Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch80

Because I know that I have to say goodbye to living in the comfort of home.

    Therefore, recently, Wen An’an has cherished her last period of time very much. Every day…she is very diligent in editing and depositing manuscripts!

    After all, she doesn’t know, if she really wants to continue to be a star, will she have time to write.

    She didn’t want the first book she wrote in this comic world to end just like that! Moreover, she also tried to see if writing in this comic world would make money.

    But these things, Wen Anan thinks too much!

    As far as Mr. Shen is concerned, how could she have been allowed to work in the entertainment industry for so long?

    Just when Wen An’an didn’t hear anything outside the window and was only focused on the words, the things on the Internet about her being Yan Qi’s first girlfriend began to be cleaned up on a large scale.

    Originally, the fact that Wen An’an was Yan Qi’s first love girlfriend was just everyone’s guess, and there was no real evidence.

    Therefore, it is very simple to deal with, and after Yan Qi’s side posted such an ambiguous Weibo, after there was no voice, it also made countless netizens not interested in picking it up.

    After all, neither of the two parties reacted.

    However, after everyone was not entangled in Wen An’an’s first girlfriend, Yan Qi’s first love, a new round of questions came out!

    That is –

    Since Wen Anan withdrew from “Super Idol”, she has never appeared in front of the public!

    After the end of “Super Idol”, the top six players who finally made their debut were all in commercials and acting, and they often appeared in front of the big screen anyway.

    But only Wen Anan, a popular player who retired in the final, has not appeared since she quit “Super Idol ”!

    This made a lot of people puzzled.

    Could it be that… Wen Anan really quit the entertainment industry?

    [Did Wen An’an really quit the entertainment industry? Since leaving “Super Idol”, apart from a few waves of black material, Wen An’an has no other news of participating in activities. ]

    [I think Wen An’an is indeed unsuitable for the entertainment industry, but! She was born to be an entertainer for the entertainment industry. I have never seen a celebrity with such a popular physique! ]

    [Wen An’an is so beautiful to be a star to appear in front of us, it’s just too cruel! Strongly request Wen Anan not to quit the entertainment circle! Best, you can act in TV or movies~]

    [Wen An’an is so popular now, her company shouldn’t let her leave the entertainment industry so easily! ]

    [AiaN Entertainment was originally an agency for Wen Anan alone. I heard from her fan support club that the boss of AiaN Entertainment is Wen Anan’s number one fan! Therefore, it is not uncommon for Wen Anan to quit the entertainment industry. 】

    【My God! The boss is the number one fan, so why don’t you stay in the entertainment circle! Wouldn’t that be a lot of resources! ]


    Just as all the netizens were discussing whether Wen An’an should retire from the entertainment industry, they quickly got an answer.

    Wen Anan, did not quit the entertainment industry!

    On the contrary! They also received a makeup spokesperson who is a very high-quality international lady!

    [EL V: Chanel China Makeup Image Ambassador @Wen Anan invites you to attend the #ChanelWater# global launch event in France, and start her  journey in the city of Duvière…]

    This Weibo post immediately shocked everyone!

    As we all know, how difficult it is to get the image spokesperson of the EL brand!

    Even if the first-line male and female stars in the entertainment industry have broken their heads, they may not be able to get one!

    Those other star artists who have not reached the front line, then they will get such a compelling endorsement even more!

    However! Now EL, the top blue blood endorsement, has been taken over by a young girl like Wen Anan!

    Except for one “Super Idol”, she couldn’t come up with any works at all.

    Even if she is quite popular, she doesn’t have any work to support her.

    However, EL’s makeup ambassador for China has decided to go to Wen An’an! This really made everyone’s jaw drop!

    [6666! I am convinced of Wen An’an’s wave! As soon as she debuted, she received such a high-profile image spokesperson! The future is promising! ]

    [This is a big game! Looking at the entire entertainment industry, how many days old bosses are robbing those blue blood resources in the world! However, none of them thought that a little idol who just debuted could easily become the image spokesperson of EL! Just horrible! ]

    [The last small mountain  who got an EL spokesperson seems to have also got a single product image spokesperson, right? tsk tsk! But what Wen Anan got was the Chinese Makeup Image Ambassador, which is amazing for my Anan! ]

    [Wen Anan is simply too good! It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t appear, once it appears, this is going to occupy the top position of the hot search list again!]

