Chapter 9

She still remembered that when she was dying, Wen Anan’s original appearance suddenly appeared in her mind.

At first, Wen Anan’s appearance is indeed more beautiful than her, it is indeed a small beauty.

   But, she is just a little beauty. Her appearance is delicate and beautiful. Even if she is flattering, her appearance will only grow into a delicate little beauty.

However, in the future, she will become the recognized first beauty in the entertainment circle…The gap in this period is too big.

And… that pink jade bracelet was picked up at the beginning.

And when she picked up the pink jade bracelet, she vaguely remembered that for a while, she was especially popular with small animals, and even at that time, she felt that she could almost communicate with small animals.

It’s just because she was young at that time, and didn’t really care what this matter had to do with the pink bracelet.

A few days after wearing her pink bracelet, it was even robbed by Wen An’an, who had always liked to snatch her things, and there was no chance to verify this matter.

But now…

When she was dying, her brain recalled the most important things in her life over and over again.

Suddenly, an idea appeared in her mind.

That’s —

Is there any secret she doesn’t know about the pink bracelet that Wen Anan took from her?

Why can Wen Anan’s looks change so much? Why hasn’t Wen Anan taken that pink bracelet off for so many years?

Obviously, she has become a very expensive star, a wealthy daughter, but she always wears that pink bracelet, and has never taken it off…

 Thinking of this, Wen Yanan’s palm clenched into a fist.

Whenever she thinks about it, she was forced by Wen Anan to be desperate and could only use death to get rid of her fate. She wants to rush to the vicious woman and tear her smug face.

“Nannan’s mother, I heard that your little girl went to the capital to become a star?”

When eating lunch, every family in this small town does not close their doors. Even if they are already living in a building, these simple people do not often close their doors when eating.

“Ah, yeah, my family Anan just doesn’t worry about it. It’s not that the family has no money for her to go to college. She has to go out to learn from others, to be a star. You know, our child Anan, you have a small temper. How can I control that crazy girl with my family?”

Seeing that it was Aunt Liu next door, Mama Wen had finished her meal early, and suddenly she felt bitterly towards her.

It’s been a few days since this little girl left home, but no phone call was made to them, which really made them worried.

“Aunty, tell me, can a celebrity be a common person like us?

“Nannan’s mother, that’s not what she said. I think Anna looked very pretty when she was young, and she is even more beautiful than the girls in the city. She will definitely be a star, and I listen to my Dacheng say, your family Anan seems to be recording programs on TV now? I’m old, I don’t understand, but listening to my family’s Dacheng seems to be very good.”

Upon hearing Aunt Liu say this next door, both Father Wen and Mother Wen widened their eyes and looked at Aunt Liu with incredulous expressions.

“What?! Our Anan is on TV?!”

“Huh? Don’t you know? An An didn’t call you to talk about it?”

“That crazy girl, if you think of us wherever you go, she will have no money, so she will call back.”

Mother Wen said angrily, her daughter, she knew that her daughter must have not spent the money yet, so she has never made a call to come home.

However, if the former owner, Wen An ‘an, doesn’t call back, this is indeed the case.

But the current Wen An ‘an… She doesn’t want to call, she just can’t figure out what’s going on! Not to mention calling the parents of the original owner to report safely

“Aunty, did Dacheng say on which channel can I see our family Anan?”

Although complaining is due to complaining and blame is due to blame, can the parent not worry about caring about their children?

So, Wen’s mother and Wen’s father hurriedly asked about the recent situation of their daughter.

“I’m not quite sure about this. I heard from Dacheng that there are some trailers on the Internet. Isn’t your Nannan at home? You can ask Nannan to search for you. This kind of thing, they are young and experienced.”

Listening to Aunt Liu mentioning herself, Wen Yanan’s mouth curled slightly, thinking coldly in her heart.

Sure enough, this time, Wen Anan still leaned on that face and became popular with “Super Idol”.

The last life, isn’t it the same route?

But… In this life, she, who has been familiar with Wen Annan’s methods in the previous life, will definitely not let Wen An ‘an, a vicious woman, go so smoothly!

