Dressed As A Male God’s First Love Ch59.3

However, Assistant Jiang didn’t want to be this dog-headed military strategist at all!


Listening to the words of the old man Shen, Assistant Jiang was silent for a long time, and then he said.

“Thinking of it, the old man and the old lady might think of Miss An An as the granddaughter-in-law you want to introduce to President Shen.”

Hearing Assistant Jiang say that An An is the granddaughter-in-law of his cheap son, Mr. Shen immediately became anxious.

“How is that possible? An An is Shen Zheng’s younger sister!”

“But… the Li family doesn’t know the identity of Miss An An.”

At this moment, Assistant Jiang’s mind was simply a Godzilla roaring, what a hell of a thought!

I gave my illegitimate daughter An An to my father-in-law’s family! Mr. Shen is afraid that he is not crazy! The best! Most of all, I hope that the ancestor of their family will give up this idea.

Isn’t it difficult to chase stars peacefully and quietly?

Is it difficult to live?

“Yeah! They don’t even know… It’s really a little awkward to give photos like this… If they really

fancy An An, it would be bad for them to be their granddaughter-in-law… …”

Hearing Old Master Shen’s self-talk over the phone, Assistant Jiang took a deep breath and calmed down his mood.

Just when he felt that the mind of the old man Shen finally came to his senses, as a result, something that he had never thought of happened again!

“It’s over! It’s possible to save the country with a curve!”

Mr. Shen’s tone suddenly became clear, and then he said to Assistant Jiang in a very good mood.

“Are you investigating what that bastard Li Xi is doing recently?”

Listening to the words of the old man Shen, the ominous premonition in Assistant Jiang’s heart grew bigger and bigger.

“Father…why let me investigate this kind of thing…”

Assistant Jiang was about to burst into tears!

What kind of person is the Li family! The big family that carries the handle in the military region.

Even if the old man Shen saw the big family of the Li family, he had to hold his tail and act like a man, and he didn’t dare to be confused in front of his old husband.

And now he actually asked him to investigate the great demon king of the Li family.

If this was discovered by the great demon king of the Li family, how miserable he would have died!

“It’s all said, the curve saves the country! After thinking about it, the old man and Li Bei are too old-fashioned, but Li Xi’s ideas can keep up with the trend, and the Li family also loves Li Xi the most…so…”


So you’re selling An An to your brother-in-law Li Xi,

who is younger than his family’s President Shen…

Can this day be passed!

“Don’t worry, if that stinky boy Li Xi finds out, the responsibility will not be on you, and you will never be in trouble!”

“…” Assistant Jiang: Is it too late to resign now?


On Assistant Jiang’s side, it was a double world of ice and fire. When he was thinking about breaking his head, he was thinking about how to complete the task that Mr. Shen gave him.

On the Internet, it has become Wen An’an’s world again.

Wen An’an’s sixth fan meeting has just ended successfully, and the show has not yet aired.

Wen An’an, who has only been on the hot search for a long time, is on the hot search again!

#Wen An’an local tyrant fans! #

#Wen An’an a sky-high gift! #

#Wen An’an He Tianshan#

[Tonight’s fan meeting was so exciting! It’s almost double the ticket money!]

[I really didn’t think that He Tianshan was the daughter of the jeweler! I didn’t even think that the heir of the Jewelry King was a fan of Wen An’an! And also sent such an expensive set of jewelry! It’s just too brutal!]

[Hahaha! I feel sorry for He Tianshan, her eldest brother and parents are actually fans of Wen An’an.]

[But to tell the truth, He Tianshan is also a little too arrogant. In fact, among her gifts, the family also gave her a set of more expensive jewelry. The jewelry looks more delicate than Wen An’an’s, and the diamonds are bigger. She doesn’t need to be so angry, did she?]

[Compare heart to heart, if a family member gave a gift to someone they didn’t like and said they wanted to support her, they would also be unhappy. However, I don’t really know why He Tianshan hates Wen An’an, and they don’t have any interaction.]

[I feel that Miss He’s character is quite simple and upright. I feel that she either hates Wen An’an very much, or just doesn’t like others who are taller than her? I don’t understand very well, but I still don’t want her to retire, I feel like she’s having fun~]

[Why do you have to worry about that set of jewelry! What everyone should pay attention to is the house card and car key that Wen An’an received! ‌I feel that it is not a toy model at all! It’s real house keys and car keys!]

[Absolutely impossible! If the two keys are real, then this gift is really going to be a sky-high price! Looking at the logo of the car key Lamborghini, a sports car costs almost five million, right? It’s even better if you return that card! Looking at the sign, it is Jinshan Villa, and the villas there must be sold for at least nine figures. If it is true, then the fans are crazy!]

[Yes! Jinshan villa area! Where can ordinary people afford it? Even if you can afford it, you can’t always buy it. Where is it possible that fans will be so exaggerated when they send gifts. It feels like a model toy, which means that Wen An’an can become more and more comfortable.]

[Also agree, Lamborghini sports car is understandable, but Jinshan Villa, it is absolutely impossible. These days, there should be no such crazy fans. And a rich man who can afford Jinshan Villa probably doesn’t have the time to chase stars.]

[But even if the two keys are models, Wen An’an’s other gifts can definitely kill all the fans in the venue! That value, simply! A bag is 100,000 yuan, and Wen An’an’s fan support club is indeed the most expensive fan support club!]

[Yes! Otherwise, how could there be so many votes, not only the number of people, but also the money. I really envy Wen An’an for attracting so many local tyrant fans!]

[However, Wen An’an said that she would return the gift. Everyone said, is this true or false?]

[I feel that Wen An’an doesn’t need to lie, that is, fans may not want Wen Anan to return.]

[So, I think Wen An’an’s approach is a little bit of a bitch. Fans send it, just accept it, and shirk it. And even if you don’t accept it, fans will not be taking it back. So, why don’t you do more of those things?]

[Everyone, An’an is no longer dark, so it started to be embarrassing, right? How to deal with the gift is all a matter of your own safety, so much fantasies, it is better to make more money to buy some supplements to replenish your brain!]


On the Internet, because of the huge amount of luxury gifts from Mr. Shen, they were hyped up, and even Wen An’an was implicated, and received some repercussions.

After all, there are still quite a few people who hate the rich these days.

It’s just that, even if there is a lot of quarrel on the Internet, Old Man Shen and Wen An’an, who are the parties involved, won’t care.


Wen An’an calmed down and took the physical examination report that she was very healthy. Finally, she was able to get rid of Mr. Shen and be discharged from the hospital!

God knows, she really doesn’t like to stay in the hospital.

“An An! You are back! I heard that you are in the hospital again. Are you alright?”

After seeing Wen An’an come back, the players of “Super Idol” all gathered around Wen An’an and looked at Wen An’an with great concern. Everyone was chatting about Wen An’an’s health.

At this time, Wen An’an’s eyes suddenly caught sight of the crowd. A certain eldest lady who had just said she was going to retire from the competition actually returned to the competition!


Step by step, she walked towards her aggressively?

Blinking her eyes, Wen An’an looked at He Tianshan who was standing in front of herself, looking at her with a constipated expression on her face.

“The thing…?”

Looking at He Tianshan’s eyes that could kill people, Wen An’an swallowed and said cautiously.

“You! Last but not least, don’t have any idea about big brother.”

Eh? eh eh?  What the hell is this?


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