Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch81

After waking up from sleep, Wen An’an was completely dumbfounded!

    There is no other reason, it’s all because –


    After turning on the computer, Wen An’an’s face was full of question marks!

    Watching her editor make a series of fatal calls, and after seeing that all the manuscripts in her manuscript box had become zero, she really didn’t know what to say!

    [Edit Xiaoxi: An An! ! Do you still have papers? With this momentum now, you must not stop changing it! ! Breaking more is very popular! ! ]

    Looking at the message from the editor Xiaoxi on the screen, Wen Anan wanted to cry for a moment!

    She worked so hard to save fifty chapters of the manuscript, but inexplicably, all of them were sent out by her!

    Although, it is really cool to watch the backstage revenue explode!

    But! but! So many manuscripts…

    Wen Anan with a bitter face really wanted to hit the wall at this time! How could she be handicapped and send all the manuscripts!

    [Calm down: No…saved…]

    After Wen Anan weakly replied to her editor, she quickly saw Lin Xi on the other end of the computer replying quickly.

    [Edit Xiaoxi: It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a manuscript! As long as you don’t stop changing it! 】

    Looking at the words sent by the editor, Wen Anan smiled bitterly again.

    She also wants to keep updating, but she will be very busy from today!

    What EL make-up promotional video is she going to shoot today, and what EL’s global launch is she going to attend tomorrow… 

   I feel like she will be very busy in the coming week!

    [Going with the flow: I don’t know if I can guarantee it, I’ve been a little busy recently. ]

    [Edit Xiaoxi: Busy? Are you not a full-time author? Any other work? ]

    [Going with the flow: Well… writing should be regarded as my part-time job. In real life, I still have other jobs. And recently, I happened to be on a business trip, and I was a little busy…]

    [Editor Xiaoxi: Then you posted fifty chapters in one breath…]

    [Going with the flow: I said it all, I sent it wrong… alas~]

    [Editor’s small Xi: No matter what, I’m busy, so I can’t stop. It’s too debilitating to break even more. You have a good momentum now, so you must hold on to it. ]

    [Going with the flow: Okay, I’ll try my best. I will definitely take the time to update a chapter every day as much as possible. 】

    Just as Wen Anan finished typing this sentence, she was still thinking to hurry up, or when she was writing a few words first, she heard a doorbell ringing from the door of her suite.

    Listening to the doorbell, Wen Anan guessed that it must be Assistant Jiang.

    Sure enough, as soon as she opened the door, she saw Assistant Jiang enter her room with the room service person.

    “If you have washed up, you can sit down and have breakfast first.”

    After Assistant Jiang finished speaking, Wen Anan saw the room attendants arrange breakfast on the long table in an orderly manner.

    She blinked, she was already finished washing, she sat down obediently at the dining table, and ate breakfast.

    “We have limited time. While you eat, listen to your itinerary today.”

    After speaking, Assistant Jiang explained everything Wen Anan was going to do today.

    And Wen An’an, who was eating breakfast while listening to Assistant Jiang talk about what she was going to do today, her eyes suddenly lit up.

    Because there are not many things she has to do today, except for advertising, she is eating with some high-level executives of EL.

    There seems to be nothing else!

    “Assistant Jiang, can I come back very early today?”

    Wen Anan blinked and looked at Assistant Jiang expectantly.

    If she came back early, the update would be no problem at all!

    “What, do you have something to do?”

    Assistant Jiang gave Wen An’an a surprised look. Usually this little girl is very well behaved, and what others say is what they say.

    But today, after listening to her work, she actually said such a thing. It seems that there should be something important to do.

    “Well… I actually don’t have any manuscripts on file, I want to come back and write…”

    As soon as Wen Anan’s words came out, Assistant Jiang felt a little dumbfounded.

    He really didn’t expect that this little girl was going to say something like this.

    Helplessly stroking his glasses, he said softly: “If you shoot fast, then you should be able to come back very early.”

    But of course, Assistant Jiang felt that Wen Anan was the first time to shoot this kind of commercial. And it is an international brand like EL that has always been particular about it. If you want to finish the shooting quickly, it is definitely impossible.

