Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch105

【Wen An’an V: Life has given us too many trials, but we will pass through it eventually. Hello green, may we grow together to be strong people. 【Photo】】

    Wen An’an’s Weibo has just been posted, and in just an hour, the comments, retweets, and likes have already broken five digits!

    This terrifying number is enough to see how much traffic Wen An’an’s current popularity and popularity can drive!

    At this level, it is completely slaughtering those traffic niches and florets in China!

    In addition to some passers-by and die-hard fans who are praising Wen Anan’s beauty, the comments in the reply are a lot of sunspots and keyboard warriors.

    Countless swearing and insulting words are all over the screen, which is really ugly.

    Although Wen An’an’s die-hard fans desperately controlled the field and suppressed those dirty words, it was to no avail.

    But Wen Anan looked at the vicious comments below her Weibo, but she was very calm.

    Because, before she posted this Weibo, she had already prepared herself mentally.

    And, from now on, she’s ready too! Get ready for a good fight!

    She, decided, will never run away again!

    Just when Wen An’an’s Weibo made a lot of noise, and everyone was talking about her Weibo, suddenly a careful netizen noticed-

    【Wait! Have you noticed that the background of this photo looks familiar? It seems to be the background of the movie “Doomsday”! 】

    As soon as this comment came out, all the netizens who watched Wen An’an’s Weibo were bombarded with this plot!

    【The heroine of “Doomsday” also seems to be called Green… Could it be that Wen Anan is the heroine of “Doomsday”? 】

    Under the prompt of careful netizens, all netizens were even more shocked! My jaw dropped in shock!

    When he came to his senses, there were countless ridicules and vetoes.

    【How is this possible! Doomsday is a Hollywood blockbuster! And the director is the internationally renowned Director Brad! If you want to play the director’s heroine, you must be an international superstar! As far as Wen Anan’s qualifications are concerned, let’s pull it down! 】

    【As far as the actors and cast members of the film “Doomsday” have been exposed, the Oscar winner role is the protagonist Green, how can it turn to Wen An’an. Has she acted in any movies? Have you had any representative works? PS: This soy sauce role of Princess An He is not a masterpiece at all. Thank you!】   

 【I feel like I heard the funniest joke in the world! As we all know, the heroine of the film “Doomsday” directed by Brad, domestic first-line actresses and big and small flowers dare not think about it, and even a role of soy sauce, domestic actresses have not won. Wen Anan plays the heroine? Hehehe! It’s so funny!】   

 【Is Wen Anan giving up on herself now? How dare you touch the heroine of “Doomsday”? Must be crazy! 】   


 Countless netizens are ridiculing Wen An’an, and even those netizens who were just sensible eating melons began to ridicule too.     And Wen An’an’s die-hard fans, although they don’t feel that their goddess is touching porcelain “Doomsday”, but they don’t have the confidence to think that their goddess is the heroine of “Doomsday”!    

 After all, it was “Doomsday”! 

This year’s most anticipated and most expensive Hollywood special effects blockbuster!     

The investment in special effects alone is said to have a budget of 50 million US dollars!     

Fifty million dollars! Converted into RMB, it is more than 340 million!     And it’s just a budget!   

  With such a high cost investment, how could the director of the film find a newcomer who has never acted as the heroine?  

Definitely crazy!

    Regarding the questioning and ridicule of Wen Anan by the ‘outside’ melon eaters, the star artists in the circle are also laughing at Wen Anan.

    No one believes that Wen An’an is really the Green of “Doomsday”. No matter how rich and powerful the sponsor behind Wen An’an is, he can’t control the world-class director Brad at all!

    However, what no one thought was! The fact that Wen An’an played the heroine Green of “Doomsday” turned out to be true!

    Just when Wen An’an’s Weibo was posted for a long time, it caused countless public opinions, occupied countless hot search rankings, and was ridiculed by countless people.

    Unexpectedly, the big director Brad stood up and took Wen Anan, the ‘heroine’, home!

    【Brad V: Oh~ Anan, my cutest little angel Green, I am so happy to be a witness to your growth. 【love.jpg】【 air kiss.jpg】】 

Seeing Brad reposted Wen An’an’s latest Weibo, and called Wen An’an so affectionately, everyone was shocked! 

    At this time, everyone has a kind of — ‘I’m not hallucinating, right’ this kind of painful mentality.

    And when “Doomsday”‘s supporting role a Oscar winner, supporting role b Hollywood superstar, supporting role c Hollywood popular actress, supporting role d… and so on, after the stars who are not good enough to repost Wen An’an and Brad’s Weibo, everyone They all have a common feeling, that is–

    “Hah~! My face really hurts!”

    Who would have thought that Wen An’an would be so awesome! It is really a huge investment, and the heroine of the special effects sci-fi blockbuster “Doomsday”, which has received worldwide attention and expectation this year! 

    And there is still such a large group of superstars who are matching her! !

    So scary wow! !

    【…No one agrees, uncle takes Wen Anan!】

    【What kind of background is Wen Anan! This is too stupid! 】

    【One minute! I want to know who Wen An’an’s financial master is! It’s so stupid! 】

    【Wen An’an’s gold master has exploded! Not even domestic directors! The result can also be manipulated abroad! And he’s a world-renowned director! Shouldn’t “Doomsday” be invested inbby Wen An’an’s financier! 】

    【The investment budget of “Doomsday” is at least more than 250 million US dollars, thank you! If Wen An’an’s sponsor can really spend so much money for her, I think it should be true love, thank you! 】


    Because Wen An’an’s role as the heroine of “Doomsday” was exposed, at this time, there was a lot less attention to Wen An’an’s black material.

    In itself, female stars fall in love, puppy love, it’s not a big black material, who hasn’t had puppy love?

    But because of the control of the navy, and because Wen An’an’s popularity is really high, this has attracted the attention of many people.

    Now, as soon as the big news of starring in “Doomsday” Green is exposed, who still has time to pay attention to puppy love!

    They all gossip about why Wen Anan is so awesome, how she became the heroine of “Doomsday”, why so many international superstars are willing to match her, and how she can be liked by Director Brad, etc, etc, something totally unscientific.

    Therefore, the netizens of the whole network have worked together to find out who is the gold master standing behind Wen An’an!

    As for Wen Yanan’s troublesome puppy love affair, it took a lot of time to get Wen An’an to be slandered?

    Well, it was forgotten by everyone like this!

    This really makes Wen Yanan go crazy!

    Especially Wen Anan even starred as the heroine of “Doomsday”.


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