Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch101

“Hey… this bracelet, why does it feel colder and colder?”

    Wen Yanan looked at the pink bracelet on her wrist, it was no longer shiny, and it looked dark.

    Although it was still pink, it was extremely dim, and she could even see some black in the pink.

    This pink bracelet looked completely different from when Wen An’an wore it.

    When Wen Anan wore it, it could really be called a pink bracelet.

    The powder is very crystal clear, very shiny, and a very clear pale pink.

    However, since wearing it on her wrist, the pink bracelet has gradually dimmed.

    Wen Yanan also thought about whether there was something wrong with the pink bracelet, but her own appearance was indeed becoming more beautiful.

    So, this also made her give up the idea.

    In the end, I just thought that maybe because this magical pink bracelet was broken, it gradually darkened.

    Wen Yanan touched the pink bracelet on her wrist, and said with some discomfort in her eyes.

    “Can’t you make me more beautiful and Wen Anan even uglier! It’s useless!”

    After saying this, Wen Yanan turned her attention back to the news about Wen Anan.

    I was also thinking about how to deal with Wen Anan next.

    But because Wen Anan’s acting skills are very bad, Wen Yanan didn’t immediately use her brains to smear Wen Anan.

    She is just waiting for Wen An’an’s movie to be released with great confidence. After all, Wen An’an’s acting skills are really bad!

    In her last life, she knew that the movie “Palace Kill” was so popular not only because of its good script, but also because of its large fan base.

    Also because all the actors in the film crew of “Palace Kill” are acting talents!

    The crew with all the acting skills is simply a fairy combination!

    This is also why “Palace Kill” is a pure martial arts drama, and the big male lead drama can occupy the first position at the box office.

    Because it is so brilliant in every aspect, so excellent!

    Therefore, after seeing that Wen Anan actually acted in the hit movie “Palace Kill”, Wen Yanan was just jealous that Wen Anan was so lucky to be able to participate in the box office hit movie “Palace Kill”. 

    She is waiting for Wen Anan, an ‘actor’ who has no acting skills, to make an embarrassment on the big screen!

    When the whole crew of the acting group appeared, there was a burnt vase with no acting skills at all.

    Just like a piece of rat feces ruining a pot of porridge, it will definitely become the target of the entire network.

   In her imagination, it’s so cool.

    Thinking of this, a bright smile appeared on Wen Yanan’s face.

    However, at this time, Wen Anan, who was defined by someone as a ‘rotten vase’ and ‘rat feces’, had already arrived in Los Angeles and was about to enter the “Doomsday” crew.

    As for all the news related to her in the country, Wen An’an turned a deaf ear, but devoted herself to the film “Doomsday”.

    The movie “Doomsday” is a completely different movie from “Palace Kill” she participated in.

    It is also a sci-fi disaster blockbuster with a super high difficulty index.

    In this film, Wen Anan plays a healing superpower named Green.

    Although she is simple and kind in character, she is also a brave girl at the same time.

    In the movie, this kind girl has been growing up.

    From a simple and ignorant little girl, she gradually grew up all the way, and became a ‘overlord’ who leads one side.

    This is indeed a difficult role for Wen An’an.

    The character Wen Anan at the beginning can still grasp and know how to act.

    But the composition of this character is too full, and it is especially difficult to play in the middle and later stages.

    Especially in the character change of Green, it can be said that acting skills are really needed.

    So, of course Wen Anan put all her energy into the script of “Doomsday”, where is there time to think about other things?

    Every day I don’t study the script, I just try to figure out the characters and learn to act.

    After I joined the “Doomsday” crew, I was even more busy. I was busy all day long without touching the ground, and I didn’t have any free time for entertainment.

    Don’t live fully.

    And in such busy and fulfilling days, Wen An’an, who was ‘missing’ from the country, has not dissipated at all in the country, and it is getting hotter and hotter!

    Because –

    the advertisement for the Noble watch has been released!

    First, in the trailer for “Palace Kill”, she made a stunning appearance in an ancient costume, earning a lot of popularity and washing away a lot of dirty water that Wen Yanan poured on her.

    Then, before the popularity of “Palace Kill” had completely subsided, the advertisement of the Noble watch endorsed by Wen An’an was put into all channels.

    And this time, Shen Zheng really made a big deal, with major TV channels, major electronic screens in shopping malls, and major advertising spaces…

    In short, the endorsement advertisement for Noble watches this time was very powerful.

    Even people who don’t pay attention to luxury goods, this time, they all know that there is such a brand as Noble watches.

    We all know it too—

【Ah——! The little prince of Noble turned out to be Wen Anan? OMG! I read it right! This must be fake! How could the little prince be Wen An’an! 】

    【So amazing! Wen An’an, such a soft beauty, disguised herself as a man, so she doesn’t violate peace at all? And it makes me feel so handsome!】

    【How can my little prince be a paper sister! This is too scary! Am I bent? 】

    【Straight straight! Turns out my sexuality is still female! 】


    The entire network was amazed by Wen An’an’s men’s clothing!

    After all, no one would have thought that the extravagant little prince who became popular on the Internet some time ago turned out to be a girl, and he was a beautiful woman like Wen An’an!

    How can this not shock netizens on the Internet!

    Wen An’an really got enough attention this time, and in the eyes of everyone, she became the most handsome woman who disguised herself as a man!

    And just when everyone on the Internet was discussing Wen An’an’s menswear styling, a new wave of shocks came again!

    That is, the female spokesperson for Noble watches.

    Anyone who knows Noble watches knows that the spokespersons of Noble watches have always been a man and a woman.

    Therefore, after knowing that Wen Anan is the ‘male’ spokesperson for Noble watches, many netizens began to speculate whether the ‘female’ spokesperson was a male celebrity?

    Otherwise, why did Noble watch let such a beautiful woman as Wen Anan be the spokesperson for ‘male’?

    Just when everyone was discussing Wen An’an’s men’s style, and at the same time wondering who the female spokesperson for the Noble watch was this time, the unexpected female spokesperson was shocking again.

    【Aigo! The female spokesperson of the Noble watch is actually Wen Anan? 】

    【OMG! So unexpected! This is more surprising to me than the female spokesperson for the Noble watch by the male star! 】

    【Noble watch is poisonous! Only one representative? Are you short of money? Stingy to such a degree?】

    However, how do these netizens know that the reason why Noble watches only hire one celebrity to be the spokesperson for both genders this time is entirely because Shen Zheng has made a statement!

    Historically, in Noble’s watch endorsement advertisements, male and female spokespersons have been co-producing a group of intimate advertising photos.

    And a certain person, because he didn’t want to see his little girl ‘involved’ other men, decided to make a decision, and without any room for negotiation, he made a decision to let Wen Anan take the lead.

    However, netizens who eat melons on the Internet do not know someone’s mind, but Assistant Jiang, who has worked for someone and Wen An’an at the same time, is now clear.

    So he sent a text message.

    Assistant Jiang: Mr. Shen, Miss An An is an artist, and it is inevitable to cooperate with male stars. Especially since she is still an actress.

    Looking at this text message, someone’s face turned black all of a sudden.


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