Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch100

 Just like He Xiaoxian in “The Legend of Immortals”, Princess An He in “The Palace Kill” is also the most popular.

    After all, this Princess An He is the soul character in the whole book, and it is also the most beautiful character stamped by Mr. Wen Er.

    Therefore, most readers particularly like the role of An He Princess, although this role does not have much drama.

    They all enrich the characters from some memories, or various small details in the mouths of others.

    Originally, this role was eliminated from the movie because of Mr. Wen Er’s perfectionism.

    The readers are also very happy, after all, they can’t imagine who can play this role well.

    So that’s why I would rather not have this character than ruin Princess An He.

    However, after the trailer came out, everyone was terrified!

    Because Princess An He, who did not originally exist in the movie version of “The Palace Kill”, actually appeared!

    In the trailer that lasted less than three minutes, a white shadow caught everyone’s attention.

    “An He meets the emperor.”

    “Wow! Brother Huang, these flowers are so beautiful…”

    “You are my princess, you deserve the best in the world!”

    “All I want is An An from beginning to end. And one person.”


    In the trailer, although the white shadow only appeared in a few scenes, those lines made everyone sure that the beautiful shadow that looked like a fairy was indeed, it was An An and the princess.

    Moreover, that face value is indeed the princess An He herself!

    Although there are only a few scenes, especially, there are no big close-ups.

    However, just relying on the blurry figure and the constantly moving video is enough to see how beautiful this ‘Princess An He’ who suddenly popped out is.

    【Wow! Wen An’an played the most beautiful little princess in “Palace Kill”? !】

    【Didn’t you say that the role of Princess An He was cancelled? Won’t be in the movie? Why is there again? However, the actor who plays Princess Anhe is really beautiful! 】

    【Princess An He in my mind looks like this! Wen Anan is so beautiful! I give full marks to this beauty!】

    【Hahaha! I knew that Wen An’an’s ancient costumes are super beautiful! Really a little fairy! The role of An An and the princess is so perfect! 】

    【Looking forward to the movie being broadcast as soon as possible! I really want to see Princess An He played by Wen Anan! 】

    【I have read the trailers of “The Legend of Immortals” and ” Palace Kill”! The two characters He Xiaoxian and An He Princess are simply a tragic contrast! I originally watched the trailer of “The Legend of Immortals” first, and thought that the Wen Yanan version of He Xiaoxian was already beautiful enough, but I didn’t expect it! Wen An’an’s Princess An He is even more beautiful! Completely killed He Xiaoxian into scum! 】


    As soon as the trailer of “Palace Kill” came out, it instantly grabbed the popularity of “The Legend of Immortals”, and Wen Anan even squeezed Wen Yanan’s hot search down!

    Because the characters of He Xiaoxian, and the princess are too similar, and this look is very similar in shape.

    Therefore, all the time on the Internet are comparing the appearance of Wen Yanan and Wen Anan.

    If Wen Yanan is compared among ordinary beauties in the entertainment industry, she is definitely a big beauties.

    But Wen An’an’s appearance has always been a god-level appearance in the entertainment industry for all to see.

    There has always been an adjective of prosperous beauty to overwhelm all kinds of female stars.

    Therefore, after Wen Yanan and Wen An’an had such a match, there was really no chance of winning.

    Even if she is bragging about her acting skills, it’s useless if Wen Anan doesn’t have acting skills!

    After all, neither of the two TV movies has been released yet. From the trailer alone, He Xiaoxian’s impact on the audience is still not as strong as that of Princess An He.

    And the production of movies has always been more sophisticated than the production of TV series, after all, it is the big screen.

    Therefore, the costumes of “Palace Kill” are also much more refined than “The Legend of Immortals”!

    It makes Princess An He graceful and luxurious, fluttering like a fairy.

    It also made many audiences prefer Wen Anan, who played Princess An He.

    Then, it also began to clean up the black material that won the battle between Wen An’an and Wen Yanan some time ago!

    【Wen An’an has never marketed to play He Xiaoxian, right? So the script that Wen Anan posted on Weibo was not necessarily the script of “The Legend of Immortals”, but the script of “Palace Kill”, right? 】

    【It must be the script of “Palace Kill”. To be honest, Wen Yanan and Wen Anan are famous. If Wen Anan really wanted the role of He Xiaoxian, Wen Yanan would not be able to win over Wen Anan. 】 

    【That is, “Palace Kill” is more compelling than “The Legend of Immortals”. In terms of resources, it is impossible for Wen An’an to give up “Palace Kill” to fight He Xiaoxian with Wen Yanan, right? 】 

    【I always feel that the last incident was that someone was embarrassing Wen An’an, just Wen An’an’s resources. If you really want to grab a role, there is absolutely nothing else to do. 】  


 Wen Yanan first saw that her hot search was crowded, and then saw a group of people stepping on her and holding Wen Anan, and after Wen Anan was whitewashed, she was about to be blown up.   

  She never expected that Wen Anan would join the cast of “Palace Kill” and play the role of Princess An He.   

  Now that I think about it, I can also figure out why Wen An’an refused the invitation of the crew of “The Legend of Immortals” and did not accept the role of He Xiaoxian.

    It turned out that there was a better script!

    In her impression, although “The Legend of Immortals” is very popular, it also brought fire to many actors in this show.

    However, “The Legend of Immortals” is on fire, but it is not as popular as the movie “Palace Killl”!

    “Palace Kill” not only has a good reputation, but also has a good box office!

    And the movie “Palace Kill” has won awards at major film festivals and major film awards.

    The important actors in the movie, big and small, are also worth twice as much, and it is not enough to have too many resources.

    It’s a movie that takes everyone away.

    It has become a classic among the classics in martial arts movies.

    But… Wen Yanan clearly knew that because the role of Princess Anhe was too important, when there was no suitable candidate, this role was not set at all.

    But now…

    Wen Yanan was watching the trailer of “Palace Killl” in a loop, her eyes staring fiercely at Wen An’an’s face.

    “What went wrong…?”

    Could it be because of her change that Wen Anan got a better role?

    As soon as she thought of this, Wen Yanan’s teeth clenched her lower lip tightly, and her expression looked really distorted.

    “Damn it, why is her luck always so good!”

    Thinking of her own miserable death in her previous life, while Wen Anan lived so recklessly with her identity, she was really unwilling.

    “What went wrong…”

    Why after her rebirth, many things were different from what she knew in her previous life?

    What went wrong…

    After thinking about it, Wen Yanan couldn’t figure out what went wrong.

    She didn’t even think about it, Wen Anan was no longer the Wen Anan she remembered.

    Hatred not only blinded her eyes, but also blinded her reason.

    If she is willing to calm down and observe Wen An’an calmly, she will definitely find out that the Wen An’an she met in this life is no longer the Wen An’an in her previous life.

    Unfortunately, there is no if in this world.

    And Wen Yanan could not be so rational and objective to observe Wen An’an.

    In her heart, she just wanted to step on Wen An’an under her feet and let her taste the misery of her previous life.

    Let Wen Anan, the thief, become nothing!

    “Forget it! Just Wen An’an’s acting skills, no matter how beautiful she looks.”

    Her acting skills can definitely beat Wen An’an!

    Although she thought so, Wen Yanan still felt very sorry in her heart.

    It’s a pity that she was reborn so late that Wen An’an wore the pink bracelet for so long and made her so beautiful.

    Thinking of this, Wen Yanan subconsciously touched the pink bracelet on her wrist.

    At the moment when he touched the pink bracelet, a coldness hit Wen Yanan’s skin.

    “Hey… this bracelet, why does it feel colder and colder?”


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