DMGFL Chapter 2

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“Brother Yang! Come and see how this girl is!”
At this time, Chen Lan, the article writer of the “Super Love Bean” program group, watching the video in the monitoring room, was suddenly attracted by a figure.
Then the more she looked, the brighter her eyes became, and there was an unspeakable excitement on her face.
Listening to Chen Lan’s excited voice, Yang Ming, the director of “Super Love Bean” also came over.
Following Chen Lan’s finger, in Yang Ming’s eyes appeared a beautiful and indescribable face.
“It looks really beautiful.”
I have to admit that even Yang Ming, who is accustomed to a large group of beautiful women in the entertainment circle, couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw the girl in the video.
Although the girl in the video did not wear make-up, the appearance of Hibiscus in the clear water was completely impossible to remove from her face.
“No, Brother Yang, this girl is not just beautiful.”
If, just looking beautiful, she would not be so excited.
“Look at this!”
Then, Yang Lan transferred another video.
This time, Yang Ming’s face also showed a look of interest.
“But, mom, I still want to sleep a little longer … just a little while…”
Yang Ming was amused when he looked at the little girl in the video who was so cute and unwilling to get up.

“This girl is kind of interesting.”
Yang Ming touched his chin, his eyes narrowed slightly, and then he smiled and looked at Chen Lan who was standing beside him.
“What do you have in mind?”
As a variety writer for “Super Love Bean”, she not only wants to grasp the style of the show and refine the highlights of the show. Moreover, according to the positioning requirements of the program, we must dig out some interesting players.
In this way, different variety shows can stand out from the same period of the program, improving ratings.
Chen Lan, who has been a variety writer for five years, has rich experience. She is able to catch both the eyes of people and the highlights.
So, don’t look at her still very young, only 27 years old, but there are quite a lot of variety shows and even contestants from her hands.
This time, Tianhua Entertainment, a big player in the industry, combined with its own video website to create “Super Love Bean”, that is to make the show air and specialize in making stars. Whether it is the venue of the show, the star mentor, the director or the screenwriters who are behind the scenes, it is all a big deal.
Even the players have many backgrounds and support.

Therefore, this show is a dark horse in the summer. Under such a top-level configuration, it is going to be hot
“Brother Yang, I know that the show crew already has four main targets, but I think this girl named Wen An’an is very attractive.”
Then, Chen Lan adjusted the video again and adjusted it.
There are a few people with Wen An’an in the practice room.
“You look at her, she is slow-witted, it’s not like a girl group love bean, if there is no accident, she should sing and dance, it would be very bad.”
Sure enough, with the voice of Chen Lan, the boost of
​the video is insured to carefully fall to the ground.
Then … even crying!
However, the appearance of Wen An’an did not arouse Chen Lan’s resentment. On the contrary, her expression was particularly excited.
“Brother Yang! What do you think, how about we create a straw bag beauty script?”
“Well? Grass bag beauty?”

Listening to Chen Lan, Yang Ming was slightly startled. He didn’t understand what this straw bag beauty was designed for.
He has also produced a lot of variety shows. He hasn’t really seen anything like it.
“You see, Wen An’an looks like the most beautiful player in our show. With this face alone, she can attract a lot of fans. But, her acting level is not good, and look at the little girl is so cute and crying, it is definitely a straw bag beauty. Such a fragile girl, in general, will be like your straight man’s aesthetic … “
When it comes to this, Chen Lan ridiculed the more than thirty three year-old Yang Ming.
This made Yang Ming cough a little unnaturally. To be honest, Chen Lan was right. His impression of Wen An’an was quite good.
Especially when he looked at the little girl crying, he really had pity on her, he didn’t feel any disgust at all, and it was full of good feelings of pity.
“But girls, they hate this kind of beauty who has no ability and can only cry. This will make them think that this little girl is a green tea bitch.”

It must be said that Chen Lan is quite controllable to skillful people.
At this time, the three other girls who followed Wen An’an in the same practice room were not all accomodating in their hearts. They hated Wen An’an who could cry after falling.
“You mean … use her as a point of view and a controversial point of the show to increase ratings?”
Yang Ming is not stupid, of course, he heard Chen Lan’s meaning.

