Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch103

【Shocking! Now the hot little flower Wen An’an’s private life is indiscreet during her teenage years! At the age of fourteen, she began to fall in love with fishing for men, and during this period, she pedaled N boats. 】   

Just when Wen An’an played the role of Princess An He, who was madly attracted to fans, suddenly, a super-rich gossip news popped out like this!    

There are really too many black materials like this, and they are all black materials without real hammers, so netizens are not surprised, and they are completely ignored.    

But this time the news of the black material is a bit different, and it is completely different from the previous black material. This time, there is a real hammer!    

In this shady news, there are not only photos, but also videos!    

It’s simply not very comprehensive!    

This stone hammer is reall  

【Shocking! Now the hot little flower Wen An’an’s private life is indiscreet during her teenage years! At the age of fourteen, she began to fall in love with fishing for men, and during this period, she pedaled N boats. 】

    Just when Wen An’an played the role of Princess An He, who was madly attracted to fans, suddenly, a super-rich gossip news popped out like this!

    There are really too many black materials like this, and they are all black materials without real hammers, so netizens are not surprised, and they are completely ignored.

    But this time the news of the black material is a bit different, and it is completely different from the previous black material. This time, there is a real hammer!

    In this shady news, there are not only photos, but also videos!

    It’s simply not very comprehensive!

    This stone hammer is really solid!

    Looking at the photos and videos, you can see that this time the black news is not groundless, let alone fake, but Wen An’an really has a bad character.

    When I was in junior high school, I started falling in love! And also a very mature fisherman?

    Looking at the bunch of photos and videos with different little boys, the netizens on the Internet are frying!

    Originally, Wen An’an’s appearance was relatively pure, and her personality was also the kind of soft, glutinous, cute-looking little sister next door.

    As a result, now…

    such a contrasting character design has simply deceived all netizens.

    【I now believe that Wen An’an’s acting skills are very good! She really is a cow! How could she hide her true nature so well! 】

    【I have been fishing for men since I was a child, and she is a gold-worshiping girl with a bad private life, so do I have any reason to suspect that Wen Anan is being raised by a big money owner behind her? 】

    【The gold master’s black material is true, is it true! 】

    【It’s true that people can’t look at their appearance. I didn’t expect such a pure appearance and such a warm personality. It’s all fake. I’m surprised. 】

    【It’s really amazing! Wen An’an’s acting is also very good! What a terrible woman. 】


    For a while on the Internet, water army and black fans rose up wantonly, and Wen An’an began to be sprayed on the entire Internet.

    The netizens who had become fans because of Princess An He of “Palace Kill” also lost their fans all of a sudden.

    For a time, spraying Wen An’an became the correct practice in the entire network.

    This time, Wen An’an is a black fire.

    Now the Internet is either spraying her, or discussing her dark history in the past, and the topicality has reached a peak.

    However, at this time, Wen An’an did not know at all that the black history of ‘her own’ was released in advance by the original heroine.

    If she knew about this, she would be dumbfounded.

    Because of this information, it was obvious that Wen Yanan had given her up early. She had not been exposed as a fake daughter and left the Shen family!

    This black material about the female character Wen Anan was originally released by the female protagonist Wen Yanan to the male protagonist Yan Qi, in order to tell the male protagonist that the female character Wen Anan never cared about him at all.

    She also told the male protagonist Yan Qi what kind of rotten woman Wen Anan was.

    After that, the male protagonist Yan Qi really got the meaning of the female protagonist Wen Yanan, and he succeeded in being disgusted by the female character Wen Anan even more, so he lost the slightest bit of friendliness for her.

    But this plot is still in the later stages, and it is obviously too early now.

    So, when Wen Anan accidentally got her black material from the assistant, it was simply-

    “Huh?! Great!”


Assistant: Wait, why is my goddess showing this reaction? 

    Wen Anan was simply overjoyed!

    There has been a major change in the plot! And this time, the male protagonist Yan Qi will definitely hate her and will not have any entanglement with her!

    After this story is over, there will be another story about the heroine showing off the ring…

    She, the supporting actress, can retire!

    And it’s an early exit!

    She hasn’t had any entanglement with that male partner Li Xi, and she is still in the Shen family’s illegitimate daughter…

    So it seems that she… has gotten rid of the original plot!

    Is it possible that she can stop worrying about those tragic things happening to her again?

    Can she be relieved from now on and not be afraid anymore?

    Thinking of this, Wen An’an’s tears could not help overflowing her eyes, and the grains, like pearls, quickly rolled down her cheeks.

