Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch82

“Youth Literature”

    This is not the name of a book, but a cultural competition program organized by a publishing house boss acquired by a certain entertainment media boss.

    Its main content is to screen out a group of writers with good strength to use as a cultural competition program for competitions.

    Although it is said that this show has only been held for a few episodes, the popularity of the show is not small, and each episode will cause a lot of sensation and controversy.

    The most important thing is that the author who wins the championship of “Youth Literature” in each issue will also receive a lot of money and the opportunity to participate in film and television.

    Therefore, every time there are many authors in the network who want to participate in this program.

    However, the contestants of each issue of “Youth Literature” have a limited number of designated places.

    It is not just any writer who can participate in this show.

    Therefore, when Xu Ke heard that her partner Wang An wanted to invite the online writer who was just relying on the number of words in her eyes, she felt nothing except for disgust.

    “I don’t agree. She just wrote it for a few months, and she doesn’t have any representative works. I don’t agree to give her a place in the competition this time.”

    Wang An listened to Xu Ke’s words and also understood what she was thinking.

    But he is someone who has seen the works of accommodating circumstances, so he still knows clearly that this author still has great potential and aura.

    He even sometimes wondered if this reconciliation was the vest of some great author.

    But think about it, it should be impossible for a small vest to explode in fifty chapters.

    Therefore, after Wang An confirmed that the author is indeed a newcomer, he felt that this author has great potential and should come to participate in their show!

    Every episode of the show is praising the great god. He is already a little tired of aesthetics. He has already started to think, if in their show, a newcomer and great god will be praised, will it be more interesting?

    Anyway, he personally thinks it is quite interesting~!

    “Xu Ke, you may not have read her work, but I think she is very good. If you have time, I think you can read the part she wrote. After reading it, you will know whether she is qualified or not.”

    Seeing Wang An’s earnest appearance, Xu Ke frowned slightly, and finally nodded lightly.

    “Well then, whether to give her an invitation to this competition or not depends on how she wrote it.”

    “I promise you, I will never disappoint you.”

    “Haha, hopefully.”


    However, at this time, the two leaders who are discussing whether to let Wen Anan participate in this “Youth Literature Chronicle” have never thought about whether Wen Anan, who is the party concerned, wants to participate in this competition.


    As soon as I woke up the next morning, just after breakfast, Wen Anan was dragged by Assistant Jiang to go to the EL global press conference for styling and makeup.

    Today’s dress is obviously different from yesterday’s dress.

    Because yesterday’s photo shoot was for EL’s perfume advertisement, the styling was very dreamy.

    However, today Wen An’an’s style is much more simple and fashionable, although it is not as dreamy and unreal as yesterday.

    But today, her simple and fashionable look is still outrageously beautiful.

    Wearing a light pink short fragrant dress, with delicate and fashionable makeup, the face that was already beautiful without any flaws looked even more impeccably beautiful.

    Perfect shape is perfect, but the only thing Wen Anan cares about is…

    “Can I not wear high-heeled shoes…”

    Wen Anan looked at the pair of high-heeled shoes on her feet with some distress. The light and transparent color looked like glass shoes in a fairy tale, and she was full of girlish heart.

    But it looks good, but Wen Anan really didn’t wear high heels!

    Looking at Wen An’an’s distressed face, Assistant Jiang shook his head helplessly.

    No way, the stylist of EL just said that Wen Anan can only wear this pair of high heels in this style, otherwise it will not be perfect!

    So, it must not be replaced.

    “Oh! I really haven’t worn high heels. What if I fall down while walking?”

    Wen An’an wears sneakers the longest. She doesn’t even have a pair of high heels at home. Talk more about wearing high heels.

    So now, when she put on high heels for the first time, she really felt as if she was walking on stilts, leaving her without any sense of security, as if she would fall down every second.

    “Don’t worry, I’ll let assistant Xiaoyu follow you all the time. And your task today is also very simple, just stand and take a few photos. At other times, you are basically sitting. And it’s not here today. Your home court, you are a spectator.”

