DMGFL Chapter 7

The day of the game is finally over, the girls recorded the whole day which made them mentally and physically tired.

But when they arrived in the dormitory, the whole person was full of blood as though resurrected!


  the environment of the dormitory is simply great!

“Oh, my god! Is this our future dormitory?”

 Listening to the chirping voices of girls around her, Wen Anan only felt that it was noisy, now she just want to find a place to stay alone.


“Hey! Wen Anan, we are in the same dorm.”

Looking up, Wen Anan saw a very beautiful face, a fashionably dressed girl approached her.

Moreover, without waiting for her to reply, the girl took her hand very familiarly.

  ”Let’s go, let’s go in and take a look at our dormitory~”

  Unable to respond, Wen Anan was still confused, so this sweet and beautiful girl was dragged to the dorm A-01 in the dormitory where she would live in the future.

  Others saw that someone was so friendly to Wen Anan and smiled tacitly, and muttered in their hearts, this is probably the same level as Wen Anan, the green tea bitch actress~!

  Tsk tsk tsk! The rivalry of these two people, they are really not ordinary expectations!

  At this moment, Wen Anan, who has become the focus of others’ eyes, does not know that her current image is already a hardcore green tea whore in others’ hearts.

  She was just pulled into the dormitory, just looking at the girl who had been holding her hand in a daze.

  ”You, who are you…”

  Wen Anan swallowed, and looked at this girl who seemed to be kind to her a little timidly.

  Although this girl is from Class A, basically the girl from Class A is the only player everyone will remember.

But… she was in a state of wandering in her recording today. It would be nice to remember those female teammates of her body.

  As for the others…?

  Sorry, she didn’t know all of them.

  ”Puff! You really don’t know me, I have been following you for a long time!”

  Seeing that Wen Anan didn’t even remember her name, the girl was not angry at all, but was very sweet to Wen Anan. The corners of her lips were raised.

  ”Let’s meet again, my name is Yao Mengduo . I’m a female singer who has already made her debut but has not become popular.”

 Listening to Yao Mengduo’s self-introduction, Wen Anan stared with round eyes, nodded, and sighed in her heart. With a cry, it turned out that such a beautiful person didn’t even get angry.

However, where does the simple mind and Wen An’an know that people are actually modest?

  Even though Yao Mengduo did not become popular, it was not as bad as she said. In this competition, her initial voting popularity was the highest.

  Therefore, she would rather terminate the contract with the company to participate in this show, just to make her first solo debut.

After all, Tianyu is one of the largest companies in China, and the show “Super Idol” is another talent show that can bring her popularity.

  ”I’ve been paying attention to you since I saw you playing just now…”

  Yao Mengduo blinked again, smiled and looked at Wen Anan, and changed her words.

  ”No, I have been paying attention to you since you weren’t on stage! You are so beautiful and your personality is very cute.”

  Listening to Yao Mengduo’s words, Wen Anan suddenly widened her eyes. She has never been able to cover up, all thoughts are placed on the face.

At this moment, her pretty little face is full of—

  are you kidding me???

  Even if she is seldom socializing with people, she is very self-aware, and her character is really hard to make some friends.

She is more emotional, and boring, very silent, and most importantly, especially glass hearted.

  The most frightening thing is that she had already cried so many times on the show the first day she had just crossed over.

Even if she is herself, she kind of hates who she is now…

  But now there is a girl who says that she likes her personality? ? ?

  Yao Mengduo saw the look of surprise and alert on Wen Anan’s face. She was completely sure. The very controversial girl standing in front of her was true when she was recording the show on the field today. It’s not pretend!

She is such a character!

  As a result, she smiled at Wen An’an with satisfaction, very proud of her own eyes.

  ”Don’t get me wrong, what about me, this person has a special face control, and I think you’re…very unique and very different. So, I kind of want to be friends with you.”

Wen Anan, who was praised so much for the first time , pursed her lips with some embarrassment. After looking at the sweet and pleasant smile on the girl’s face, she murmured softly.

  ”Thank you…you are also very beautiful…”

  ”Ah, you are so cute!”

Yao Mengduo saw the pink on Wen Anan’s cheeks, and her eyes were still pink and not swollen. The one who held her hugged Wen Anan.

  ”You look so much like Baibai in my house!”

For the first time, Wen Anan, who hugged a stranger so closely, immediately stiffened.

She really didn’t want to have such close contact with others…It really made her uncomfortable.

  However, what poor Wen Anan didn’t expect was that she would be even more sad.

  Because…she was surrounded by everyone!

  Obviously, after a day of recording, Wen Anan became a celebrity among all the players.

  ”Oh! I actually share a dormitory with Wen Anan! Look closer, it’s more cute and beautiful! No wonder several tutors like you so much! I like you so much!”

  ”Ah~~! Anan we live together!”

