Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch104

Wen An’an didn’t know much about the person who cooperated with Wen Yanan to reveal the black material, nor did she know his name.    

After all, she didn’t read it in detail at that time, but read the plot summarized by the readers.    

So for the person who broke her black material now, she just learned that he was one of the N boats that the former female supporting actress Wen Anan stepped on.    

But the character of this male supporting role was not set up for the female supporting Wen Anan, but for the original heroine Wen Yanan.    

To be precise, it is a character designed for the reborn heroine.    

Just to help the original heroine Wen Yanan slap the face of the female character Wen Anan’s existence.    

This male supporting role can be said to be infatuated with the original heroine Wen Yanan, with deep affection!    

On the black material of Wen An’an, it is definitely the ultimate.    

Whether it was the bad things that Wen An’an really did or didn’t do, they were all on Wen An’an’s body.    

Because the truth and the false are said together, and there are also hard evidence videos and photos, it really makes everyone believe.    

It also made Wen An’an, the female character, the target of blackmail on the whole network.    

Even if the female character Wen An’an found the male supporting character and paid a lot of money to let him delete the post and help her clean up, the male supporting character was dismissive and just wanted to kill the female character Wen An’an wholeheartedly.    

Just because he loves the original heroine Wen Yanan.    

So now…    

“Brother, what are you going to do?”    

Wen Anan believes in the power of the plot, and also believes that the male supporting characters will never betray the original heroine Wen Yanan.    

But she also understands how powerful her eldest brother is, and he is definitely a person who does what he says.    

Therefore, Wen An’an suddenly had an indescribable worry in her heart.    

“Brother, are you going to do something illegal?”    

Wen An’an exclaimed, her tone full of panic and worry.    

Because ordinary means can’t deal with the male supporting role at all, after all, the people’s characters will never betray the original heroine Wen Yanan.    

Thinking of her eldest brother’s resolute means, she was really full of worries.    

But –    

“You silly girl, where did your mind go? Is Big Brother a bad person in your mind?”    

Hearing the light laughter coming from the other end of the phone, Wen Anan couldn’t help blushing.    

She pursed her lips tightly and muttered.    

“That’s not it, big brother is the best big brother in the world in my heart.”    

“Just the best big brother?”    

I don’t know why, when Shen Zheng on the other end of the phone said this, Wen An An’s heart skipped a beat.    

I always feel that this sentence seems to be full of other meanings.    

“Still the best and best person in the world! Big brother is a good person! I just don’t want big brother to hurt himself in order to protect me…”    

Wen Anan squeezed the phone tightly, her eyes moist.    

She has always lived alone. Except for her parents, she has never dealt with other people, let alone interacted with others.    

And this has also caused her to never like to trouble others, and of course, no one has ever helped her…    

But Shen Zheng is different, Shen Zheng is different from everyone she has met.    

At first, she thought that Shen Zheng would be like Zhong Na, and ignore her, as if he was treating the air, not caring about her.    

However, what she didn’t expect was that Shen Zheng not only cared about her, but also really loved and protected her like a younger sister.    

Whenever something happened to her, he was always by her side to protect her.    

Every time, when she was afraid of being helpless, he always comforted her by her side and gave her strength…    

If she could, she really hoped that she could also be strong and could… repay the big brother Shen Zheng.    

“Big brother…For you, I will try my best to be bold and strong, so that you don’t have to worry about me so much…”    

Shen Zheng listened to the words on the other end of the phone, and a burst of sweet and sour suddenly rose in his heart… a feeling of…    

Sweet and a little distressing.    

This feeling was something he had never felt before.    

His sweet Wen Anan opened her heart to him and cared about him very much.    

But he was worried that to this little girl in his family he was still in a big brother position, and she really regarded him as her family.    

But…even so, Shen Zheng’s heart is still very happy.    

Because he knew that he was special, and he was the most important existence in the heart of his little girl.    

She can change for him.    

This really made him feel better than ever.    

“Silly girl, no matter what you become, I will care about you and worry about you. I will always protect you, because you are to me…” The little girl I love the most.    

With great difficulty, Shen Zheng didn’t blurt out the last sentence.    

Because he doesn’t want to scare his little girl now, don’t worry, he can take it slow, slowly invade the life and world of this little girl in his family…    

You see, isn’t it very successful now?    

The stupid Wen Anan didn’t know that Shen Zheng was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She was so moved that she almost cried when she heard Shen Zheng’s words.    

However, because she said she wanted to change, she held back her tears, sniffed hard, and made herself stronger, so she never started crying.    

“En! In the future, I will also protect eldest brother!”    

“Okay, eldest brother is waiting for you to protect him.”    

The night was so beautiful, and after hanging up the phone, Wen Anan had an unprecedented peace and tranquility.    

She clenched her fists, and after she made a plan for herself, she started her daily tasks and continued writing.    

In the early morning of the next day, she started her acting routine again.    

And this time, Wen Anan made a bigger breakthrough for the role of Green.    

Because…she acted brave and strong…    

Everyone is amazed at the progress of Wen An’an’s acting skills, but only Wen An’an knows that this is not just her acting skills, but also the beginning of her change.    

Wen Anan, come on, you can do it! You are no longer the helpless Wen Anan from before!    

Now, you have mom and dad, eldest brother, Uncle Shen, and Assistant Jiang…    

“Brother Jiang, I have something I want to discuss with you…”    


If you want to talk about who has been the most popular and topical recently, then, it is Wen An’an.    

After all, Wen An’an has been exposed to a lot of violent materials, and they are all black materials with real hammers.    

Moreover, Wen An’an has not had any positive response so far.    

This also led to the public opinion becoming more and more crazy.    

They all thought that Wen An’an might be thinking about the next move, or she might want to wait for the matter to pass, not so many people paid attention to it, and came out to make a sense of existence.    

But ah, what everyone didn’t expect was that Wen An’an would actually appear during the day of hacking her!    

And it’s still so loud!    

【Wen An’an V: Life has given us too many trials, but we will pass through it eventually. Hello Green, may we grow together to be strong people. 【Photo】】    

The accompanying picture on Weibo is a still of Wen An’an in “Doomsday”, a disgraced face of Green, but her eyes are extremely tough and strong.    

It looks really textured, giving people a sense that the girl in the photo is someone who will never be defeated.    

Coupled with such words and photos, Wen An’an’s die-hard fans immediately boiled up like a chicken blood!


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