    However, what Assistant Jiang never thought was that he was completely wrong!

    Wen Anan not only did not shoot very slowly as he imagined, but on the contrary, the shooting went very smoothly!

    “Yes! That’s the expression, it’s great!”

    This time, EL’s publicity advertisement invited an internationally renowned photographer.

    Among the works he shoots, women are especially photographed.

    As long as a female star is under his lens, whether it is good-looking or not, her appearance will increase a lot!

    The most important thing is that the photos he takes are very soulful and can capture the soul of the photographer under the lens.

    Therefore, to invite such a big-name photographer to shoot, EL really did a lot of work.

    As for the photographer, Assistant Jiang also realized that the chief designer of EL really liked Wen Anan very much.

    “You don’t have to make expressions deliberately, you just need to be yourself. Imagine your most comfortable state…”

    Wen An’an, who was stared at by so many people for the first time shooting an advertisement, was still very impressed. She was nervous. As a result, after listening to the photographer’s compliments and reassuring words, she gradually let go of the nervousness in her heart.

    Imagining the photographer’s words, she gradually thought about her most comfortable state.

    Gradually, she closed her eyes, and there was a peaceful expression on her face…

    Colorful flowers, a girl with loose hair, a delicate and beautiful wreath on her head, wearing EL high-definition ‘Flower Fairy’ on her body.

    At this moment, Wen An’an is as beautiful as an angel falling into the flowers, so unreal and so dreamy.

    Originally, she just finished modeling and was still nervous, but she actually didn’t look so beautiful and dreamy.

    Because she was nervous, it made her look more down-to-earth.

    However, gradually, when she was appeased by the photographer’s teaching, she seemed to be hanging up, and her temperament changed drastically!

    She closed her eyes and had a peaceful face. She looked really beautiful. Just looking at that face, she felt as if she saw an angel who could bring happiness to people. She was so happy, yes. So satisfying.

    Looking at Wen An’an like this, Assistant Jiang was completely stunned.

    However, he was stunned, but the professional photographer was not stunned at all, but quickly pressed the camera to capture Wen An’an’s beauty.

    After listening to the sound of “Kacha~! Kacha~!”, Assistant Jiang came back to his senses.

    He also quickly took out his mobile phone, took a few pictures of Wen An’an, and then remembered something, he simply turned on the video mode and recorded Wen An’an, who was shooting an advertisement.

    “Open your eyes and keep thinking… things that make you happy…” 

The photographer’s voice seemed to have magic power, making Wen Anan open her eyes, thinking in her heart what made her happiest.

    So, her slender white palm gently rested on the flowers in front of her, and then her slender fingers danced gently on the flowers.

    That look is like the flower under her hand is a piano, and the petals that her fingers tap on the black and white keys…

    It makes people feel as if there is a wonderful song under her fingers. The song came from her fingers…

    “OK! Anan! You are great! You are so beautiful under the camera! I have photographed many people, but only you are so pure and beautiful.”

    Wen An’an pursed her lips a little embarrassedly at the photographer’s compliment.

    Besides thank you, she couldn’t think of any other words to praise the photographer.

    “However, you are still a little green now. I look forward to your performance when the camera matures…”

    “Thank you… I will definitely work hard in the future…”

    Thinking that she will shoot a lot of commercials in the future, Wen Anan said very seriously.

    However, this time, she was very fortunate that the first time she shot a promotional advertisement, she knocked down a photographer who was so good at shooting.

    Otherwise, she probably really doesn’t know what to do or what to do.

    She felt that the photographer was like a master hypnotist, and the words he said to her could make her understand clearly, and even when facing the camera, she would not be so nervous.

    That’s why this ad was shot so fast.

    After the filming was over, it was only around 3:00 in the afternoon.

    Just when Wen Anan wanted to take off the makeup on her face and hurried back to the hotel to code, she heard Assistant Jiang stop her.

    “First take a selfie and post it on Weibo, and after remove the makeup.”

    The assistant was already Wen An’an’s manager, so of course everything had to be considered for Wen An’an.

    So after seeing Wen An’an, she wanted to remove her makeup and change back to her original look, of course, he stopped it quickly.