    [Hehe! Even if Wen An’an doesn’t appear, she will still be on the hot search, okay? She is simply a natural hot search physique! Not the one you bought! ]

    [Actually, I just want to know, what is the background of Wen An’an’s brokerage company? Simply amazing! ]


    Actually, it’s not just countless netizens who want to know how Wen An’an got this endorsement, even Wen An’an herself is confused and doesn’t know how she received such grace. The ambassador’s spokesperson has worked!

    “EL China ambassador? Me??”

    When Wen Anan heard Assistant Jiang tell her that her first job was this, she was so shocked that she didn’t know where to put her hands.

    Although it is said that this is the world of comics, after all, the person who wrote it is in the same real world as Wen Anan.

    So some settings in the comics are similar to those in the real world.

    This includes luxury brands!

    So even if Wen An’an is a house girl, and she doesn’t pay attention to luxury goods, she knows the brand EL.

    In the past, Wen Anan never thought about what relationship she would have with these luxury goods. Even if she had inheritance and royalties in the real world, it was more than enough to buy EL and Dior products, but she had never been interested in such luxury goods. So she never bought it.

    But now…

    she is about to become the image spokesperson of EL inexplicably? ? ?

    And what makeup? ? ?

    Oh my god! She never likes makeup!

    Seeing Wen An’an’s confused look, Assistant Jiang stroked his glasses calmly and said seriously.

    “Yes, EL’s image spokesperson is you.”

    “But, how is this possible? How long have I been in the entertainment industry…”

    Even though Wen Anan has never been in the entertainment industry, she still watches entertainment news. 

    Where can a newcomer like her win such a powerful image spokesperson in one fell swoop?

    “Is it you…”

    Wen Anan subconsciously thought that her image of a spokesperson might have been obtained by cheating.

    But soon, she realized that she was wrong!

    This job is really, she brought it on her own ability!

    “The job of EL China’s image spokesperson was not won through our resources. The other party took the initiative to find it.”

    Assistant Jiang’s words are a complete change of Wen An’an, who was a bit dazed. 


    Hearing such a sentence, Wen Anan only felt a little dreamy.

    The other party actively found her? But why?

    The expression on Wen An’an’s face at this time completely revealed what she was thinking at the moment.

    Assistant Jiang looked at Wen An’an with a funny look, only to think that this little girl’s luck was very good, not to mention the Shen family’s father and son, but to talk about her stardom ship, that is really not something ordinary people can ask for.

    It’s true that they have a lot of resources in their hands, but some of Wen An’an’s work really depends on her.

    For example, the work of the EL image spokesperson this time, they really didn’t make much effort on their side, and they got the spokesperson easily.

    “Thanks to your video at the zoo, you have gained a lot of goodwill abroad. In addition, your image just fits the image of the image spokesperson they are looking for, so this spokesperson is easy to win.”

    Listening to Assistant Jiang’s words, Wen Anan pursed her lips, still feeling a little weird in her heart.

    I always thought this was too exaggerated.

    “An An, you may be busy recently. In addition to EL’s image person commercials, you have other advertising endorsements to shoot…”

    Then Assistant Jiang counted Wen An’an’s recent pick up for her. work to come.

    And these jobs are without exception, all of which are high-end brand image spokespersons.

    Although not as high as EL’s, many of them are first-class in China.

    “In addition to the advertising endorsement, “Real Game” also sent an invitation. I thought, the last time you played “Real Game”, the effect was very good, so I plan to continue. What do you think?”

    If there are other stars hearing Assistant Jiang’s question, I’m afraid I’ll be pissed off by these two!

    After all, “Real Game” is the hottest variety show right now!