    Listening to Assistant Jiang’s words, Wen Anan’s heart finally calmed down a little.

    She thought secretly in her heart, she must be able to sit and sit for a while!

    But how did Wen Anan expect that her idea was so naive!

    She is indeed not the protagonist, she is indeed an audience member, but——

    As soon as this girl went out, before entering the conference venue, a big crisis came~!

    The girl who didn’t wear high heels just tried to take a few steps after she got out of the backstage!

    Just because the floor was a little slippery, it caused—

“Ah— !”

    “Miss An An…” Assistant Xiaoyu didn’t expect that she was just distracted, and Wen Anan could come and fall on the ground!     

Obviously there are no obstacles on the floor! Looking at it, when Wen Anan was about to fall, suddenly, a tall figure rushed over.    

Wen An’an, who was about to fall to the ground, was caught very precisely at such a lightning-quick speed!     

” Badump! Badump~!” Wen An’an’s little heart was beating vigorously. When she saw that she was rescued, she stood firm and quickly pushed the man’s strong chest away.     

“Thank you, thank you…”     

Bowing her head, Wen Anan carefully arranged her clothes and hair, and then followed the man who saved her to thank him.  

“You are welcome.”

The man’s voice was very nice, with a slight hoarseness and magnetism, which made people feel a strong male hormone. After Wen Anan had sorted her clothes, just as she was about to raise her head, she heard a word in her ear that made her completely stunned.     

“Hello, Wen An’an, I’m Li Xi. I’m one of your little fans, can we…can we take a picture together?”     

Li, Li, Li Xi? !     

Hearing this sentence, Wen An’an was stunned. She raised her head in horror and looked at the man who stood in front of her and saved her just now.     

The goal is the man’s tall body and muscular lines. Even wearing a formal suit, you can still see the sense of power revealed under that suit.

    Looking up, Wen Anan looked at the man’s handsome face, with a trace of unrestrained ruffian, her heart suddenly froze.

    For a moment, she seemed to have seen something terrifying, and her face suddenly turned pale.

    “What’s the matter with you?”

    Li Xi looked at Wen An’an, who was normal just now. After she raised her head to see him, her face became very ugly, as if she had seen something terrifying, and she turned pale.

    He was puzzled.

    With that said, Li Xi stretched out her palm, trying to support the little girl who seemed to be shaky.

    However, what he didn’t expect was…

    Before his palm touched Wen An’an, he was slapped away by the little girl in front of him.

    “No, don’t touch me!”

    The trembling voice seemed to be afraid of him, which made Li Xi even more puzzled.

    He couldn’t figure out why Wen Anan looked so scared and scared.

    Obviously they only met for the first time, obviously they didn’t know each other, this was the first time they met.

    “You… know me?”

    Li Xi frowned, with suspicion in his eyes.

    But after thinking about it, in his memory, there has never been a person like Wen Anan.

    And he can be sure that he and Wen An’an don’t know each other.

    But now…looking at the pale girl who seemed to be trembling, he felt a little uncomfortable.

    He came today, obviously wanting to meet this girl who made him feel very interesting, and wanted to find a chance to get to know her.

    And in the beginning, his plan went well.


    Ever since Wen An’an saw his face, the whole person’s attitude towards him has changed. Could it be that… his face looks terrifying?

    When Li Xi started to doubt himself, he didn’t know that at this moment, Wen An’an was shivering with fear, and his legs were going weak!

    There is no other reason, it’s all because –

The Li Xi in front of you is the side male character who kidnapped the vicious female character and sold her abroad in the comics! 

    Of course! This male character is not a male character who has an emotional relationship with the heroine! He’s just a male supporting character in this comic!

    As for such a male character who has no emotional relationship with the heroine, why should he deal with a vicious female character who only opposes the heroine?

    That’s totally a vicious female character who kills herself! !

