Chapter 40

Caell: I forgot to put this up early in the morning. Here is chapter 40. Enjoy

When the five groups of contestants have all finished their performances, and the audience voting for each group has also ended, it is time for the talent show that all fans have been looking forward to.

“Who do you think will be the five liked kings in today’s performance?”

Jiang Yan smiled and asked the audience of more than 5,000 people under the stage.

As a result, the audience below the stage were shouting Wen An’an’s name very loudly.

Although it is said that it is also mixed with the shouts of other star fans, but the fans of Wen An’an’s family and other fans who have been circled have the most and loudest shouts, so they are not heard. If you listen carefully, you will feel that the whole audience is shouting Wen An’an’s words.

“I see.”

Jiang Yan and He Yuxi nodded their heads, and then said without any suspense.

“Congratulations! Wen An’an! Indeed, in today’s game, one of the five praised kings!”

When Jiang Yan said these words, all in the audience screamed with excitement.

“Wen An’an! Wen An’an!”

Countless people were shouting Wen An’an’s name, which made Wen An’an, who felt a little bit sad about her performance just now, stunned.

She didn’t expect that she had already made a mistake, and she even became the king of likes.

Seeing Wen An’an’s dazed appearance, everyone else laughed haha.

Also, the members of the “Sunday” group laughed together and pushed her out.

“An An! I know that I would like to praise you~!”

“An An! Come on for the talent show!”

Listening to the encouragement of her teammates, Wen An’an’s expression suddenly collapsed.

Talent show? What kind of talent show…can write novels…does it count?

Next, Jiang Yan and He Yuxi announced the release of the next four popular like kings.

The picture of five young and beautiful girls standing in a row is simply too seductive.

Everyone’s faces were smiling, filled with confident and happy smiles, but only Wen An’an was —

A small face wrinkled bitterly.

“The next part is very important! This is related to whether you can become the liked king of this public performance competition today! Also, as the most liked king of this performance, the contestants, just like last time, there will be a mysterious gift bag.”

After Jiang Yan announced the news, all the players were instantly excited.

It’s the same as last time, doesn’t it mean that they can, like Wen An’an, have the opportunity to go out to shoot other shows and increase their popularity?

As a matter of fact, except for Wen An’an, the four liked kings, all of them worked hard and wanted to perform well in the talent show, get the best score, and then… become the final The King! Go out and shoot other shows!

“Then take over, we have to invite…”

Jiang Yan smiled and asked the other four contestants to show their talents. Soon, the four of them finished showing their talents.

These four people either perform imitation shows, or perform taekwondo, or else calligraphy and painting…

These talents are not as wonderful as their singing and dancing, but the talents of stars are almost enough.

However, the talents of the four people, except for Yao Mengduo’s calligraphy talent, which is more eye-catching, are also mediocre.

When the performances of these four contestants were over, Jiang Yan and He Yuxi’s eyes turned to Wen An’an, who was hiding aside.

Seeing Wen An’an’s whole person revealing a kind of aura – they can’t see me, they can’t see me… Jiang Yan said with a smile.

“Wen An’an, it’s time to take over. What kind of talent are you going to bring us?”


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