her head down, didn’t let the Wen family notice at all.

But ah, in the past life, she was a down-to-earth person who went to college, but she lived very poorly, while Wen An’an, a person who was unlearned and poor in character, became a big star.

Relying on the identity of Yan Qi’s first love, relying on the identity that belongs to her, became a super star, with boundless scenery. Even she was killed by her manipulation of public opinion.

And the reason is just that she knows her own life…

Also… before she died, she discovered that the bracelet that Wen An’ an had been wearing was weird…

T/N: So, this is definitely a white lotus story but I am still interested in translating it. If you see any errors, please let me know.


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