    She was originally the illegitimate daughter who entered the wealthy family in place of the original heroine. After entering the Shen family, she fell in love with Li Xi after she met Li Xi.

    Taking advantage of the status of the Shen family’s illegitimate daughter, she has been entangled with Li Xi.

    But, how could Li Xi fall in love with a vicious female character who is the illegitimate daughter of the Shen family?

    And because of his sister, he especially disliked this illegitimate daughter of the Shen family.

    He didn’t have any good looks towards her on weekdays, and if he didn’t kill her, he would have given the Shen family a lot of face.

    Maybe it’s because the vicious female supporting actress is too deadly, which also reflects that after the heroine Wen Yanan returned to the Shen family, Li Xi didn’t hate the real Shen family’s illegitimate daughter so much.

    Of course, he still doesn’t like this real illegitimate daughter of the Shen family.

    Originally, the vicious female partner thought that since she was no longer the illegitimate daughter of the Shen family, then Li Xi should love her.

    Moreover, a vicious female supporting role who has been used to the life of the upper class, how can she return to the ordinary poor life?

    Of course, she pestered Li Xi as much as possible and wanted to marry Li Xi.

    In the end, it was because the heroine was forced into a corner that she thought of using damage to deal with Li Xi, so that she could successfully marry Li Xi and marry into a wealthy family.

    However, how does the vicious female partner know that Li Xi is extremely cruel?

    He was originally a tyrant in the capital, and because he did not join the army, his behavior was very reckless, and he did not take some rules into account.

    In the end, after the vicious female character touched Li Xi’s bottom line, before the heroine had time to sell the vicious female character , Li Xi took the initiative and designed people to sell the vicious female character abroad.

    Thinking of this, Wen An’an shuddered again.

    Oh my god! ! ! Why did she meet this terrifying male lead here! 

    Wen An’an, who was already on alert and extremely nervous at this time, completely ignored it. The first thing Li Xi said was that he was her fan!

    “Miss An’an, are you all right?”

    At this time, assistant Xiaoyu also realized that something was wrong, she hurriedly supported Wen An’an and asked nervously.

    “No, it’s fine, let’s go quickly!”

    Wen Anan’s palm tightly grasped Xiaoyu’s arm, and after speaking, she quickly pulled her palm with a hellish expression, wanting to leave quickly here.

    At this time, even the uncomfortable high heels on the soles of her feet couldn’t stop her from moving quickly.

    It was as if, behind her, there was some terrifying devil chasing her.

    “Pfft~! I said, Li Xi, this is the first time I’ve seen a girl see you, and it’s like seeing a ghost.”

    Wei Rin, who was watching the whole process, looked at Wen Anan’s back as if fleeing, and laughed out loud.

    In particular, it was the first time he saw Li Xi speak in such a low voice, say something to a little girl in a soft voice, and want to take a photo, but the little girl was still looking at him like a ghost.

    However, soon, Li Xi killed him with one look, and Wei Rin no longer dared to laugh at this ancestor.

    “…Does she know me?”

    Li Xi frowned, her eyes full of doubts.

    He looked at the way Wen Anan looked at him just now, clearly knowing him…

    “Please, how could Wen Anan know you! Except for those in our circle, who would know you, Young Master Li Xi? !”

    Wei Rin rolled his eyes when he heard this.

    Li Xi’s family background is at the top of the pyramid in their circle.

    Moreover, although Li Xi was a little muddy, he was a little arrogant. But after all, it’s not the kind of high-profile fool who plays.

    Therefore, basically, apart from coming into contact with people in their circle who know Li Xi, it is impossible for other people to know Li Xi at all, and it is impossible to know who Li Xi is.

    Although Li Xi raised such a question, he also decided in his heart that he and Wen Anan did not know each other.

    However, he still couldn’t figure out why Wen Anan, who didn’t know him, was so afraid of him.

    This is just a little unreasonable.

    “Maybe it’s because you look too scary.”

    Wei Rin said jokingly.

    However, Wei Rin’s joking words made Li Xi take it seriously.