    Listening to Assistant Jiang’s reminder, Wen Anan nodded dumbly, took the mobile phone that Assistant Jiang handed over, and took a selfie of herself.

    This time, maybe Wen Anan was lucky, maybe it was EL’s style that was so beautiful!

    So, this time Wen An’an’s selfie is quite beautiful!

    Although it may not be as good-looking as the set of promotional photos that the photographer specially took for her, it is better than all the selfies and all the photos she has taken before~!

    “Ok, go and remove your makeup. I’ll edit it for you and post it on your Weibo.”

    Assistant Jiang took the phone and checked Wen An’an’s selfie. This time, he finally nodded contentedly.

    Seeing Assistant Jiang’s satisfied appearance, Wen Anan breathed a sigh of relief. When she boarded the plane, Assistant Jiang also asked her to post a selfie on Weibo. As a result, after she finished filming, Assistant Jiang’s disguising appearance… She thought, she really can’t forget it!

    After seeing Assistant Jiang satisfied, Wen Anan went to the dressing room to remove makeup and change clothes.

    What she didn’t know was that when her selfie was edited by Assistant Jiang and posted on the Internet, it shocked countless netizens!

    [Wen Anan V: New look! [smile.jpg][picture]]

    As soon as this Weibo was posted, it immediately attracted countless licks from Yangou!

    It also made many netizens understand why such a high-ranking EL found Wen Anan to be their image ambassador!

    The reason is very simple!

    Just because Wen Anan is so beautiful! And it is also in line with the new fragrance series launched by EL this season!

    [Ahh! Wen Anan is so handsome! It’s too outrageous! ]

    [6666 Only at this time did I really realize how powerful Wen Anan’s beauty value is! In the entire entertainment industry, you can never find a star more beautiful than her! ]

    [This selfie is so beautiful! The shape of this flower fairy is also very beautiful! ]

   [I’m looking forward to the finished product of EL’s advertising! ! ! ]

    [I feel that EL’s new fragrances are going to be sold out of stock this season! ]

    [Already ready to snap up this fragrance! ]


    For a while, Wen Anan, who just posted a selfie on Weibo, was on the Weibo hot search list again.

    And this selfie photo of her has also been reprinted by major forum websites, which amazes the netizens one after another!

    It also brought the popularity of EL in China, which brought it up again!

    The fragrance that EL will launch in the latest season, the hot search index has risen a lot!


    “Assistant Jiang, where are we going now?”

    Wen Anan sat in the car obediently after filming, and after taking off her makeup, she no longer looked as beautiful as before, so unreal.

    Now she has a small face, just like a girl, despite this sister’s appearance… seems to be a little higher.

    “Well, I’ll go back to the hotel now. I just received a call from the chief designer of EL, Mr. Carlisle’s assistant, saying that he doesn’t have time to have dinner with you today.”

    Hearing Assistant Jiang’s words, Wen An’an was stunned. Just breathed a sigh of relief.

    God knows how afraid she is to eat with strangers, she feels embarrassed just thinking about it, especially when the stranger seems to be very powerful, she even subconsciously wants to avoid it.

    However, where can she escape from this status now?

    Even if she has no emotional intelligence, she still understands that it is her honor that Carlisle, the No.1 in the fashion circle, the manager of EL, wants to eat with her.

    If she refuses, then don’t want to mix in the fashion circle.

    And now, she can only mix in the fashion circle and variety show circle!

    Therefore, Carlisle, a fashion tycoon, really can’t afford to offend him at all.

    Seeing Wen An’an’s sigh of relief, Assistant Jiang shook his head helplessly.

    I don’t know when this girl will truly mature.

    But… Maybe it is because of her ‘immature’ ignorance and innocence that she is liked by so many people?

    For example, Carlisle, such as the old man Shen, and another example…their big boss Shen.

    “By the way, the things that the photographer made you think about just now, the things that made you happy and made you feel at ease, what did you think of at that time?”

    Assistant Jiang asked suddenly with great interest.

    Listening to Assistant Jiang’s question, Wen Anan blinked, and then answered very honestly.

    “I thought of staying at home and sitting in front of the computer to write very easily…”

    Wen An’an’s words suddenly made Assistant Jiang’s curious expression stiffen.

