DMGFL Chapter 3

  ”Welcome 120 players to our” Super Love Bean!”Now, we please invite our three star coaches to show up!”
  Originally because she was suddenly pulled to a brightly lit stage, she was uneasy.

An An, when she heard the introduction, her heart was even more terrified!
  ”Super, super love beans?”!

Wen An’an”…”

She actually crossed into a young girl? !
  Wen An’an couldn’t believe it. Looking at the crystal-clear pink jade bracelet worn on her wrist, the whole person fell into total despair.
  A deep fear followed her heart, because she knew what the future of this female character named Wen An’an would be like.
  She had no reputation, her appearance was ruined, and   she was sold abroad as a slave …
Wen Anan, who had some minor social phobia and could not control her emotions, learned that she had traveled. In a world where there is still such a tragic ending, the tears can’t help but flow down.
  The teammates who were sitting next to her were excitedly welcoming the appearance of the superstar mentors when they watched Wen An’an crying suddenly. They were at loss for words. However, there are cameras everywhere, and they are already recording the program and this would not be good to show.
  So one by one softly whispered comfort to Wen An’an, but, thinking of her future, Wen An’an who can’t help it but mourn for herself.
  At this time, she was falling into an endless despair. God knows that at this time, the heroine Wen Yanan is already reborn! And the main goal of the heroine’s rebirth is to attack her! Especially hit her pretty face! She destroyed her and killed her!
  And the pink bracelet on her wrist that made her beautiful and gave her ability to communicate with animals and plants …
  Thinking of this, Wen An’an cried even more fiercely.
  Can she who stole the golden finger of the heroine still have a good ending?
  ”Wen An’an! Don’t cry! If you cry like this, it will affect other people!”
  Qiao Lin has always been a straightforward, rude girl with little compassion, so she is not afraid to speak to her on camera.
  She saw Qiao Lin’s snarl, and instantly it caused Wen An’an to stop sobbing, but because the crying was not gradual, she had red and swollen eyes, staring at Qiao Lin clutching her shoulder, the slender shoulders were also shaking with sobs.
  That look, looks so miserable and lovable, as cute as a bunny.
  Of course, the above thoughts are not at all part of the 120 women’s groups who came to participate in this competition.
  ”Don’t cry! You shouldn’t think about going on stage and crying like this! We will be eliminated if we don’t even enter the worst class F!”
  Wen An’an was squeezed tightly as Qiao Lin said this. With her pouted lips, she looked at Qiao Lin in front of her, and she had lived alone for five years without communicating with anyone. She really didn’t know how to vent her current mood.
  But she also felt that she was crying so badly, and that crying could not solve any problems. She was   just-
  ”I, I…I can’t control myself.”
Wen An’an said with a whimper.
  She really can’t control herself. Before, because of social phobia, many behaviors were beyond her control.
  For example, when communicating with people, her face sometimes turns white and sweaty, and sometimes her entire face is red, looking very scary.
  Of course, there have been crying, but she always cry away from the crowd. Like today, crying out of breath under the large crowd, it was completely frightening.
  ”You can’t control it! You have to control it!”
  Qiao Lin frowned melancholy. Although she always hated Wen An’an, she didn’t know why today, she looked at her crying like this, but she didn’t hate her that much.
  Instead, she really felt panic and tension from Wen An’an.
  Is it nervousness because you are about to perform on stage? But it shouldn’t be. Usually this girl is very imposing every day.
  Even if Qiao Lin was at a loss at this time, she would not understand that Wen An’an had already been replaced by a differencore.
  If the former Wen An’an was a terrible Tyrannosaurus rex, then the current Wen An’an is a little white rabbit ~ a cowardly little white rabbit.
  Finally, Wen An’an eased her mood, but when she got on stage, she returned to being nervous.
  ”An An, don’t be nervous, if you are, just watch our movements.”
  ”Yeah, An An, you must not make any mistakes this time, we can rely on you to advance!”
  ”Wen An An, don’t be nervous.
Don’t look at the mentor seat when you take the stage, you just stare at the ground, treat those people as vegetables, don’t think too much and you won’t get nervous … “
  In the comfort of a group of teammates, the uneasy Wen An was thinking about the heroine Wen Yan’an, so she didn’t listen to it at all.
  When she was pulled to the stage, she came up trembling following the method that Qiao Lin had just taught her.
  Because the girls thought about Wen An’an, they unanimously decided to introduce themselves after the performance.
  Otherwise, they are afraid that their pig teammate Wen An’an will make mistakes.
  The music started , even though Wen An’an was in a bad state of mind, because Wen An’an, who had been dragged by this group of girls for more than ten times, jumped instinctively.
  Of course, she also instinctively peeked at the people around her the next second.
  However, even though Wen An’an was holding her head down, she didn’t want others to notice that she was dancing. Unfortunately, what she didn’t know was that she attracted attention.
  All the coaches on the mentor seat were obviously attracted to her by her performance
  ”Haha ~ That little sister is so cute, her eyes have been peeking at how others jump.” The first person who discovered Wen An’an was the teacher in charge of the dance this time, He Yuxi.
  His dance skills are particularly profound. In the entertainment circle of China, many first-line and second-line celebrities are choreographed by him. The most important thing is that because he looks handsome, even though he is not a star, his popularity is very high.
  ”Huh, she looks so pretty, but why does she keep her head down and she looks very unconfident? If you had not said anything, I really can’t find her looking so pretty!”
 At this time, Jiang Yan sitting next to He Yuxi said with some surprise.
  Jiang Yan, as the top diva of the Chinese music scene, even though she has been debuting for almost two decades, but her status in the entertainment industry is still in full swing, with fans all over.
  But even if she has been debuting for almost two decades, she has seen all kinds of beauties in the entertainment industry. But today the little girl dancing with her head down on the stage is really amazing to her.
  Just looking at the face of the little girl dancing in the C position, she knew that this girl could definitely be a star.
  After all, it is now an era of value.
  What Jiang Yan can see, can’t it be seen by the old people in other entertainment circles? So the camera of the program group is basically shooting towards her.
  ”She looks very beautiful, I kind of look forward to her voice.”
  Inexplicably, Jiang Yan had some affection for this little girl with her head down, because, in the past, she was so timid and introverted, and took to the stage she couldn’t even sing songs.
  At this time, Yan Qi, who was invited to the show as a creative instructor, was more strict than He Yuxi and Jiang Yan because of his character and because he was a singer himself.
  So when he saw a player on the stage who kept her head down and tried to narrow her sense of presence, he had ignored her as the object of elimination.
  However, now listening to the words of the other two star tutors, Yan Qi frowned, and looked towards the little girl who had been lowering her head and watching the floor dancing.
  As a result, at this look, he was stunned, because … he never imagined that he would meet the girl who he would never forget his life!
  Wen, Wen An’an? 