    He touched his face and muttered softly.

    “Could it be… Is it really because my face is a little scary? That’s why I scared people?”

    Wei Rin rolled his eyes again speechlessly, looking at Li Xi’s appearance.

    It’s over, this young master Li may really be planted in the hands of a little star who just debuted!


    Not to mention Li Xi’s side, after Wen An’an left Li Xi so far, so far that she could no longer see Li Xi, she recovered.

    Although the fear in her heart still did not subside, she was much better.

    “What’s wrong? An An, why is your face so ugly?”

    Assistant Jiang, who came over at this time, saw Wen An’an’s pale face and a face that was obviously frightened, he immediately turned his eyes to the side. Assistant Xiaoyu moved over.

    Seeing Assistant Jiang’s stern look, Xiaoyu immediately recounted what had just happened.

    However, Xiaoyu only thought that Wen Anan was frightened when he almost fell, and didn’t tell Assistant Jiang more about Li Xi, but only briefly said that a man happened to pass by and helped Wen Anan.

    So Assistant Jiang also thought that the timid Wen Anan was frightened by high heels.

    Although Wen An’an was a little helpless and timid, he didn’t think much about it.

    “An An, it’s time for you to walk the red carpet soon. You should adjust your state well. The photos this time will definitely be sent back to China, so you must make a beautiful appearance.”

    Under the comfort of Assistant Jiang, Wen Anan gradually began to adjust her mentality.

    She is also constantly doing psychological construction for herself.

    Come on! Wen Anan! You don’t have to be afraid! You’re not that vicious female partner! You won’t stalk Li Xi, so, so… these plots will definitely not happen…

    After muttering a few times in his heart, Wen Anan finally stabilized his mind.

    When it was her turn to walk the red carpet, her complexion had returned to normal, and her state was also very good, and she appeared in front of everyone.

    This time, there are a lot of stars who came to participate in the EL global conference. There are also many Chinese stars, including first-tier big stars, third-tier little stars, and some 18th-tier little stars who came in with their own money.

    But the stars who are eligible to walk the red carpet and sign their names on the image wall are still in the minority.

    Except for the big-name stars invited by the organizer, the others really can only be the audience of the background board.

    The moment Wen Anan appeared, it simply attracted the attention of all the audience!

    In terms of dress up, she is really not as refined and grand as many female stars in the audience, but she still looks a little plain.

    In terms of shape, it is also relatively sweet and fresh, not too fashionable.

    However, just like this, she attracted the attention of countless people the moment she appeared on the stage.

    One of them is because of her beautiful appearance, and there is another point, which is-

    “Oh! She is that oriental angel who can be liked by tigers!”

    “Anan! Anan! Oh! Magical girl!”

    That’s right! Even though time has passed for a long time, everyone still has not been able to forget the scene of Wen Anan’s tiger’s mouth saving people!

    And because Wen Anan did not accept foreign media interviews, it added a lot of mystery to her!

    So, when Wen Anan appeared at the EL global press conference and stepped on the red carpet, countless photographers aimed at her and took pictures of her.

    “Kacha~! Kacha~!”

    In an instant, countless films were used on Wen An’an alone.

    Throughout the audience, there is no star who has such treatment!

    Not to mention those first-line Chinese actresses who are not subject to foreign media, even those Hollywood actresses in the world cannot have such treatment as Wen Anan.

    For a time, Wen An’an’s limelight was unlimited, and it really made many female stars in China who came to this conference envious, jealous, and hateful!

    After all, in the audience, only Wen An’an has the shortest qualifications to enter the entertainment industry!

    However, although they have just joined the entertainment industry, it is clear that their starting point and force are much higher than theirs.

    “An An! Do you know how many fans you have abroad?”

    “Oh! An An, you are here as EL’s ambassador to participate in this press conference, are you planning to develop internationally?”

    “An An, do you know because of you, has anyone died behind Huyuan?”


    Listening to the group of reporters asking her various questions in English, she really couldn’t bear their enthusiasm.