    Since the ending of “Daddy’s Cute Baby”, the ratings of “Real Game” have been skyrocketing, and it has become the leader of all variety shows at present.

    So such a popular variety show is even more difficult.

    It’s really not a show that ordinary little stars can dream of.

    But now, Assistant Jiang actually told Wen An’an like this, there is still a lot to do. If you don’t want to go on, then you don’t mean to go on.

    It’s really flat!

    Listening to Assistant Jiang’s words, Wen An’an thought about the guests in “Real Game”, all of them are good, and… I still have 10 million to pay back.

    Thinking about it again, in “Real Game”, it doesn’t seem to be too complicated.

    Just like the last time, when I stayed in the room for no reason, I won.

    So Wen Anan nodded gently and agreed.

    “En, um, let’s join.”

    “Ok, then your current schedule is almost the same.”

    After seeing Wen Anan nod, Assistant Jiang wrote and drew on the notebook in his hand for a while. .

    Finally, after memorizing everything, Assistant Jiang thought of something and asked again.

    “However, you really don’t plan to try acting? I have received quite a few scripts here, all of which were made by big directors…”

    But before Assistant Jiang finished speaking, Wen Anan shook her head violently. 


    “No, no, I don’t act. Just shoot commercials and participate in variety shows.”

    She really really doesn’t want to have a little relationship with the heroine Wen Yanan.

    Moreover, according to the current plot, Wen Yanan will soon become popular.

    If you enter the entertainment industry now, it is undoubtedly a wolf into the tiger’s mouth!

    Seeing Wen An’an so determined not to act, Assistant Jiang frowned slightly.

    After all, if you want to be a star, you can’t just shoot commercials and variety shows all the time.

    The most important thing is that Wen An’an doesn’t have any impressive masterpieces, so that’s why Assistant Jiang wants Wen An’an to act.

    After all, in this era, acting in TV and movies is the most stable way to gain fans.

    But if Wen Anan didn’t want to act, Assistant Jiang didn’t force it.

    He knew that what the little girl Wen Anan decided would not change easily, so he didn’t mention it again.

    And now he has a lot of work for Wen An’an…

    “Well, An An, you have a good rest today. We will go to France tomorrow to shoot a set of promotional photos.”

    Wen An’an was stunned when he heard that he was going to France. , and then she asked with uncertainty.

    “How long will it take?”

    “It’s not too long, about a week.”

    “Ah…a week…”

    Wen Anan’s brows suddenly wrinkled slightly, she still had to write.

    Recently, hers was just about to be put on the shelves, and her editor suggested that when she put it on the shelves, it should be updated, and it is best to update 30,000 words a day.

    Although she has a lot of manuscripts, she always feels that the manuscripts are not enough, and she has no sense of security.

    “What’s wrong? Do you have something to do?”

    Assistant Jiang saw Wen An’an frowning rarely and appeared embarrassed, thinking that Wen An’an had something to do.

    In the end, when Wen Anan told him that it was because of something, he was simply stunned by Wen Anan.

    “It’s just that what I wrote on the Internet will be on the shelves tomorrow, so I have to update a lot of words.”

    Without hiding it, Wen Anan very obediently told what she wrote.

    After coming to the world of comics, the only thing that can make her feel safe is to write.

    Facts have proved that even if she came to the world of comics, her writing could still be sold!

    And, looking at the momentum, it seems to be even smoother than her development in the real world.

    “You can bring your computer, and the shooting won’t be very busy.”

    Assistant Jiang looked at the nervous appearance of the little girl, and he really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    He used to think that Wen An’an was just writing it for fun, but now it seems that Wen An’an still cares about writing it.

    But even if Assistant Jiang knew that Wen Anan was a little serious about writing, he didn’t take it to heart.

    After all, in his eyes, this is just Wen An’an’s hobby, and nothing can be found.

    I don’t want to write anymore.

    At this time, what Assistant Jiang did not think at all was that Wen Anan never regarded writing as a hobby. What she wrote, it was not as he thought, and there were no waves…

    After solving the problem of words, Wen Anan was very satisfied, said goodbye to the Shen family, and went to France with Assistant Jiang. Getting ready to shoot the first commercial of her life.

