Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch102

Shen Zheng actually understood that the little girl in his family was an artist and a female star.    

Whether shooting commercials or acting, she will cooperate with other male artists. 

 However, his psychology is to resist this kind of cooperation, and even he wants to refuse this matter without even thinking about it, without considering the pros and cons at all.    

Now Shen Zheng has to admit that he really has too many true feelings for his little girl.    

He is so rational and someone who values ​​interests so much, how could you be so unlike yourself because of his little melon…    

What kind of self-esteem, pride, at this moment, when Shen Zheng thought of his little girl, he gave up everything.    

Taking a deep breath, Shen Zheng picked up the phone and sent a text message to Assistant Jiang.    

Shen Zheng: But I like her, so I don’t allow her to have close cooperation with other male artists. You are her agent, I hope you take good control of it.    

After sending this text message, Shen Zheng’s heart suddenly relaxed.    

He liked Wen An’an, and no one knew or told anyone about it.    

Now that someone knows about this, Shen Zheng’s heart is still quite happy.    

This kind of secret love, finally let other people know… Shen Zheng has an inexplicable feeling, a feeling…soon, he will be able to be with his little girl.    …    

When Assistant Jiang received a text message from his big boss, he was stunned.    

Although he had already guessed in his heart his big boss’s unusual feelings for Wen An’an, he had already felt it, but in fact, Shen Zheng liked Wen An’an.    

It’s not a brother-sister relationship between a brother and a sister, but a man’s liking for a woman.    

However, this layer of window paper has never been pierced.    

So, he doesn’t have a sense of reality either.    

But now… When Shen Zheng clearly told him that he liked Wen An’an, and there were some threatening words, wouldn’t Assistant Jiang be stunned?    

After a long time, Assistant Jiang came back to his senses, but there was complexity in his eyes.    

As Wen An’an’s agent, he didn’t want to follow Shen Zheng’s text message.    

After all, as a female artist, especially as an actress, it is unavoidable to cooperate with male artists.    

And the role of filming…if there are these constraints of Shen Zheng, then Wen An’an can take too few scripts.    

This is not at all conducive to Wen An’an’s development in the entertainment industry.    

However, as Shen Zheng’s subordinate…he hopes that his big boss can be happy.    

He has been by Shen Zheng’s side for many years. It can be said that he joined Shen’s group as soon as he graduated and followed Shen Zheng’s side.    

For so many years, he stood by Shen Zheng’s side, and all he saw were businessmen who were decisive and cold-hearted.    

There has never been a woman by his side, and it seems that he is not interested in women.    

Live like an iceberg, cold and without any temperature at all.    

As a result, the people around him once thought that Shen Zheng might be a bachelor for a lifetime, and there would be no more women.    

But now…with his eyes down, Assistant Jiang looked at the tough and domineering text message declaring sovereignty.    

Assistant Jiang’s mouth curled up slightly, and murmured softly.    

“An An… I’m sorry, this time, I’m on Mr. Shen’s side.” There’s no way, he can’t watch his big boss fight for a lifetime as a bachelor…    

No matter what happened to Shen Zheng and Assistant Jiang, the current Wen An’an was on fire.    

A trailer for “Palace Kill”, three sets of advertisements for Noble watches.    

Especially the third set of advertisements for the Noble watch!    

The close cooperation of the third group of male and female image spokespersons of Noble watches has simply boosted Wen An’an’s popularity to the peak!    

It is obvious that both men and women are Wen Anan herself, and these ‘two’ image spokespersons are still Wen Anan alone.    

However, when the ‘two’ male and female image spokespersons stand together, there is really no sense of disruption at all!    

What’s more terrifying is that there is also a sense of honey CP!    

This made all the netizens on the Internet boil!    

【The male version of Wen Anan is like an extravagant little prince, and the female partner Wen Anan is like a arrogant queen, standing is so perfect! 】    

【If no one says that the two spokespersons are Wen An’an, I really think that these ‘two’ image spokespersons are not Wen An’an at all! 】    

【Suddenly I feel that Wen Anan is very malleable, like an actor’s face! She looks so beautiful and has such a strong personal temperament, but there is no violation of the style of the ‘two’ spokespersons. Now I’m really looking forward to Princess An He played by Wen Anan! 】   


The people in charge of Noble watches never thought that their president would rarely show favoritism, but they didn’t expect that it would cause such a huge amount of heat.    

Wen An’an’s endorsement this time has really greatly improved the popularity of Noble watches.    

In particular, the watches that Wen Anan wore when shooting commercials are even more popular!    

Even if the watch is really not cheap, there are really many people who buy it!    

Looking at such obvious big data, the staff of Noble watches had to say that the president of their own family is awesome!    

Just have a vision!    

Emotional people are really good at favoritism!    

Seeing that the popularity of Noble’s ‘male and female’ spokespersons is still high, the “Palace Kill” publicity team simply took advantage of this popularity and posted all the makeup photos of all the “Palace Kill” characters on Weibo.    

Among them, Princess An He played by Wen Anan is also among them.    

With Wen An’an’s current popularity, the popularity of the movie “Palace Kill” is even more popular!    

Even with a lot of unknown supporting roles also attracted attention.    

This time, the Noble watch and the “Palace Kill” crew really had a good effect of mutual promotion.    

The rise in popularity of Noble Watch and “Palace Kill” has also led to the recent popularity and topics being contracted by Noble Watch and “Palace Kill”.    

It made “The Legend of Immortals”, which had attracted much attention, cooled down a lot, and its popularity dropped a lot.    

Seeing such momentum, Wen Yanan couldn’t sit still.    

In her last life, the Noble watch had never been so popular, not even a topic of conversation.    

And “Palace Kill” is popular, but it is not so hot. This movie is a dark horse with excellent quality and a big explosion in the later period.    

But now…    

Seeing such explosive momentum, Wen Yanan had an ominous feeling in her heart.    

She can’t wait any longer.    

In case, if Wen An’an really relies on a face, relying on the Shen family to market her a number of characters, so that she has a large number of fans, then even if her rumors come out.    

It may not be of any use to Wen An’an, who is already up…    

So now, should she take advantage of the fact that she doesn’t have any representative works yet, and the cohesion of the fans is not strong, and there are not many die-hard fans, should she directly release those fierce materials of her…?


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