    After a long while, he came back to his senses.

    Taking a deep breath, Assistant Jiang looked at Wen Anan weakly.

    “An An, you just put your finger on the flower, don’t you think it’s a keyboard, not a piano?”

    “Piano? Of course not, I can’t play the piano. I just think of it as a keyboard~”

    said Wen Anan, with a relaxed smile on her face, did the same thing she did when shooting the commercial just now, and also dubbed the sound effect of her typing.

    That look is really indescribably cute!

    “Da Da Da~! I’m typing!”

    After looking at Wen An’an’s beautiful face with a relaxed and bright smile, Assistant Jiang really didn’t know what to say.

    Suddenly, Assistant Jiang really felt that Wen Anan should not be a star, but a writer!

    Thinking of this, he was a little curious again, what would happen to this little girl who loves writing so much?

    Will it be as explosive as she is as a star?

    “Then if you like writing so much, how is your writing? Are you popular?”

    Assistant Jiang’s question made Wen Anan a little distressed.

    As a newcomer who has just started writing in this world, how can she write, and the fact that she is popular… She has just started writing.

    So, Wen An’an, who was timid and humble, said a little vainly.

    “Writing… It should be okay, as for whether it is popular… I don’t know.”

    Wen An’an’s answer made Assistant Jiang nodded slightly. 

Will answer so reluctantly.

    “An An, if you want to publish something, you can tell me if you need it.”

    “No, no! No need! I just wrote and played around! There is no need for anything!”

    Wen Anan heard Assistant Jiang offering help, she waved her hand hastily.

    Just kidding! Originally, being a star already owed so much money to the Shen family. She simply wrote it and let the Shen family participate, so she wouldn’t even think about repaying the things she owed to the Shen family in the future!

    So Wen An’an decided that she wrote the vest! That’s a million! Don’t expose it in front of Assistant Jiang and the Shen family!

    Just let her be quiet, write, and earn some ‘pocket money’.

    However, at this time, Wen An’an never thought that at the beginning, she just wanted to use her spare time to write to satisfy her hobbies and earn some ‘pocket money’.

    But later, unknowingly…it was no longer ‘pocket money’.

    Seeing Wen An’an’s reaction so big, Assistant Jiang didn’t think much about it.

    He thought that Wen An’an’s grades must not be very good, so he didn’t stop on this topic.

    It’s a pity that Assistant Jiang, who has always guessed accurately, this time, he really missed the point!

    If Wen An’an’s grades are not very good, then the grades written by people all over the world are really not very good~!

    Soon, the car drove to the hotel.

    Wen An’an didn’t even eat dinner, and went straight back to her room.

    After entering the luxurious suite, Wen Anan quickly wrote the words.

    “Tap, Tap, Tap!”

    Her fingers quickly tapped on the keyboard of the notebook, writing with a serious face.

    And when she was writing, Assistant Jiang was not idle, but sent all the success of his afternoon shooting to Old Master Shen and Shen Zheng.

    When Mr. Shen received Assistant Jiang’s email, he immediately called.

    I asked if she was getting used to it abroad and when she would be able to come back to balabala. It was really endless chatter.

    However, there was no movement in Shen Zheng.

    Assistant Jiang guessed that Shen Zheng was too busy, so he didn’t see it.

    And Assistant Jiang’s guess was correct.

    Recently, Shen Zheng received a big order to cooperate with an international company, so he has been very busy recently.

    He was so busy that he had no time to read the email Assistant Jiang sent him.

    Therefore, it was not until he was busy for a few hours that he had time to see the email that Assistant Jiang sent him.

    After opening the email, when Shen Zheng saw the videos and photos sent to him by Assistant Jiang, Shen Zheng, who was tired from a busy day’s work, seemed to be drinking some functional drink at this moment. 

    Immediately, he got up.

    At this time, he was looking at Wen Anan who was being filmed in the video, and even though he didn’t know it, there was a faint smile on his face.

    Looking at the little girl in the video, who was looking at the camera with a peaceful face, Shen Zheng suddenly felt that it seemed… that he was starting to miss his little girl a little bit~!