    Before the plane took off, Wen Anan, at the request of Assistant Jiang, posted a Weibo message that she had not logged in for a long time, and updated a Weibo message.

    [Wen An’an V: Let’s go~! #chanelwater#[picture]]

    This simple Weibo, coupled with Wen An’an’s pure-faced selfie, really makes people feel very refreshed.

    Netizens on the Internet are looking at Wen An’an’s selfie without makeup, and they can get it instantly. Why did EL choose Wen An’an as China’s image ambassador!

    Because they are really beautiful!

    It’s just plain makeup, it’s already so beautiful. When you put on makeup, you still don’t know what it looks like!

    [Have you noticed that Wen Anan looks a little more beautiful? ]

    [Mmmm, it looks more spiritual than in “Super Idol”! stress on the face has also recovered a lot! ]

    [Wen Anan in “Super Idol” is really too hard, crazy practice without sleeping every day. Now that I have left “Super Idol”, it is really getting better and better and more beautiful.]

    [Looking forward to Wen Anan’s EL makeup advertisement! ! ! I don’t know what Wen An’an will become under the lens of an international photographer. ]

    [It will be very beautiful! ]

    [Speaking of which, are there any local tyrants who will go to the Chanel conference in France to meet the goddess? ]

    [There have always been many local tyrants in Wen An’an’s house, but this time, all the people invited to the global Chanel press conference are people from the fashion circle. Ordinary local tyrants really can’t get in, right? ]


    Such a discussion made Wen An’an successfully hit the headlines.

    After some people saw this, they were very angry.

    Wen Yanan, who had just finished filming the movie and was finished by the crew, really did not expect that Wen An’an would do such a big thing in just a few days.

    When she saw that Wen Anan got the endorsement of EL Makeup Image Ambassador, she was so angry that she almost vomited blood!

    She suddenly didn’t understand why Wen An’an was so lucky.

    She just made her debut, and she doesn’t have any masterpieces. How could she have won EL’s makeup ambassador!

    Moreover, in her last life, Wen Anan did not have any development in the world.

    Why was Wen An’an’s luck so good in her life when she was reborn!

    At this time, Wen Yanan really regretted it very much. Why didn’t she expose Wen An’an’s black stuff before she joined the crew to shoot the movie!

    If she broke it out at the time, then Wen An’an wouldn’t be able to take over the job of EL’s makeup image spokesperson!

    But now, no matter how much she regrets it, things are a foregone conclusion!

    Wen Anan is now going to France to attend EL’s press conference! It’s time to shoot an endorsement ad!

    Taking a deep breath, Wen Yanan calmed herself down.

    She thought about the martial arts movie called “San Niang” that she shot. She doesn’t need to worry about it now. She just needs to wait for the movie to be released, and it will be screened at foreign film festivals.

    After all, this movie has won a lot of awards at international film festivals. It is simply the most rewarding movie in the domestic film circle this year!

    Although it is said that the maid Xiao He she plays is not a heroine, nor does she have the most roles in female supporting roles.

    However, the maid Xiao He played by her is the best in the show!

    In the last life, this maid Xiao He was also played by a newcomer.

    Then, after playing the role of the maid Xiaohe, the newcomer successfully transformed from an unknown young newcomer to the hottest movie star.

    Since then, the remuneration has continued, and it is still the role of the heroine.

    In addition, the newcomer has successfully won the favor of the international luxury brand Dior because of her outstanding performance in the movie “Sanniang”, and won the endorsement that no one else dared to think of in one fell swoop.

    After thinking of everything she would gain from this role, Wen Yanan’s anger finally calmed down a little.

    She narrowed her eyes, thinking to herself. She can’t be in a mess just because Wen An’an won an EL’s makeup image spokesperson.

    Now this situation is also very good, the higher the climb, the worse the fall!

    Thinking of this, Wen Yanan’s mood was much better.

