Chapter 39

In the fifth issue of “Super Idol”, after the first performance began, all the audience were waving their own light sticks and cheer cards to support their idols.

This time, because of the expansion of the venue, the audience also increased by 1,000 people. With today’s game, it will be even more pompous.

At first glance, it was all a crowd of black people, and the hands of this group of fans were all holding support cards belonging to their idols.

However, if you look at it at a glance, who has the most cheering cards! The most gorgeous words, it should be–

“Come on, Wen An’an!”

“Princess An An~”

“Little princess, you are the best!”

At the beginning of the fifth issue of “Super Idol”, all the contestants sang and danced to perform their theme song.

After their performance was over, they heard countless voices calling out Wen An’an’s name.

Although there were also fans of the players’ family shouting, their voices were not as neat and loud as the fans of Wen An’an’s family.

Especially the cheering cards held by the fans are far more luxurious than theirs!

They are still holding quite ordinary cheering cards, but Wen An’an’s cheering cards are foreign-styled!

Each card is in the shape of a character, and that character is Wen An’an’s cartoon version of the character, so cute!

A group of people standing in the crowd holding such cheering cards is really eye-catching!

In particular, the slogans of others were chanted so neatly and loudly, which really compared the fans of all the players present.

The contestants of “Super Idol” were listening to the shouts of Wen An’an’s fans, and their eyes all turned towards Wen An’an enviously.

And Wen An’an, that really wanted to be frightened by the loud cheers of the fans.

Under the stage, the dark crowd was full of her support cards, and the words on the support cards were really heartwarming and numb, making her feel a little embarrassed.

“Wen An’an’s popularity is really high…”

“Yeah, I now believe that her votes were really cast by fans.”

“Sure enough, there’s still some candy for crying children.”

After they got off the stage, the players of “Super Idol” were all talking about Wen An’an’s fans.

Words, without envy and jealousy.

After all, in their eyes, Wen An’an just had a blank face.

In terms of skill, Wen An’an is really the one who counted backwards from their program group.

Even though Wen An’an was the most popular person in the last performance, it was because she used her face to get the likes.

If it was really based on the level of singing and dancing, Wen An’an would not be able to get the title of King of Popularity at all.

“An An, don’t worry, you are the best. If fans like you, it is your charm and character, don’t be nervous.”

“Yeah, An An, don’t be nervous. For the sake of so many fans in the audience, you have to perform well.”

“Come on! An An, you can do it! You are the best!”

When the members of the “Sunday” group saw Wen An’an’s nervousness and her face turned pale, they comforted Wen An’an softly and cheered her up.

Yes, as everyone knows, the more these people say that, the more nervous Wen An’an becomes.

She is most afraid of other people’s expectations of her, and most afraid of disappointing others.

Of course, what I am most afraid of is to let the people around me come to misfortune because of my own reasons.

Just in Wen An’an’s super nervous mind, the first public performance began!

Although there are a total of five teams in the PK, the competition is still very fierce. Except for the songs to be performed in the public performance, no one has thought about it. The popularity king of each team will have to do it again like a talented PK.

In the end, the birth of the final popularity king of the group also needs to add the number of likes and votes of the talent PK, so as to select the final popularity king of the first period.

When everyone learned that there was such a rule, they didn’t know whether to be happy or worried.

After all, besides singing and dancing, as a group of singing and dancing contestants, it is really difficult for them to show any talent.

Of course, what they need to consider now is not their talent, but… their group performance.

Soon after the group performances were finished, Wen Anan’s group, who was arranged to perform in the third place, was about to perform on stage.

“Happy Sunday Group! Come on!”

In front of the camera, the nine girls shouted their own slogans in unison, and dragged the only one, Wen An’an, who was a little distracted, to the stage together.

When the ten contestants of “Sunday” appeared on the stage, the audience under the stage all shouted Wen An’an’s name in unison.

“Wen An’an! Wen An’an!”

“An An! An An! You are the best!”

“Princess An An! Cheers to the game!”

I have to say that the loud and tidy cheers from the bottom of the stage really made the players who came on stage with Wen An’an feel a little embarrassed.

Even some people with not very good psychological qualities were also affected by the cheering voices of fans like Wen An’an.

“Wen An’an who came to us is really very popular.”

“Well, yes, I’m also looking forward to Wen An’an’s performance this time. After all, this time, I chose Wen An’an’s songs for her.”

Because Yan Qi was gone, it was Jiang Yan and He Yuxi, who not only had to act as mentors, but also had to part-time another sideline, the host.

“Oh? Why did you help Wen An’an choose this song “Sunday”?”

“Of course it’s because – Wen An’an makes me feel like it’s Sunday, and it can bring me love, happiness and sadness!”