    Does he want… to go on a business trip to France too?

    However, what Shen Zheng didn’t expect was that he hadn’t put this idea into action yet! Some people have already taken action one step ahead of him!

    “I said! Li Xi, your eyesight is really good! Tsk tsk tsk! Look at Wen An’an’s face! It’s a masterpiece! It’s really worthwhile for you to fly thousands of miles from China to France to follow It’s a chance encounter!”

    Wei Rin took out his mobile phone, and after seeing the domestic hot search news, he teased his friend, Li Xilai.

    Of course, in the heart of this flower-hearted radish, there is also a deep envy!

    Look at the girl Li Xi is chasing, she is so beautiful! Even if all the ex-girlfriends he’s dated in the past add up, no one is Wen An’an beautiful!

    Li Xi, who was sitting on the sofa watching the game, turned his head immediately after hearing Wei Rin’s words and snatched the phone from Wei Rin’s hand.

    Just by chance, I saw the selfie that Wen Anan posted on Weibo.

    Seeing the little girl’s well-behaved and peaceful face, he felt itchy again.

    But of course, the proud Li Xi would not admit that he came to France just to meet Wen Anan by chance~!

    “I came to France because of serious business.”

    Seeing Li Xi still wanting to argue, Wei Rin pouted and said with a smile.

    “Hmmmm! You’re here to do business in France. However, Young Master Li, I’m very curious. What are you going to do in France for the EL Global Perfume launch? Is this your business?

    “I’m warning you, be careful I’ll beat you.”

    Li Xi killed him with one look, and Wei Rin, who had been teasing and was happy, was immediately shrunk.

    He shriveled his mouth and didn’t dare to provoke Li Xi, he could only complain silently in his heart.

    Hump! If you are interested in other girls, just say it! He also made it seem like he didn’t have any interest in other people’s little girls.

    I see how you approach the little girl tomorrow!

    Hump! It’s better that the little girl Wen Anan ignores you! Then I will see how proud you are~!


    At this time, Wen An’an didn’t know some people’s thoughts about her in France. At this time, she was writing with concentration!

    “Papa pata!” 

The crackling sound of typing resounded in this study, which was neither very large nor very small.

    Soon, when the needle was about to point to ten o’clock, Wen Anan finally finished writing the last chapter!

    At the moment when it came to an end, Wen An’an leaned back on the back of the chair in a relaxed manner.


    After taking a long sigh of relief, Wen An’an’s heart was full of joy.

    “It’s done~!”

    Wen An’an looked at the four chapters she had written, and this time, she was very serious and did not hand them out.

    After setting the time, Wen Anan turned off the computer.

    Although from the background data, her book, as her editor Lin Xi said, is very good.

    However, she did not read online readers’ comments on this book.

    Wen Anan’s mind has always been very sensitive. When a book is not finished, in general, she will not take the initiative to read readers’ comments.

    And more often, in the real world, she will choose to save the full text.

    In this way, no matter what she writes or what readers will judge, she will not be affected in any way.

    Therefore, even if Lin Xi told her that her book was well received, if she continued to write it, it might create a new type of craze on the Lujiang website.

    However, with such a lot of pressure, Wen An’an didn’t even want to read online readers’ comments on this movie.

    What Wen Anan didn’t know was that because of her ‘turning a blind eye’, she didn’t know at all how popular her first book was in the world of comics.

    I don’t know, her book can really bring her a lot of money…


    Wen Anan yawned and relaxed.

    Just about to take a shower and go to bed.

    Who knows, when she lowered her head and picked up her phone, she found that both Old Master Shen and Shen Zheng had called her.

    However, at that time she was typing, and the phone was adjusted to mute, so she did not receive a call from the two.

    After looking at the text messages on the mobile phone, the old man Shen was not texting, but Shen Zheng, who even sent her a text message.

    [Are you still used to it in France? ]

    Looking at the text message sent by Shen Zheng, Wen Anan twitched the corners of her mouth and replied with a smile on her face.

    [Well, it’s okay. ]

    Originally, Wen Anan thought that Shen Zheng would be very busy, so the text messages would be answered very slowly.