    However, when she saw Wen An’an’s selfie and saw the comments on the Internet praising Wen An’an’s beauty, her brows were tightly furrowed.

    Hasn’t the pink bracelet been taken back by her?

    It’s just that Wen An’an didn’t become ugly, why did she become more beautiful?

    Looking at Wen An’an’s beautiful face in the selfie, one can’t pick out the slightest flaw, her lips were pressed together tightly.

    “Could it be… that my pink bracelet is fake? Wen Anan took a fake pink bracelet and lied to me?”

    Wen Yanan muttered softly, raised her wrist, and glanced at the pink bracelet on her wrist. 

    As a result, when she saw the pink bracelet on her wrist, she was a little surprised.

    Because –

    “Strange, why does the color of this pink bracelet seem to be a lot dimmer?”

    Looking at the repaired gold-inlaid jade pink bracelet, the original crystal clear pink bracelet, pink, has become a little bit more pale.

    In the pink bracelet, it seems that there are some impurities, so that the pink bracelet is not so crystal clear.

    Wen Yanan felt that something was wrong, but she couldn’t see what was wrong.

    Moreover, although she said that the pink bracelet might be fake.

    But the changes in her during this period of time are also real.

    She is really becoming beautiful little by little, so the pink bracelet can’t be fake.

    So… why does Wen Anan look more and more beautiful?

    Is it an illusion?

    It must be so! After all, selfies are now more beautiful than me.

    Therefore, it should be the reason for taking selfies…

    At this time, Wen Yanan would not know that other people’s selfies are more beautiful than themselves.

    But Wen Anan’s selfie is uglier than herself!

    After all, this girl never took a selfie, nor did she play the most beautiful angle of forty-five degrees, so she just took a photo casually.

    The plane quickly arrived in France.

    Wen Anan went abroad for the second time after getting off the plane with Assistant Jiang, she still came to France, which is known as a romantic capital. For Wen Anan, an otaku, it was really a little novel.

    After arriving in France, the responsible staff of EL came to receive them.

    After getting into the car, Wen An’an, Assistant Jiang, and a few life assistants that Mr. Shen forced in, arrived at the hotel arranged by EL.

    Originally, Old Man Shen and Shen Zheng wanted to help Wen An’an book a presidential suite in a five-star hotel, but Wen An’an didn’t want to be so extravagant at all!

    She already owed the Shen family a lot of money, and she didn’t want to owe more and more money, so of course she refused.

    At the moment, I decided to stay in the hotel arranged by EL.

    Of course, the hotel arranged by EL is also very luxurious!

    Although it was not the presidential suite that Mr. Shen wanted to book, it was also a luxury suite in a five-star hotel.

    This treatment is definitely the treatment of some first-line stars!

    “An’an, take a rest first. I’ll call you for dinner later, or do you want to have dinner in the room?”

    Assistant Jiang arranged for Wen An’an’s luggage to be packed and placed in the room Afterwards, he asked Wen Anan softly.

    “I’m not very hungry, otherwise you can ask the hotel staff to bring dinner to my room.”

    Wen Anan thought about it, she wasn’t very hungry either, so she didn’t want to waste time and went out to eat dinner.

    And most importantly, she still has things to do!

    “Okay, then you rest first.”

    Assistant Jiang nodded and left Wen An’an’s luxurious suite with all the assistants.

    As a result, after Assistant Jiang left, Wen Anan quickly took out the notebook in the suitcase.

    So, when she came to France, the first thing she did was –

Turn on the computer and start writing!

    “Tap tap!”

    Without thinking of anything, Wen Anan’s fingers tapped quickly on the keyboard.

    Because Wen An’an, who slept the whole time on the plane, was really not very sleepy, and she just happened to be on the shelves today, so she felt a sense of psychological urgency, so it was really –

    Wen Anan, writing like a divine help, words of exceptional smoothness.

    She didn’t finish writing until the hotel staff came to bring her dinner in.

    At this time, a lot of time has passed, and she has also typed a lot of words.