Anything she wants, she will not let her get it!

“Nannan… Quickly search for your sister’s news, this damn girl, she didn’t tell her family when she went out to be a celebrity and appeared on TV. Your dad and I were worried that we could not sleep anymore because she was not fine…”

Raising her head, Wen Yanan looked at the way Wen’s mother and Wen’s father looked at her eagerly, her mouth raised a bright smile.

“Well, okay. Mom and Dad, don’t worry, Anan is still young, and the first time she went out, she probably forgot about us temporarily…”

This time, even if it is Wen Annan’s biological parents, she will take it away, she will let her have nothing.


Wen An ‘an, who is training at this time, how did she know that the heroine’s revenge against her has already begun?

Now she is facing the training in the class, the first two are hard, and she is too busy~!

“Ah——! Why should I practice such a hard dance here!”

It’s late at night, and Wen Anan, who hasn’t learned a whole dance movement, is going crazy.

Looking in the mirror, sweaty on her face, Wen Anan felt so wronged.

“This action is too difficult…”

She is a waste wood house girl, every day after eating and sleeping, after sleeping, eating and waiting to die, why do you have to practice such a hard dance.

Thinking about it, Wen Anan felt that she was really wronged!

She is obviously just a rice worm with no high ambitions, but now she has to study so hard to dance and sing, and these are not what she likes…


The more she thought about it, the sadder Wen Anan became, she sat on the wooden floor, leaning on the mirror with her back covered her eyes and sobbing quietly.

It is a grievance in my heart.

But she also knew that crying could not solve any problems. After crying to vent the negative emotions in her heart, she wiped the tears from her face, her eyes were as red as a white rabbit, and she jumped up earnestly. Doing this dance.

And all of this was captured by the surveillance camera intact.

At this time, the staff who watched the recording looked at Wen Anan’s pitiful appearance, and they were very distressed.

“You are so pitiful Anan.”

“Yeah, ah! Watching Anan crying, I really want to hug her.”

“But I believe that our Anan will grow into an outstanding girl group idol! Look at her, she has made a lot of progress now!”


“How can someone be so cute, I really want to take home the loveliest Anan in our universe!”

At this time, Wen Anan didn’t know that during the 24 hours of uninterrupted shooting in all directions, most of the people in the working group had become her fans of brain-dead seniors!

At first, the staff thought that Wen Anan was acting, but they shot 24 hours a day, and it told them that Wen Anan was not acting at all!

She is such a cute and innocent girl!

So, looking at Wen Annan’s monitoring, all the staff were addicted to it!

Even after get off work every day, as long as Wen An ‘an is not asleep, many brain fans will sit next to the surveillance video and accompany Wen Anan together.

Of course, Wen An ‘an didn’t know this. If Wen An ‘an knew that her every move was taken in by dozens of people and stared carefully throughout the whole process, I’m afraid…she would be scared and cry as a coward!

The clock in the dance classroom was getting late. When Wen An ‘an didn’t know how many times she had danced the theme song, Wen Anan stopped after seeing that the clock was already pointing to three o’clock in the morning.

Because I will get up to eat at 6 o’clock tomorrow morning to listen to the teacher recording the program, so Wen Anan allows herself two or three hours to sleep every day.

After tidying up the things and turning off the lights in the dance classroom, Wen Anan lightly returned to the dormitory.

Because it was too late, everyone fell asleep, Wen Anan didn’t dare to go to the bathroom to wash, only after drying off the sweat with a towel, she lay down on the lower bunk bed.

However, even if Wen Anan practiced dancing and sweating all over, but with the powerful beauty of the pink bracelet, even the sweat on her body is fragrant!

If the dormitories were not all sealed, if they were outdoors, it is estimated that Wen Anan would become the “second concubine” who can attract bees and butterflies.

However, even though the sweat on her body is fragrant, Wen Anan still feels awkward. After setting the alarm clock at 5:30, she fell asleep and only waited to get up and take a shower tomorrow morning.

Wen An ‘an, who was sinking into a dream at this time, didn’t know that before the show started, she was already on the Internet.


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