    Unexpectedly, it didn’t take long for her text message to be sent. Before she could take a change of underwear and go to the bathroom to take a shower, she heard the phone ring again.

    Picking up the phone, Wen Anan realized that it was actually Shen Zheng’s call.


    Wen An’an answered the phone, and Shen Zheng’s cold and low voice came from the microphone.

    “Why so late, you haven’t slept yet.”

    Hearing Shen Zheng’s slightly reproachful words, Wen An’an felt more at ease.

    She raised her head, looked through the large floor-to-ceiling windows, looked at the bright moonlight outside the window, and murmured softly.

    “Just finished typing, and now I’m going to take a bath and sleep.”


    Listening to Shen Zheng’s somewhat surprised voice, Wen Anan, like a child, followed Shen Zheng and complained that she accidentally posted the wrong chapter yesterday. , to send out all the manuscripts.

    “You, don’t be so confused next time.”


    “Also, if you’re tired, don’t write. Writing is just your hobby, don’t think it’s a hobby and make you too tired…”


    Hearing Shen Zheng’s gentle voice, Wen Anan subconsciously hummed again, but after she hummed, she quickly responded.

    “Brother, writing is not just my hobby…”

    Wen Anan said, a slight smile appeared on his face.

    “If I don’t become a star, I will become an online writer.”

    “An An, in fact, if you don’t want to be a star. You don’t have to. Big brother supports you, and you can do what you like at home.”

    Shen Zheng said , Wen An’an’s heart froze slightly.

    Indeed, at the bottom of her heart, she didn’t particularly want to be a star.

    After all, she doesn’t like to be in contact with people, and she doesn’t like to live a life that is too shining.

    She likes to be quiet, stay at home without contact with people, and just want to immerse herself in her own world.

    If it weren’t for Mr. Shen’s entertainment company, and he didn’t invest so much money for her, she might… in the end, she would still live the same life as her previous life, stay at home and be an internet writer.

    But now…

    “Brother, thank you for always taking care of me and forgiving me. But, I think, sometimes, I may need to make some changes.”

    She thought, reborn into this comic world, her favorite The parents came back to life again.

    And she also met a group of friends who are very concerned with her and take good care of her.

    Among them, especially Shen Zheng…

    She thought, she should also make some changes, she should try to get in touch with others.

    Having said that, she worked so hard in “Super Idol”, if she gave up and continued to change back to the original Wen An’an, it would seem a bit of a pity…

    “Well, as long as you are happy, it’s fine. “

    Brother, thank you for always supporting me.”

    Wen Anan suddenly missed Shen Zheng a little.

    I heard him say just now that when he raised her, her heart was as warm and sweet as if she drank hot milk.

    It’s really good to feel like a big brother…

    “Go to bed earlier, don’t stay up late.”

    “En~! I know, eldest brother, good night.”

    After hanging up the phone, Wen Anan washed up in a very happy mood. After taking a shower, I lay down on the bed and fell asleep.

    And just when she fell asleep, the two chapters that she set the time to save were also released~!

    After the two chapters were posted, they were in Lujiang again, causing a stir!

    “I’m going! The heroine Xiaolongnu is actually dead?! It’s really fake! Is this about to end? Isn’t it just on the shelves? 6666 This is really the first time I’ve seen the protagonist, and the author wrote the protagonist to death!”

    The shocking update volume of 50,000 words in Wen An’an’s manuscript has not subsided. Wen An’an’s latest chapter wrote the heroine’s plot, which has caused a shock of netizens!

    So, “The Little Dragon Girl of Taoism”, this time it is real, resulting in a focus on topic volume.

    Countless readers and authors have discussed the recently popular book “”, and this popularity has even spread to a well-known domestic publishing literature and art media circle!

    “Xu Ke, what do you think of this newcomer?”

    “Well, let’s go with the flow… This is the recent newcomer online author who is famous for his updates, right?”

    “Xu Ke, don’t judge this female author like that. She wrote that “The Little Dragon Girl of Taoism” is very good and has oriental characteristics. I think it will bring a new trend in the Internet.”

    “So what? You don’t want to recommend this kind of game in the competition we set up. A newcomer who has no foundation or any fan base, right?”

    “Why not?”


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