    So after she hurriedly signed her name, she left quickly.

    After entering the hall of the press conference, Wen Anan sat in her seat under the leadership of the staff.

    What she didn’t expect was that her seat was in the first row.

    Although she is not in the entertainment industry, she also understands that the seats in the first row are not for ordinary people.

    Every time in the fashion circle, whether it is a press conference or a show, the seats in the first row can always be robbed by a group of heavyweight female stars.

    This is a symbol of status and prestige.

    And now she is actually sitting in the first row, which really makes her kind of flattered.

    Soon, Wen Anan found out that she should be flattered!

    Because the people sitting next to her are all big bosses!

    The one on the left is EL’s chief designer and controller, Carlisle.

    On the right is a very famous Hollywood director, Brad.

    The two are also friends.

    So, this made Wen An’an, who was sandwiched between these two, a little… a little embarrassed.

    “Oh, baby, you don’t have to be so nervous. I was supposed to have dinner with you yesterday, but I have something to do. So, I’m really sorry.”

    Seeing Wen Anan’s nervous Carlisle, it was a fashion. The cold attitude in the circle actually comforted Wen An’an very kindly.

    “No, it’s fine.”

    Facing such two geniuses, Wen Anan felt even more nervous.

    “Actually, this time, we signed the contract, thanks to Brad for recommending you like me.”

    Listening to Carlisle’s words, Wen Anan was stunned. She blinked and looked at the person sitting on her right in surprise. Brad looked over.

    That clean and young face was full of writing—huh? That is why ah? I don’t know you either.

    Looking at Wen An’an’s expression, Brad with red hair and green eyes laughed haha, and explained the reason to Wen An’an very succinctly.

    It turned out that he and Huo Dao were friends. As for the last news, he also read it online, and he was very interested in Wen An’an.

    In addition to Huo Dao’s praise, it made him feel more favorable towards Wen Anan.

    When he learned that Carlisle, another friend in the fashion circle, wanted to sign a Chinese ambassador, he followed the flow and recommended Wen Anan.

    Wen An’an really didn’t expect that when she didn’t think about anything at that time, she just did one thing, what she should do, and it would have such a big chain reaction.

    Sure enough, this matter is to tell her that being a good person will bring good rewards, right?

    “Brad, I thank you very much for recommending An An to me. She’s really great.”

    Hearing Carlisle’s sudden praise, Wen Anan was shocked again.

    She always felt that today, all day, was a little baffling.

    Inexplicably met Li Xi, inexplicably became EL’s image spokesperson, and inexplicably received Carlisle’s praise…

    She obviously only met Carlisle today, but Carlisle was very enthusiastic about her.

    I don’t know if it was her illusion, but she always felt that Carlisle seemed to be able to shoot fire.

    Making her a little nervous.

    “An An, I saw the finished promotional photo yesterday, you are really good. You gave me a lot of new inspiration…”

    Well, after listening to Carlisle’s words, Wen Anan found that she was inexplicable again and became Carlisle’s muse.

    “Haha~! It’s really great. After watching the video of An An saving people, I also have new creative inspiration.”

    Saying that, Brad also came up, a chubby face full of kind smiles.

    “An An, do you have any intention to play an important role in my new movie?”


    Uh… Again, out of nowhere, someone was invited to make a movie.

    She wanted to open his mouth and refuse directly, but Wen An’an always had a kind of… embarrassed to refuse requests from strangers.

    Therefore, Wen An’an used the unique way of oriental people…the graceful refusal method.

    “I’m not quite sure about this either… Maybe… it depends on my agent.”

    To be honest, Wen An’an’s answer was really unpleasant.

    At least, if other female stars knew about it, they would definitely be able to swarm her and drown her in one mouthful of saliva!

    Hey Brad! That’s one of the most powerful directors in Hollywood.

    Any movie can be made, and the key people, no matter what movie is made, have both box office and reputation.