  ”Wen Anan, you are really beautiful~”

  ”Your skin is good, how do you usually maintain it?”

  ”Is your company big?”

Seeing herself, more and more people surrounded her, and at this time Wen Anan’s heart was nothing but-wuu wuu

  -really wanted to go home! She really didn’t want to stay here for a moment!

  This feeling of attracting attention is really terrible!

“Chen Lan, you deliberately arranged things in Wen Anan’s dormitory.”

  Yang Ming frowned when he looked at the dormitory allocation that the person under his hand had brought.

  He could tell that Chen Lan really took great pains with Wen Anan!

  In the four-person dormitory, three particularly powerful teammates have been selected for Wen Anan, and they are still players who will make their own debut.

One is that the level of singing and dancing is very high, and it can be a popular player Yao Mengduo with ten people.

  One is Fan Qianqian who has a strong backstage background and has participated in many variety shows and auditions.

  There is also… Zhou Jia, a school girl who debuted under the banner of high IQ, with the highest education and IQ in the program group.

  No matter which one of these three are, they are all malicious towards Wen Anan, a zero-based player!

  After all, Wen Anan is a miserable person who can neither sing nor dance, has no background, and even has a low degree of education.

  Living with these three people is already big enough for Wen Anan.

  Moreover, the most important thing is that these three are not simple characters, and Wen Anan lives in such a dormitory, which is even more pitiful.

Listening to Yang Ming’s fight for Wen Anan so much, Chen Lan felt that Wen Anan was really too capable.

  Although people look stupid and stunned, but maybe that’s it, stupid people have stupid blessings, there are so many people who like her.

  Chen Lan smiled, shrugged indifferently, and then said to Yang Ming.

  ”Director, I can assure you that our first episode of the show will be popular! Okay, I won’t chat with you much anymore. I’m going to look at the later stage, but can’t let them do it for me and destroy the effect of the show……”

After speaking, Chen Lan left again in a hurry.

  Seeing Chen Lan’s back, Yang Ming shook his head helplessly.

  Although, he really wants the show to have an effect, but he thinks that such extreme methods are not needed, right?


  Yang Ming sighed slightly, Yang Ming thought secretly in his heart, can only hope that Wen Anan’s audience is good enough, and the fans of several mentors will give some strength, after leaving the first episode broadcast, too many people hated the little girl Wen Anan.

  The sadly reminded Chen Lan did not realize that the two celebrity mentors were poisoned by Wen Anan. Yang Ming, an experienced director who has filmed many variety shows, was also poisoned by Wen An’an.


“This program group is too abnormal. They have taken away our mobile phones. It is also stipulated that we must keep a diary every night? This is too bad, how can it be like elementary school students?”

  A-01 In the dormitory, after the four people washed up, they all sat in front of the four desks in the dormitory, writing in the pink diary that the program group had just sent.

Even if they don’t want to, everyone can only keep their heads in their diaries.

  Especially Wen Anan, of the four, writes more seriously!

  For communicating with people, she still feels that writing a diary makes her feel at ease.

  However, it is a pity that this diary of the program group has to be collected every day, so she regrets that she cannot write too much information in this diary.


  [Weather on June 25, 2018: Sunny wants to be eliminated… It’s very terrible here…]

Just after Wen An’an wrote the first diary, suddenly, in her ears there was the chat of Yao Mengduo and the three of them.

  ”By the way, have you recently watched the news that that female college student was kidnapped by a trafficker?”

  ”I saw it. It was so pitiful that she was abducted and sold to the countryside and sold to a lame man as a wife. Fortunately, her family has never given up, or else, what should she do in her life.”

  ”Oh! Fortunately, someone was rescued. I just think about it now, and I feel scared, in case we encounter this kind of thing …… “

  ” Haha. Don’t you think too much, we are the stars, and are public figures, traffickers dare tie us? It’s too difficult! especially when we are super famous big time, who would dare to tie us. Ah! Isn’t this a dead end?”

  ”Yes, if you are famous, something like that will cause a lot of noise on the internet. The degree of difficulty in kidnapping us is indeed very high.”

  ”It’s almost impossible. “

  Wen Anan’s eyes blinked as they listened to the conversation between the three, as if thinking about things in contemplation for a while, and then her eyes lit up suddenly.

  Yes indeed! If she is very, very famous, does the ex boyfriend have any chance to sell her to a foreign country as a slave?

  Thinking of this, Wen Anan fell into distress for a while, thought for a while, and struggled for a while. The little head was lowered, and she frowned tightly, took the pen back into her hand.


  Wen An’an crossed out the diary that was written just now with the signature pen.

  Then she saw that she wrote under the crossed-out line again–

  [Weather on June 25, 2018: Sunny

  Actually… it’s good to not be eliminated.

  Wen Anan, come on.]


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