    After thanking the hotel staff and giving the tip, Wen Anan hurriedly sent the manuscript to the manuscript box and went to dinner.

    After all, she typed a lot of words just now, and after spending a lot of brain cells, she was really hungry.

    What she didn’t know, however, was that she was making mistakes in her busy schedule.

    She thought she had saved the manuscript she had written and put it in the manuscript deposit box.

    But, in fact, it was—— 

“Fuck! It’s terrible! The author of Lujiang is ready to release 50 chapters of updates!!!”

    For the male band, the first day of 50 chapters of updates has existed.

    But for the female band, fifty chapters were released on the first day it was put on the shelves, which has never happened before!

    All of a sudden, the curiosity of the readers and writers in the circle has been detonated!

    No matter who knows this book, or those who don’t know this book, they are all attracted to watch it by the feat of 50 chapters on the first day it was released!

    Although she looks like a young rookie, Wen Anan already has several years of writing experience in the real world.

    Therefore, the level of going with the flow is really not the level of an ordinary young rookie!

    Whether it’s the writing or the plot, it’s a masterpiece!

    The most important thing is that this man who is at ease with the situation can still be in the situation of breaking the fifty chapters, and the plot is not water at all!

    The wonderful plot of one link after another really made all the readers and writers who watched the excitement become addicted to the plot of “The Little Dragon Girl of the Tao”.

    It’s completely over, at first they just came to watch gossip!

    Originally, Wen An’an’s writing was very good, but because she was a newcomer, she just started writing it in the early stage, so the exposure has not been very high.

    However, because this time, fifty chapters were accidentally updated all at once, it shocked everyone and attracted countless people to watch.

    The exposure this time is completely turned upside down!

    Originally, the data was only at a very good level among newcomers, but because of this unintentional explosion, her data turned out to be a counter-attack, even better than those of the old-fashioned gods!

    It’s only been on the shelves in just six hours! Wen An’an’s book “The Little Dragon Girl of Taoism” is already on the 24-hour sales list!

    Although there are fifty chapters on the impact of the number of words, there are more, this is really well written! That’s why so many people came to watch!

    Wen An’an’s editor, Xiaoxi, after realizing it, found that their new author was actually popular!

    Although she always felt that Wen An’an had potential, she never thought that the new author of her family would be so popular!

    I didn’t expect that the new writer in her family would be so diligent! ! !

    In her hands, at most 30 chapters will be updated on the shelves, and she has never seen anyone throw 50 chapters of updates as soon as they are on the shelves!

    The most important is! It also exploded! ! !

    Editor Xiaoxi immediately went to the backstage and checked Wen An’an’s data, but when she saw it, she was stunned!

    It was only six hours after it was put on the shelves, and the sales were over 10,000! According to this momentum, Wen An’an’s “The Little Dragon Girl of Taoism” will soon be at the top of the 24-hour sales list!

    However, after checking Wen An’an’s backstage data, Lin Xi found out… This girl is really cruel!

    All fifty chapters have been published, and one chapter has not been saved for myself!

    According to the current situation, Wen Anan must not stop changing!

    Therefore, Lin Xi subconsciously contacted Wen An’an to urge the draft, but after entering the social software, Wen An’an was offline and did not reply to her message.

    So Lin Xi called Wen An’an’s cell phone again, but was prompted to turn off the phone again!

    This made Lin Xi anxious to death!

    She looked at the time, and it was only afternoon. Why didn’t Wen An’an’s social software go online and the phone was turned off?

    Is it closing the codeword archives?

    However, at this time, Lin Xi didn’t know that it was late at night on Wen An’an’s side, and she was sleeping!

    After Wen Anan finished dinner, the addiction came. Although it is said that she slept for a long time on the plane and sat in first class, it is not a big bed for comfortable sleeping.

    So, she took a shower, put on her pajamas and fell asleep. She had no idea how big an oolong update she had made.

    However, it is foreseeable that when she is sleeping soundly now, when she wakes up, she must not be able to laugh or even cry~!

    After all, all her manuscripts were handicapped by her, and they were all sent~


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