    Absolutely all the stars, the most extravagant and favorite big director!

    If so, the big director invited them to make a movie! Even if there is not much salary, they are 100% happy.

    As a result, now, at Wen An’an’s place, everyone said that she is an important role, but this girl is so good, she refused!

    Who wouldn’t want to beat up Wen An’an, a girl who didn’t know how to seize the opportunity?

    However, this girl’s luck was really good.

    Even if she said such rude words, the boss still thinks the little girl is quite cute, unlike other coquettish bitches in the entertainment industry!

    On the contrary, his goodwill grew even more, and he even wanted Wen An’an to play the important role that was just a flash of inspiration and had not yet been properly prepared.

    “Okay, I will discuss it with your agent.”

    In the chat with the two bosses, well, it was mainly the two bosses who said that Wen Anan was listening obediently. This EL global press conference officially started.

    When the press conference was over, Wen Anan followed Assistant Jiang back to the car, and she was about to collapse.

    She really didn’t expect that the group of reporters stared at her without chasing others, and they were even more terrifying than those reporters in China.

    Fortunately, after this press conference is over, she no longer has to appear in front of the public.

    Instead, I went to the studio to shoot promotional videos, which made the job a lot easier.

    “An An, you performed very well today. Mr. Carlisle likes you very much, and I think you may have the opportunity to upgrade as an image spokesperson.”

    Assistant Jiang looked at Wen An’an, who was leaning on the back chair, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. .

    After passing a piece of Wen An’an’s favorite small cake to her hand and asking her to add some energy, he said with a smile.

    “Director Brad also briefly communicated with me, saying that…I want to invite you to participate in the shooting of his next movie “Doomsday”…”

    Hearing Assistant Jiang mention the filming, Wen Anan blinked. Blinking her eyes, she said in surprise, “He told you so soon?”

    She didn’t expect Brad to move so fast, she didn’t even have time to ‘make a good confession’ with Assistant Jiang, and wanted to push the movie well, as a result… I was given the ‘first strike’ by others.

    But how could she have imagined that Director Brad was a ‘human genius’, how could he not see through Wen An’an, who put all his thoughts on his face?

    So of course it was very quick, and action was taken.

    “Well, this is a good opportunity. Although you said that you don’t want to act in movies and TV, as an artist, you can’t only shoot commercials and variety shows forever.”

    Assistant Jiang pushed his glasses, he knew that Wen An’an was not interested in acting TV and movies are very contradictory, but now as Wen An’an’s agent, he must be planning for Wen An’an’s future.

    He is neither Old Man Shen nor Shen Zheng, so he won’t condone Wen An’an so unconditionally, and he will follow her wishes completely.

    Now that he has become Wen An’an’s agent, he must plan her career well for her and do the duties that an agent should do.


    “So, I took over this job for you.”

    Listening to Assistant Jiang’s words, Wen An’an stared at him blankly. For a while, she didn’t know what to say.

    She understands that Assistant Jiang is doing this for her own good, and she also knows that Assistant Jiang… In fact, being her agent by her side is really too small.

    “An An, I don’t know why you want to continue to be a star. However, since you have decided to do it, you must do it seriously and go all out to do it well.”

    Assistant Jiang slightly evoked on the corners of his lips, there was some helplessness and seriousness in his voice.

    “So, I’m very serious about being your agent now. I’ll also be a competent agent who can help you.”

    Listening to Assistant Jiang’s words, Wen Anan suddenly felt a touch.

    She suddenly remembered the conversation between her and Shen Zheng last night. She said that she wanted to change herself.

    However, her change has not been very big…

    “Well, I see. I will work hard and try.”

    Even if she is afraid of contacting the heroine Wen Yanan, even Wen Yanan is an actress …


    “Uh, but, can I only accept foreign dramas now? Can I not accept domestic movies and TV shows for the time being…?”

    But she was still very afraid of meeting Wen Yanan in the same TV movie! So, before she is mentally prepared, she should still be mixed in foreign movies now~


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