DMGFL Chapter 1

At two o’clock in the morning, Wen An’an finished writing the next day’s update. After putting the draft in the novel website’s manuscript box, then later washing and tidying up, she lay on the bed, picked up her phone and looked at the comic.
Recently, there is a comic called “My Handbook of Abuse” on the Internet. Although the name looks ordinary, the content is particularly exciting.
Therefore, Wen An’an, who loves to read comics, decided to read this comic all night after writing tomorrow’s update.
Who knows, when she just read the beginning, she found that her name was exactly the same as the name of a female partner.
Looking at the female target with the same name as her, Wen An’an felt so uncomfortable.
After reading a few pages of comics, when she saw that the female rival had snatched the golden finger of the female heroine; as a senior online author, she deeply understood that the future of this female rival must be very miserable!
Looking at the exact same name as her, Wen An’an felt uncomfortable from the comic to the browser page, and then searched for this female rival with her same name and surname. What was her ending?
However, the search results, as she expected, it was very miserable.
Alas … there is no better comic to pass the time.
After reading the introduction of the female rival, Wen An’an lost her mind and went to read the novel.
Wen An’an is always sensitive, and her parents are present when she was a child, she can still be more cheerful.
But since she was 14 years old, her parents died in an accident and left her with a large part of their legacy. After all her relatives and friends have changed their faces and wanted to scheme for her property, she was socially phobic.
Her mind is sensitive and fragile, especially insecure. Because of the wishes of her parents, Wen An’an tried hard to suppress the fear of the crowd, and was admitted to her parents’ alma mater, the best university in the country, and studied the same Chinese department as her mother.
After graduating from university, she fulfilled her parents’ wishes, she stayed at home completely, and no longer contacted outsiders.
Relying on her parents’ legacy and the money she earned by writing novels on fiction websites on weekdays, she spent five years at home.
These five years, she never seems to leave, nor spoken with people in the open, which also makes her heart more closed, social phobia also more and more serious, more and more reluctant to let her go out ……
” An’An … An’An, it’s time to get up, we should go to rehearse … “
Wen An’An in a sleepy state, after hearing the noisy sound in her ear, she thought she was dreaming, so turned , tucked her head into the quilt again and did not want people to disturb her sleep.
Looking at a certain person who shrank herself into a ball and hid in the bed, the others were a little dumbfounded. They couldn’t figure it out at all. On normal days, relying on themselves to look beautiful, particularly arrogant and gentle , there is still this-soft cute gesture?
Is it because she knows that after entering the program group, she intentionally pretends?
Thinking this way, the girl who originally called Wen An’an to get up became more gentle.
Humph! Who will not to be pretending?
“An’an ~ Get up, we are on stage for the first time today, and decided on the first final class. You don’t want us to be assigned to class F without rehearsal?”
Listening to the tenderness of the words in her ear, Wen Anan, who was sleepy, thought she was dreaming of her mother and couldn’t help but wake up to the voice of her mother.
“But, mom, I still want to sleep a little longer … just a moment …”
And I don’t know, she is so coquettish, but it shocked a large group of people!
“Wen An’an, you’re confused!”
Suddenly, someone couldn’t bear it, and she shouted at Wen An’an loudly.
“It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to rehearse yourself, but don’t delay our promotion! If you don’t want to participate in the competition, please withdraw early!”
“Qiao Lin, don’t say that, An’An should just be too tired.”
“She’s tired? She’s careless! After arriving at the dormitory prepared by the program group yesterday, she took a shower. Instead, we were in the practice room rehearsing all night! “

Listening to the noisy quarrel in her ears, Wen An’an’s sleep suddenly disappeared. She opened her eyes vigorously and saw herself sleeping on a strange bed.
And even more terrifying is that there are three strange girls around her bed!
“… You, you, you !!!…” Who are you?
Because she hasn’t spoken to people for a long time, her language ability is degraded, and her speech is very stuttering.
Before she could finish the rest of the speech, Jolin, who had always been eager in character, dragged Wen An’an out of the bed.