However, if this little girl really became such an existence, he believed that this little girl will be hacked miserably.
“Yeah, Brother Yang. To be honest, our show lacks support, and the four people the show team wants to promote are all too positive. This year, if a person doesn’t havr support, It’s hard to not get upset . “
When thinking of the four players that the show group wanted to win, Chen Lan was totally not optimistic.
Since this show is the goddess idol PK, what is the highlight? Of course, it was because of the open fight between these girls and that they competed with each other.
However, if the four of the show team won all of them, then it was really boring.
Therefore, she will be so excited when she sees a real and delicate girl like Wen An’an.
She can foresee that as long as the show crew put all the shots of the little girl crying, singing and dancing, then their first episode of the show will be full of discussions.
“Brother Yang! Look, there are so many explosions on this girl, we have to do a good script for her! Can our first show be more explosive, just look at her.”
Chen Lan’s eyes were bright and looking at Yang Ming, she said complacently.

Obviously, this first issue has not been recorded yet, but her expression is as if the program of this first issue will definitely burst.
“But … this is not so good.”
Yang Ming’s heart suddenly felt a little intolerable when he looked at the little girl with red eyes and scolded by her teammates.
Straw bag beauty, crying, these attributes, which are carried out, will be sprayed by a group of people on the Internet.
Not to mention now, these two black traits, this little girl will soon be fully inclusive.
I’m afraid, this little girl’s heat in the first phase is indeed capable of being hot, but the black fans are estimated to be countless.
“We don’t actually need to cut all the scenes of her crying, it’s just a little bit more appropriate.” Seeing Yang Ming, who had always only thought about the ratings of the show, now even said such words to help the little girl, In Chen Lan’s heart, she was even more determined, and she wanted to make a script for Wen An’an.
“Brother Yang, look, this is the charm of Wen An’an. You have only seen a few of her shots, and so pity her. You can rest assured that when we do this, she definitely has more advantages than disadvantages. At least in the early stage, she completely doesn’t worry about being eliminated, and with her top standard face, it will attract many fans. And if she can really pass our show, she will sing and dance, and the level is not bad. Well, she will definitely be a star, at that time, it will be a real star. Everyone will fall in love with such a beautiful and hard-working idol”
“So, the opportunity and the risk are the same, but it’s up to her to see how she can seize this opportunity.”

At this time, Wen An’an, who doesn’t know at all, she will be created by the program team as A straw bag beauty who came out crying, consumed the players and counterattacked the script.
She, who is about to be lauded by the show crew, is now trying to follow the style of the teammates and practice dancing together.
To be honest, Wen An’an is an otaku with no extremities and no sports.
But now, she has traversed into a small star who is participating in the draft competition, and will soon be on stage to perform, which makes Wen An’an wish to pretend to die directly.
However, that Qiao Lin is really terrible, she is really afraid of her.
Plus there are girls crying and begging her, what else can she do?
She didn’t have any ideas, she could only stick her scalp, tolerate the discomfort in her heart and jumped up with them …
Fortunately, this dance is quite simple. Even if she was beaten by that Qiao Lin, she will not be unwilling to help them.
However, soon, she found that she had been alone for a long time, and it seemed that she was a bit forgetful of her illness.
Moreover, she did not expect that when she entered the recording scene of the program, she also found a thing that made her calf tremble and wanted to die in minutes.
“Welcome 120 players to our” Super Love Bean!”

Now, we have three of our star tutors debut …”

Wait! “Super Love Bean”?

Wen An’an “…”

“Shouldn’t …”

Wen An’an, who just sat on the player’s seat, unconsciously raised her left wrist. Sure enough, the goal was a pale pink jade bracelet!


I must be dreaming! I want to go home! How could I have become such a tragic vicious female character in a comic book!

T/N: I do not feel comfortable calling my An’an an idiot which is what straw bag means. I’ll leave it as it is.

Updates will be random.

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