    Seeing Wen An’an crying suddenly, the assistant suddenly panicked. She thought it was because Wen An’an saw these black materials that Wen An’an was crying.

    In her heart, he was blaming herself, and she was comforting Wen Anan in a hurry.

    At this time, Assistant Jiang also came.

    He looked at Wen An’an crying non-stop while the little assistant was flustered, and his brows immediately wrinkled.

    “What’s wrong?”

    Assistant Jiang asked the assistant in a somewhat unfriendly tone. The assistant was unhappy when she saw her immediate boss, and she regretted it even more.

    I regret that I was so careless and let Wen Anan see the latest black news. It was obvious that her boss had already instructed her not to let Wen Anan see it until the matter was dealt with.

    “Assistant Jiang, I’m really sorry. I was accidentally seen by Miss Wen Anan when I was replying to those Heizi’s comments… So, so…”

The little assistant looked at Assistant Jiang’s face getting darker and darker. Her voice became smaller and smaller, and at last she was so frightened that she didn’t know what to say.

    “So, An’an already knows, right?”

    Assistant Jiang frowned tightly, he didn’t want Wen An’an to see these bad things.

    He didn’t know what kind of person Wen An’an was in the past, but the present Wen An’an, he knew.

    The current Wen Anan is like a little white rabbit, timid and fearful, but also kind and hardworking.

    This time, things were very turbulent, and it was completely different from the previous ones.

    So not only is it a bit difficult to deal with, but, most importantly, Wen An’an is now in a state of blackmail.

    Internet violence is very serious.

    With a fragile mind like Wen An’an, it’s actually not suitable for seeing these things.

    After all, she still has more important things to do now, which is to play the heavily invested “Doomsday” and play the role of green well.

    In this way, after they solved this matter, Wen Anan was able to quickly attract fans and gain a firm foothold in the entertainment industry.

    In this way, in the future, even if there is any black material, Wen Anan, who has actual performance and good acting skills, will not be so passive.


 The little assistant’s voice was like a mosquito, she lowered her head after muttering, and no longer dared to look at Assistant Jiang.

    Assistant Jiang looked at Wen An’an who was still crying, and he sighed helplessly.

    Ask him to say that his own little star is good at everything, but she is a little too timid and unable to handle things.

    “An An, don’t take this matter to heart, we will deal with it soon. You don’t have to take these bad comments to heart.”

    Listening to Assistant Jiang’s words, Wen Anan raised her head, but to the surprise of Assistant Jiang, he smiled.

    Although he said, he was crying and laughing at the same time.

    But he laughed anyway, and it didn’t look like he was crying because he couldn’t bear it.

    “Assistant Jiang, I, I’m fine.”

    Wen Anan sobbed and talked to Assistant Jiang while wiping away her tears.

    That look is really funny.

    “Then why are you crying?”

    Assistant Jiang was confused this time. He didn’t understand at all what was going on with his little star.

    If it’s okay, then why are you crying?

    But if something happens, then why… laugh again?

    “I-I just can’t control my own emotions.”

    It’s true that I can’t control my emotions. Even ordinary people, after knowing the fate of their own death and being changed, will not be able to control them. I want to cry!

    But it was a cry of joy that escaped death.

    It can be said that Wen An’an is a little crying bag that is more vulnerable than ordinary people. After knowing this, shouldn’t she cry ‘heroically’?

    “Can’t control your emotions?”

    Listening to Wen An’an’s words, Assistant Jiang was really dumbfounded.

    “Do you want to rest?”

    “No, no, I’ll be fine soon after I cry!”

    Wen Anan immediately shook her head and said happily.

    At this moment, looking at the bright smile on Wen An’an’s face, although her eyes were still full of sparkling water, Assistant Jiang also believed that Wen An’an was not affected by those black materials.

    On the contrary, in his eyes, Wen An’an at this moment seems to be a little different from before.

    It seems that it looks a lot brighter, and it seems that it is really happy and confident?

    It’s as if the person who was originally shrouded in a cloud of mist, all of a sudden, cleared the cloud and mist to see the sun?

    After thinking about it, Assistant Jiang felt that he seemed to think too much.

    He also felt that he was thinking too much and shook his head.

    “You don’t have to worry about the black material this time, we can always solve it.”

    Assistant Jiang looked at Wen An’an with a smile. Even if he couldn’t solve it, there was the pair of Shen’s family behind Wen An’an who held her in their hands. The domineering father and son in my heart.

    “Well, Big Brother Jiang, I believe in you.”