Why was his first girlfriend, his first love here? 
  Yan Qi couldn’t believe his eyes. After he broke up with Wen An’an, he never saw her again. Sometimes, when unoccupied, he occasionally thinks about what happened to the little girl who was his first love. He also wondered if Wen Anan, that superficial girl would regret it if they met again.
  However, he never thought that they met again in this way, and still met in such a place!
  Looking at the stage, the girl with her head down and a timid face dancing, for a moment, Yan Qi felt that she might be the wrong person.
  This is because Wen An’an left him with the last impression of being a money-laundering woman who is greedy for vanity, has a shallow eyelid, and has no appearance and no connotation.
  But after carefully recalling it, Yan Qi also felt that in fact his first love, Wen An’an, was indeed such a pure and charming little white rabbit-type beauty with cowardice. After all, at that time, he was deceived by such an appearance as Wen An’an, so he fell in love with this girl, and thus talked about a very painful thing that made him not want to fall in love in the future!
  So why did his ex-girlfriend appear here? Could it be that she came here to touch porcelain? 
Afterall, he is so famous now. As long as there is a little bit of contact with him, she will definitely be all over the entertainment circle!

The author has something to say:

Yan Qi: (Frowning, proud): Say! Did you come to touch porcelain and want to become famous overnight? After all, old smash is so hot now!
Wen An’an (frightened, trembling): No, no, no … Please stay away from me …
Wen Yanan : Xiao Qiqi is mine! He was the man I followed for two lifetimes! Whoever robs me of my man, is who I will bite to death
Wen An’an (panicking, trembling and crying): Wuuu…! No, don’t kill me! I have nothing to do with him! Please let go o (╥﹏╥) o

T/N: Prepare yourselves for the villainess

Till next week’s episodes. If you see any spelling errors or grammatical errors please let me know.

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