Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch60.1

“You! It’s better not to have my big brother in mind!”

As soon as He Tianshan’s words came out, everyone was stunned, and Wen An’an, who was the target, was even more stunned.

“Huh? An An knows He Tianshan’s eldest brother?”

“That’s no wonder He Tianshan’s eldest brother will give her such an expensive set of jewelry!”

“Yes, yes, maybe all of Wen An’an’s luxury gifts were given by He Tianshan’s brother…”

“No wonder He Tianshan is so angry…”

Hearing the whispering discussions of many contestants, Wen An’an pressed her lips tightly, she wanted to say that those gifts were not given by He Tianshan’s elder brother, and she did not know He Tianshan elder brother.

However, because of her character, it was really difficult for her to say those words in one breath…

When Wen An’an mustered up her courage and wanted to say that those gifts were not from He Tianshan’s eldest brother, and she didn’t know He Tianshan’s eldest brother, she suddenly heard He Tianshan’s voice in her ear. .

“Who told you that Wen An’an’s gifts were all from my brother!”

Hearing He Tianshan’s words, everyone was stunned, and then looked at the eldest young lady with a bit of bewilderment.

“My eldest brother only gave Wen An’an a set of jewelry, and it was the cheapest one in our family. The set my brother gave me is much more expensive than Wen An’an’s! Humph!”

Saying that, Miss He Tianshan raised her chin disdainfully at Wen An’an and snorted coldly.

Now, all the players don’t know what to say.

Originally, the little girls who were a little sour towards Wen An’an who had such a local tyrant fan as the heir of the jewelry king, this time, seeing He Tianshan’s attitude, they all felt sympathy for Wen An’an.

Counting as a suitor like He Tianshan’s eldest brother, but with a sister-in-law like He Tianshan, whoever is with her eldest brother is unlucky.

“Wen An’an, let me tell you, don’t think that my brother gave you a set of jewelry and think that my brother will like you! I tell you, that’s not allowed! You’re not going to be my sister-in-law! “

Looking at He Tianshan’s excited and angry look, for some reason, a few words appeared in everyone’s mind – there is no 300 silver taels here.

So a group of people looked at Wen An’an and He Tianshan as if they were watching a play.

Everyone is guessing, is it because He Tianshan’s family likes Wen An’an so much, that’s why they treat Wen An’an as their own daughter-in-law, right?

In this way, it seems to make sense, why does He Tianshan’s family seem to support Wen An’an so much.

Tsk tsk, He Tianshan, who was going to quit, came back to compete, and she faced Wen An’an with such a stinky face.


As one of the parties who were watched by everyone, she really looked at He Tianshan with a bewildered face, and only muttered a word blankly for a while.

“I-I don’t know your brother…”

Wen An’an simply felt that this fan meeting really made her unlucky!

First, I met Wen Yanan and didn’t say anything, but now I’m here with He Tianshan’s eldest brother…

She really…

“Do you want to know him? My brother’s girlfriend must be good-looking, and she must be better than me in every aspect. Anyway, you are not worthy of my brother. I will watch it in the future, you don’t get close to my brother.”

He Tianshan stared at Wen An’an with a small face, as if Wen An’an killed her entire family.

In fact, He Tianshan really felt that Wen An’an ‘killed’ her family!

Last night, she was recorded by the show team while she was angry, so she quit the competition and called home to ask questions.

The result was not good. Not only did the family not come to comfort her who was wronged, but they said she was ignorant! Immature!

How can she not be sensible! It’s obviously because they gave random gifts to other players, that’s why she makes a fool of herself!

The most terrifying thing is that her family seems to be poisoned by Wen An’an!

Her brother actually asked her to help him lead on Wen An’an! String a bridge! And her parents hope to have a beautiful daughter-in-law as Wen An’an.

This is what made her gasp.

So she quickly made a decision. Don’t quit! And no matter what, she must make it to the finals.

For… She wants to scare this Wen An’an well. Scare her, she must not have any interest in her brother.

Of course, her purpose was very smooth and successful.

“I’m not close…”

Wen An’an blinked her eyes and muttered softly,

“Don’t worry, I prefer to stay alone. Two people… I don’t like it.”

“Are you single?”

Hearing what Wen An’an said, He Tianshan looked at Wen An’an suspiciously.

When He Tianshan looked at her like this, Wen An’an nodded a little scared.

 “Poor, almost…”

Anyway, she never thought that another person would intervene in her world. In her life, as long as her parents were there, it would be good.

‌The plot of this book has gone all the way, and she is sure enough to get rid of the villainous female supporting role. She took her parents abroad with her family of three. Buy a farm and live happily ever after~

“Then you can remember what you said now!”

He Tianshan looked at Wen An’an who didn’t seem to be a fake, she snorted coldly, and looked at Wen An’an with a hint of arrogance and superiority in her eyes.

T/N: Sorry for the long wait. I had some school work to finish up. I will continue daily updates.


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