“Listening to what you said, I can’t wait to see Wen An’an’s performance!”

With Jiang Yan and He Yuxi’s gags, Wen An’an’s group’s performance finally began to meet everyone’s expectations!

After the prelude to “Sunday” was played, a bright and joyful rhythm made everyone’s emotions feel better.

As Jiang Yan said, this is a song that can bring people love and happiness.

It’s just… that this group of performers seems to be a little bit unsatisfactory.

In the lyrics of the first sentence of the opening, Fan Qianqian, who was all in Class A, had no mistakes, but she sang the wrong lyrics when she sang the first sentence.

Besides, it doesn’t matter if she sings the wrong lyrics. After all, the audience who listened to the song at the scene generally don’t pay much attention to this point.

It’s a pity that after Fan Qianqian sang the wrong lyrics, she panicked. Even the dance steps were wrong.

Now, it’s obvious.

This small mistake by Fan Qianqian also affected the next performance.

But fortunately, there were players in the back who tried desperately to pull them back. When Wen An’an was here, the rhythm was already found again.

Wen An’an, who had nothing else to focus on, just thinking about her own climax performance, was very hard-working, singing and dancing to complete her climax.

At this time, all the audience off the stage, including the players and mentors on the stage, were surprised to find that Wen An’an had made great progress this time.

Obviously, her level is “Super Idol”, counting backwards, and she also looks very timid on weekdays.

But, as soon as she stepped on the stage, her whole body seemed to have a layer of golden light, which could firmly attract the attention of others to her, and she could no longer pay attention to her people.

Wen An’an with two braids, wearing a pink and white school uniform and skirt, dancing playfully and singing cute songs, everyone was conquered by Wen An’an.

Even though her performance doesn’t seem to be so perfect, it’s true that her appearance, compared with others, makes everyone feel that Wen An’an has really made great progress this time! It’s a big one, which makes people feel like they’re hanging up.

“Wen An’an has made great progress. I was worried about her singing and dancing performance. She couldn’t hold it.”

“Yeah, not only the high-pitched singing, but also the dancing is very good, the shooting is all accurate.

Just when everyone was admiring Wen An’an’s cute and playful performance, and even the two star mentors just praised her, who knows, the meaning will come.

Just when the climax of the first paragraph was about to come, it was impossible to be nervous, but Wen An’an, who was performing by instinct, who knew that someone interrupted the rhythm and memory.

Originally, Fan Qianqian, who wanted to stop after singing the chorus, didn’t know what was going on. After she finished singing the chorus, not only did she not quit, but she grabbed an extra piece of song that Wen An’an should sing.

In a soulful verse, even though Fan Qianqian only sang one sentence, Wen An’an’s instinctive performance was interrupted!

Wen An’an, who was originally not strong in strain ability, and standing on this dazzling stage, made her nervous in the first place, but when her rhythm was interrupted, she was stuck in an instant!

It was supposed to be the sentence that Fan Qianqian finished singing. After a little accompaniment, the nine people danced around Wen An’an, and Wen An’an began to sing the high-pitched part directly.

Yes, the expression on Wen An’an’s face at this time, it was obvious that she was frightened by this sudden situation!

“God! Fan Qianqian seems to have stolen Wen An’an’s paragraph?”

“Is this a car accident?”

Jiang Yan and He Yuxi were very worried about the situation on the stage.

“If Wen An’an’s high pitch is not picked up in time, it means that the biggest car accident in this show will be Wen An’an.”

In the draft competition, if there is a car accident performance, it will be a fatal blow to the players.

To put it mildly, that might just mean losing a few rankings. If it is serious, then maybe it will be ridiculed by a diss on the whole network.

Therefore, Jiang Yan and He Yuxi had to worry about Wen An’an.

We all hoped that Wen An’an would not be affected by this short paragraph, but…we all know that this is difficult.

After all, everyone knows Wen An’an’s character too well.

Compared with the two instructors, they all knew that there was an error in this performance now. Fan Qianqian stole a line of lyrics from Wen An’an, but most of the audience did not know it.

But when Wen An’an suddenly stopped on the stage, everyone was a little puzzled.

Just when people thought that there was going to be an accident in this performance, and Wen An’an had forgotten her words.

When they saw it, on the big screen of the stage, there was a scene that everyone would never forget… an amazing scene.

“An An! Don’t panic! Sing it!”

Resisting the swirling tears in her eyes, Wen An’an let herself continue to go back to the rhythm of the song.

Wen An’an, come on, don’t panic! Can’t cry! This is the game! You can’t make fun of someone else’s future…dragging someone else’s back…

A sweet smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, but she didn’t hold back her tears when she smiled.

A glittering teardrop, like a broken pearl, dripped from her cheek.

