DMGFL Chapter 6 Part III

But what really makes him care is that the words in the mouth of Wen Anan…… afraid of him.

“Afraid of me? What is there to be afraid of me!”

Yan Qi with a bit of temper really wants to open Wen Anan’s brain to have a good look, what is in her mind in the end!

 She was the one who did something wrong! She’s the one who stepped on both boats! Because she thinks he has no money, so she two-timed him! The girl had done all the bad things, she had hurt him completely, and he was the poor victim.

 But now it is not good, she saw him and started crying, and he was very afraid, as if he had done wrong, why Ah! He’s the one to cry!

Yan Qi almost could not control his emotions, or else they would ask questions, because the first love that hurt him so deeply was in front of him.

But fortunately, the voices of the other two star judges pulled back his sanity.

“Yan Qi, forget it, the girl is small, you let her be ba?”

“Yes, Xiao Qi Qi, you are a boy, you should be a gentleman.”

 ”… ”

Hey, hey, hey! He and Wen Anan are obviously close in age! And why must he be a gentleman to a woman who dumped him!

 Yan Qi really does not know what to say.

So he raised his head, looked at the ceiling for a moment, breathed deeply, calmed himself down, before he looked towards the owner of the red eyes, a little rabbit Wen Anan, and then spread his hand towards her.

 ”Ok! Ok! I was just too emotional, I apologize, that player, you don’t cry. Rest assured, I have absolutely no objections about you, you have quite a bit of potential, I look forward to seeing you after the show.”

 However, looking at Yan Qi this model picture, Wen Anan is more afraid.
 ”But, but your fans…” Its scary…

  One by one, even if Wen Anan hasn’t completely finished the words behind her, everyone knows, the meaning of what Wen Anan wants to say.

Yes, among these three stars, is Yan Qi who has the most number of fans, and the fighting power, it is very strong.

 After the broadcast of this program, other players can imagine, as long as it is watching the first phase of the program, Yan Qi’s fans can definitely spray Wen Anan to death.

 Everyone else is looking forward to it!

 But who knows, Wen Anan was able to put it out directly on the program! Moreover, Yan Qi, whose attitude has always been bad towards Wen Anan, gave her a guarantee! Assured her that his fans would never diss her!
  ”… Are you afraid of my fans? “

 Do not know why, in Yan Qi’s mind suddenly emerged a possibility he had never thought of before.

 Why would We Anan be so afraid of him? Why is Wen Anan so afraid of his fans? Is it…… because when they were still in dating, the fans at his school who formed a backup party for him alone … hurt her?

 After watching Wen Anan and the continued nod to him, the idea took root in his heart.

 Although, he can not determine whether what Wen Anan said is true or false, the heart still thinks Wen Anan may be lying to him but can not say. But the seeds of doubt once planted, then, sooner or later, will take root in his heart grow into a tree, then, his attitude to Wen Anan will be completely changed……

“My fans will not hurt you, you can rest assured. They won’t do anything to you, I promise.”

 After Yan Qi’s guarantee, Wen Anan’s heart was finally relaxed a lot.

However, she was afraid of Yan Qi from the heart, she looked carefully at the way Yan Qi looked in the past, looking at his face that had softened a lot, she opened a pink mouth, hesitated for a moment, the voice is a very small murmur.

 ”Thank you, thank you.”

The sound of a timid voice, do not know why, listening to it in Yan Qi’s ears, is so beautiful.

“…… ”

Wen Anan: why did she feel like all the entire storyline has collapsed! Why is everyone expecting her next performance? Wuwu! It’s not scientific!

 “…… ” One hundred and nineteen players: Bitch! White Lotus! Method is really too much! Ah!

The author has something to say.:
[Small theater】
Yan Qi (sigh, distressed): alas ~ I feel, before my first love Dumped Me was a bitter reason!
Wen Yanan (silent, sneer): must be wen Anan that bad woman and what to do! Sure enough! You can’t get rid of this woman! Otherwise, she can never be with her little Qi Qi!
Wen Anan (panic, cry): No, No, I don’t, don’t say nonsense Ah…… whining…… it is him that is thinking too much. (╥╯^╰╥)

Chapter 6 Part II

Chapter 7

T/N: I think we all can guess the villian






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