    Seeing Wen An’an trusting him so much, Assistant Jiang wanted to rub the head of this little white rabbit like his big boss.

    However, before he raised his hand, he couldn’t help thinking of the icy black face of his own Boss Shen, so he instinctively controlled it.

    Whoa, whoa, whoa! The boss’s wife, can’t be bullied~


    Although this matter seems to be easy to solve in Assistant Jiang’s mouth.

    However, to really solve this matter, it is really not that easy!

    After all, what happened this time is too real. Those photos and videos are not forged!

    And the person who broke the news has also been confirmed, that is the man who was once caught by Wen An’an!

    So to solve it, it is really difficult to say.

    “What kind of bastard is it! How dare you make rumors about our family’s An’an! Brat, you quickly settle this matter for me! You will pay me any money to help An’an settle it!”

    God, that stinky boy and Assistant Jiang didn’t settle this matter, so Mr. Shen found Shen Zheng and got angry!

    Shen Zheng, who was scolded by his father in the office, felt even more depressed in his heart!

    He is more concerned about this matter than the old man Shen.

    Although in his mind, this matter is a rumor, it is fake.

    But he was still jealous. Looking at those ‘fake photos’, he couldn’t stop muttering in his heart. He was a thousand times better than those hairy boys. How could the little girl in his family like that kind?

    If you want to catch that man, you should also catch someone like him.

    “Dad, don’t get too excited, I’ve already asked someone to handle this matter, and this matter will be over soon.”

    To talk about the power of the Shen family, that’s really not a problem.

    Shen Zheng found out long ago that this matter was related to Wen Yanan.

    And it’s actually pretty simple to fix this.

    As long as you find out where the man who claimed to be caught by Wen An’an, as soon as you find the address, give the person some money, play a show, and clarify that this matter is fake, in fact, this matter is basically solved.

    The address is easy to check. For Shen Zheng, it is really not a troublesome thing.

    However, what Shen Zheng didn’t expect was that the ‘man’ was actually an infatuated kind of lover.

    Of course, this kind of infatuation is not for Wen Anan, but for Wen Yanan.

    Life and death is not willing to take money to cooperate with them, so this matter has dragged on for so long.

    “What did you do? Where did you do it! I can see that all the people on the Internet are scolding our family An An! The fan support club I manage has lost a lot of fans! It’s maddening me!”

    The old man Shen was so angry about this incident, he wanted to eat the initiator behind it.

    “Dad, don’t worry, I’ll definitely be able to solve it today.”

    Seeing his father so angry, in fact, Shen Zheng’s anger was no less than that of Mr. Shen.

    He was also angry, angry that he didn’t protect his little girl well.

    Even more angry, Wen Yanan was hurting his little girl again and again.

    “You promise? Can it be resolved today?”

    Old Shen gave Shen Zheng a suspicious look, with some disbelief in his eyes.

    “En.” Even if he used unlawful means, he had to settle the matter.

    And after solving the ‘kǎi zi*’, next, he has to deal with the woman Wen Yanan.

(*kǎi zi: slang for rich, good-looking guy)

    He wants to get rid of all those who dare to hurt his little girl.

    Thinking of this, Shen Zheng’s eyes darkened, and there was a hint of sternness in the dark, bottomless eyes.

    “Dad, you go back. When this matter is resolved, I will bring An An back to have a meal with you.”

 When he heard that he was going to eat with his precious heart, Mr. Shen’s anger disappeared at once, but instead is happy.

    “Eat? Alright, alright! I really miss our family’s An An, you quickly resolve this matter, and bring An An back to accompany me for dinner tomorrow.”

    Seeing the happy expression of the old man, Shen Zheng slightly hooked his lips, thinking of Wen An’an, and a smile appeared on his face.

    He planned to confess to his father when he had dinner this time that the little girl in his family was not his daughter.

    If you want to get rid of Wen Yanan completely, you have to clarify the identities of these two people first.

    Otherwise, the little girl in his family will talk about him again.

    But, of course, this is also his selfishness.

    The earlier he said, the earlier he could be with his little girl.

    Mr. Shen didn’t know what that stinky boy in his family was thinking. He was still thinking stupidly, should he eat at home or take his sweetheart out to eat~


    Wen Yanan, the manipulator behind the scenes, But little did she know that she was going to be in trouble.

    Now she is wondering why she can’t get in touch with the backup ‘Kaizi’ classmate who helped her deal with Wen Anan.

    “Strange, why hasn’t Hao Jian been able to get in touch?”