However, this laughing and crying expression did not make people feel disgusted, but it also surprised all the audience off the stage!

Because, Wen An’an’s crying this time is too good!

Although it is said that she has filmed a lot of crying scenes on this show.

Whispering, sobbing, crying without image…

Sure, but not this time, the cry was so touching.

While smiling, there were tears of panic and fear in her eyes.

Half of her face is smiling, but half of her face has a teardrop. Under the illumination of the stage lights, the teardrop is so crystal clear and shiny, so that everyone can clearly see from the big screen, Wen An’an I burst into tears so suddenly.

“Quick! Cut a close-up on the big screen!”

After Yang Ming saw this scene, he quickly ordered the photographer to take a close-up of Wen An’an’s face.

When a close-up of Wen An’an’s face appeared on the screen, it made the audience off the stage gasp in unison.

The impact of such a close-up beauty made everyone’s heart think of a word – the tears of an angel.

At this moment, when everyone was amazed by the teardrop on Wen An’an’s face, when they saw the girl who was crying just now on the screen, they suddenly closed their eyes and held the microphone in both hands, opened her pink lips…


A clear and sweet high-pitched sound resounded in everyone’s ears, bringing everyone back to their senses from the shock of the drop of tears just now.

The girl’s ethereal singing melodiously floated in the venue, breaking everyone’s heart.

Let everyone take their attention away from her face, and pay more attention to her singing.

“Oh my God! I’m so touched! Wen An’an succeeded! She sang it! And she sang very well!”

When Jiang Yan heard Wen An’an’s high-pitched voice, she happily clapped.

Although this high-pitched part is still very young in the ears of many professional musicians, there is not much technology to speak of, and even the sound transfer is not well controlled.

Yes, Wen An’an’s ethereal singing voice is more able to move people’s hearts.

What’s more, she had zero foundation in the beginning.

“Yeah! Wen An’an sang this part of the high-pitched very well, and I got goosebumps on my arms.”

He Yuxi also nodded and said with great appreciation.

At this time, the members of “Sunday” who had sung some small mistakes with each other due to various reasons on the stage, after listening to Wen An’an’s high-pitched sentence, their minds seemed to be stable It’s normal, and it’s playing well again.

It’s just a pity that, after all, the song has come to an end.

When the sound of the last ten people ended, there was a burst of applause from the stage.

“Clap clap-!”

Everyone was applauding vigorously, as if they wanted to overturn the roof.

“Wen An’an! Wen An’an!”


Everyone was shouting Wen An’an’s name. Even some fans who were not Wen An’an’s fans were shouting Wen An’an’s name.

With this posture, it was as if the audience were all fans of Wen An’an.

Hearing the shouts from off the stage, Wen An’an didn’t react at all, she just kept standing in the position at the end of the show, as if she was stagnant.

Straight away, the team member beside her gently patted her on the shoulder and whispered in her ear – “Wen An’an, the performance is over.”

At this time, Wen An’an came back to his senses, and then…


She clearly agreed not to cry, but she couldn’t help crying.

Because she was too scared, she screwed up the show.

Her people, who were influenced by Wen An’an, all started to cry.

“No, it’s us who should say sorry.”

“An An, your performance is very good, you are the best, but our performance is not good enough, which is holding you back.”

“An An, you sing very well…”

The girls on the stage looked like they were crying. The audience only realized at this time that just now… Wen An’an’s performance was not deliberately posing with tears, but – almost got a car accident on a show!

Yes, if these girls didn’t cry, no one would find out! Because Wen An’an’s cry was so classic and so good!

“What?! Our family An’an was robbed by someone else, so she cried?”

After hearing what Assistant Jiang said, Mr. Shen, who was sitting in the VIP seat, was in a hurry.

“I just thought about that Fan Qianqian, and I thought that this little girl might not have a very good mind. I didn’t think about it, she actually dared to bully my family’s An An!”

The more he said, the more angry Mr. Shen came to participate in Wen An’an’s public performance for the first time!

Mr. Shen, who has never bothered to care about women and children, this time, it can be regarded as an exception for Wen An’an!

“Go! Look up the name… what’s it called?”

“Fan Qianqian.”

Seeing that Mr. Shen didn’t remember her name, Assistant Jiang quickly reminded him.

“Yes! Go and find out what the background of that Fan Qianqian is. She dares to bully my family’s An An like this. I have to give her a big gift in return.”

Seeing a sneer at the corner of Mr. Shen’s mouth, he got up to be negative, which made Assistant Jiang’s heart tremble immediately, and he was still silently sympathizing with another unknown person. To live, have to deal with Wen An’an’s players.

Especially this one who bullied Wen An’an like this in front of Master Shen, it would definitely be a bad end.


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