“Okay ! Don’t pretend here with us. Go to the bathroom and change your clothes to go to the practice room for the final rehearsal!” Frightened and confused, Wen An’an was pushed into the bathroom by Qiao Lin.
After entering the bathroom and closing the door, when she was alone in the small bathroom, the panic and anxiety in her heart eased a lot.
It’s just, it just eased a little bit, because, now the situation is obviously beyond all her knowledge.
Where is this? Who is she? Who are the people outside?
Is she still dreaming?
Wen An’an was confused, holding the clothes in her hand, dazed and muddle-headed , whispering in her heart …
Wake up quickly, wake up quickly …
But the reality is

“Wen An’An, can you hurry up! If you are not coming out, the recording of the program will begin immediately! “
This sudden roar and kick sound made Wen An’An startled and shivered.
Frightened and helpless, she really wanted to hide in this bathroom at this time.
However, she was also afraid that the girl who had just forced her into the bathroom was going to kick the door angrily, so she was trembling and shaking like a sieve, and removed her clothes very slowly.

After changing into new clothes, Wen An’an didn’t look in the mirror, but was dragged out by Jolin who broke in.
Along the way, Wen An’an was like an object in Jolin’s hand, and she was dragged into the practice room by her.
Such a picture has attracted the attention of many people. Basically, everyone is looking at Wen An’an wherever she goes.
“Who is that girl? So pretty ?”

“It looks good and cute, I really want to touch it “
“I found that the people who came to participate in the draft this time are so high!”
“Uh huh! Especially this girl has the highest face value. With this face, I think she must be able to advance …”
Being stared at by so many people, Wen An’an shook her body even more, suffering from social phobia. She is really terrified that others’ eyes are focused on her.
At this time, she wished that there was a hole in front of her, and then she got in and never came out, so that she didn’t have to face so many eyes.
“Wen An’an, what’s wrong with you today? Did you take the wrong medicine?”
“Yeah, An’an, are you sick?”
Although they and Wen An’an, the trainee who was just recruited by the company, weren’t very familiar, but after a few days of getting along, they still know her a little bit, so of course they found that Wen An’an was abnormal.
Their teammates, because of their super high face value, although they have just entered the company, have become the target of the company.
Originally, they thought it was a pleasure to form a temporary small group with Wen An’an to participate in this competition. After all, Wen An’an looks really beautiful! It is good to see that the facial features in the entire entertainment circle, no one can match the kind.

However, after getting along for a few days, they realized that this girl had only a beautiful face!
And that character is simply awful, and has nothing to say at all! Relying on her beautiful appearance, all kinds of beauties and admirers , she does not take anyone’s eyes at all.
This hasn’t officially debuted yet, the faction is already a pair of Uranus superstars, so that they look really uncomfortable.
Of course, the most important thing is that this girl also has a pretty face, as for the other … what sing and dance, this girl has no foundation at all!
However, they now find that their teammate should probably not be a star idol and should be an actor!
Look now, how great this performance is! I can’t see her at all, but she is a kind of girl,
but she also has to admit that Wen An’an’s current look is much more pleasing than her real character, and it looks too much. !
If she can keep this state all the time, maybe it’s really going to be hot.
But … the premise is that her business level can pass.
“Okay! We will be on the stage to record the show in an hour. We are practicing a few times.”

The temporary captain Wang Weiwen’s voice just fell, and a sweet and gentle accompaniment sounded.
“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight …”
Wang Weiwen followed the beat of the music while dancing.
Soon, she discovered that Wen An’an, who was standing in position C, was motionless, as if she was stupid.
“An’An! Jump! Why are you stupid?”
Because Wen An’An standing at the C position stood still, all of them stopped.
“Wen An’an! Are you ill! Do you even want to participate in the competition to make a successful debut!”
“An’An, don’t you look forward to this competition? “Can’t you jump well?”
“An’An … I beg you, you should help us and finish this performance well, we don’t look as good as you, we only have this chance …”
Listening to the cursing and pleading, Wen An’an only felt her brain seemed to have been smashed by something, buzzing.
Because she saw a completely different self from the full-length mirror in the practice classroom …
So beautiful that she was so dazzling that she didn’t value her appearance.
Is this … her?
Raising her hand, Wen An’an touched her face, and the big beauty in the mirror also touched her face.
If someone else has changed from a beautiful young lady into a beautiful woman, it is absolutely crazy to be happy.
However, Wen An’an was terribly crazy! God knows that looking beautiful means attracting more attention!
What she was most afraid of was the attention of others. She wished she was a transparent person, not being noticed by anyone, being ignored by everyone, but now …
oh my god!

She, who is she?

Where is this now?
Good and horrible!

Very scary!

She really wants to go home!

Chapter 2


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