    Wen Yanan suddenly found out that she couldn’t get in touch with Hao Jian these days.

    Hao Jian, who usually has a crush on her, is sending her messages every day to gain a sense of existence.

    But recently, one day, this Hao Jian stopped sending text messages, which really made her feel a little wrong.

    However, because Wen An’an was still being scolded on the Internet, this made Wen Yanan suppress the doubts in her heart again.

    Anyway, all she wanted was the black Wen An’an on the Internet, and… let Yan Qi know Wen An’an’s true face, that’s enough.

    Thinking of this, Wen Yanan left Hao Jian, a man who was insignificant in her heart, to the back of her mind.

    “I don’t know… Did Yan Qi see it…”

    With a soft murmur, Wen Yanan opened Yan Qi’s Weibo again.

    However, Yan Qi’s Weibo has not updated any new developments.

    Yan Qi disappeared when this incident broke out.

    No, to be precise, she hasn’t seen Yan Qi in the entertainment industry for a long time.

    Not even the news was heard.

    It was obvious that they belonged to the same company, but she didn’t know anything about Yan Qi’s news.

    It was as if Yan Qi had completely disappeared and ceased to exist.

    “What happened…?”

    Wen Yanan frowned tightly, staring at Yan Qi’s Weibo profile picture.

    Obviously in his last life, Yan Qi was still in the entertainment industry, with entertainment news everywhere and fans everywhere.

    But now… this man who was supposed to be glorious has disappeared.

    “No matter where you are, I hope… you can see the news, I hope… you can see the real face of this bad woman…”

    ——Los Angeles——

    Wen Anan, who just finished a day of drama, just returned to the hotel I want to take a shower and start today’s update.

    As a result, she received a call from Shen Zheng.


    Wen An’an happily called out Shen Zheng after he answered the phone.

    Listening to the sweet brother on the other end of the phone, Shen Zheng’s mind was really both sweet and distressed.

    He found out that this little girl in his family really trusted him like a brother.

    Really a sweet burden.

    “An An, have you been working very hard recently?”

    “It’s not hard, it’s quite fun, everyone takes care of me, and I have a good time.”

    Just like that, Shen Zheng took Wen Anan over and over again. All the circles of life have been figured out.

    Although, Assistant Jiang would usually tell him about Wen An’an’s recent situation and his friendship.

    However, Shen Zheng was still a little uneasy, and he still wanted to understand by himself.

    “It’s good if you have a good time.”

    Shen Zheng chuckled lightly and said in a low voice.

    Hearing Shen Zheng’s deep laughter, Wen Anan only felt a sense of security in his heart.

    “I’ve asked Assistant Jiang to take a few days off for you and Director X. I’ll pick you up and have a meal with Dad tomorrow.”

    As soon as Shen Zheng’s voice fell, Wen An’an became a little puzzled.


    “Well, don’t you want to confess your background to your father? This time when you come back for dinner, let’s talk about it together.”

    Hearing the words on the phone, Wen Anan’s eyes widened.

    On weekdays, she was clamoring to confess to Mr. Shen, but her elder brother kept stopping her and said to see the timing.

    Why is Shen Zheng taking the initiative to confess this matter now?

    “Brother, is something wrong?”

    Wen Anan whispered uncomfortably.

    “No, I just don’t want that woman to hurt you again.”

    At this time, Shen Zheng wanted to touch his little girl’s head and tell her how much he missed her, how much he loved her, and how much he loved her. How…he loves her.

    However, he didn’t want to scare his little girl. He understood the character of his little girl. Now he can only ‘boil a frog in warm water’ step by step, slowly.

    Lest his little girl be scared away by him.


    Listening to Shen Zheng’s words, Wen An’an called out with some emotion.

    Her brother is really good to her, she is not his sister, but Wen Yanan is his sister…

    “An An, don’t worry, I will solve this matter today. Internet You don’t have to worry about the comments on the website, after today, everyone will apologize like you.”

    Shen Zheng said in a deep voice, his voice was full of tenderness.

    However, listening to Shen Zheng’s words, Wen An’an was puzzled.

    “Ah? Solution?”

    Shen Zheng didn’t understand the plot, but Wen Anan did!

    Now she is cooperating with Wen Yanan to expose her black material, that is Wen Yanan’s number one crush!

    The character of this crush, but even if she is killed, she will not betray Wen Yanan’s character.

    So… how does her eldest brother solve this matter?


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Finally.. Finally…
😍 Go tell the truth to father Shen, that he gained a sweet daughter in-law, not only a daughter 🙊


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