Chapter 38

Translator: Caell

Proofreader: Yu Yue

When the fourth issue of “Super Idol” was broadcasted, everyone said that the elimination match of this issue might not be better than changing its name to a more healthy competition.

Take a look at the full episode, and advance! cry! abuse! cry! Basically, every player must have a crying scene!

It’s like making all the audience’s brains cry when they see it!

However, in this episode, there is one person who never cried! Especially the sentence at the end, which is like a clear stream, it makes people think too much——

【Ha ha ha ha! I’m going to die of laughter by Wen An’an! Those who were crying were a little irritable, but they were completely cured at this moment!】

【2333 Wen An’an’s words are too upright! This makes those plastic flower sisterhood players continue to cry! Click, it is embarrassing! 】

【I always thought that Wen An’an would be the one who cried the most! I have already typed the words in advance to scold her, but who knows, this girl is too awesome! Haha~ I’m dying of laughter~ ah~]

【The more I look at my little princess, the more I can see from her the advantages that she has that are different from others. In the future, please refer more, little princess An An.】

【From “Real Game” to “Super Idol”, Wen An’an is really different from ordinary stars. She is a very real girl, although she is very timid, sometimes she is more transparent than others. 】

【I used to scold Wen An’an for taking a vacation and being a green tea bitch. Today, I suddenly said that this girl is the most genuine person in the show. 】

【It’s only four episodes of the show, and everyone is a competitor. As far as sisterhood is concerned, how deep can it go? Sometimes, the hypocrisy of people who don’t need to watch, this is originally a game, and promotion is promotion. Elimination means elimination, which is nothing to cry about. Sometimes you can avoid this routine here which is more pleasing! Wen An’an must be commended! The last sentence is literally speaking my voice! Being eliminated and special is not a goodbye to death, as for crying so much that you are speechless! 】


After the fourth episode of the show was broadcasted, essentially all the contestants lost a lot of popularity, but as for Wen An’an, her popularity increased dramatically!

On Weibo, in the post section, everyone was talking about Wen An’an.

Of course, Wen An’an is once again on the hot search. Of course, this issue of “Super Idol” is also on the hot search.

#little crying baby don’t cry#

#”Super Idol” Waterflood the gold mountain#

When Yang Ming and Chen Lan saw the data, they were completely stunned. They didn’t expect that Wen An’an didn’t cry in this episode, and even explained that in an astonishing way, however, no one criticized her. Instead, there were a lot of good comments, which shocked everyone!

Soon, nonetheless, they understood. Because in “Real Game”, Wen An’an’s appearance is more pleasing.

Therefore, under the influence of “Real Game”, Wen An’an did not cry in this issue. Of course, it was more comfortable for those audiences to watch.

Especially when all the contestants cried for an entire episode, it makes people feel that Wen An’an is really too lovable~!

“In today’s performance, if Wen An’an can hold on to it and make a stunning appearance again, then she will definitely be the recognized king in “Super Idol” in the future.”

Chen Lan said with emotion, she really didn’t expect that she was just an ordinary player who couldn’t be in the ordinary, but now she will become this popular player.

Judging from the current momentum, Wen An’an’s debut is surely stable! Moreover, it will certainly be the best one among all the players

“No. No matter how she behaves this time, she will be the king of this show.”

Shaking his head, Yang Ming said with infinite emotion.

“After the knockout round, after the votes were cleared and a new round of voting began, Wen An’an’s votes were far ahead of Yao Mengduo, who was in second place.”

Their show was originally a talent show for fans to choose idols. Everything was based on the votes.

And Wen An’an’s appearance was simply an elephant-level draft player!

It’s been so many years, and it’s been a long time since an elephant-level draft player like Wen An’an appeared!

The last female singer who turned out to be an elephant-level talent singer is already a high-ranking person.

He dared to conclude that Wen An’an’s future must not stop here.

And… Others may not know what Wen An’an is from, and what kind of company is the AiaN entertainment company she is working for.

However, as a senior executive of the company and also the chief director, he knew very well that the person standing behind Wen An’an was none other than the famous Shen family in the capital!

The Shen family’s industry is basically real estate, education, culture, technology, etc, all of which are involved, and they are also particularly powerful.

Although it is said that the Shen family does not have any entertainment companies in the entertainment industry, but they have connections!

Therefore, the Shen family’s AiaN entertainment company is behind it, even if it was just started, and there is only one star in the company, Wen An’an.

But he believed that Wen An’an’s resources in the future would definitely be the best among all the players in the same batch!

In fact, it is the best resource among the small flowers in the entertainment industry.

At that time, it will depend on how people support it.

However, he has recently heard that AiaN Entertainment is recruiting in the entertainment industry, and even has the intention to reveal that it wants to poach a certain golden agent.

Poaching a gold medal broker, who is this person poaching for, of course, it is obvious at a glance.

After all, AiaN Entertainment has only Wen An’an as an artist, so Wen An’an is going to explode and that is something that the whole circle clearly understands.

The reason why they are surprised is that the entertainment company where Wen An’an works has not started Wen An’an’s business. As a result, Wen An’an has started to break out a small universe since then. Such a physique makes people feel terribly more attractive.

“I really didn’t expect that Wen An’an’s momentum is the best among all people. Sure enough, if you have good looks, you have everything in this circle.”

Chen Lan sighed with emotion, but that statement seems to be saying that it is not very good to have a little bit of it.

“No, Wen An’an attracts fans because of her character. Otherwise, in our circle, there would be no such beautiful people who couldn’t become popular.”

However, Yang Ming has a different idea. In his eyes, appearance is important, but what is more important is your strength and character.

Even though Wen An’an is still not very strong, this little girl has a really good personality, and she is truly hardworking.

In preparation for this performance, he was told by the workers that she practically only slept for three hours every time, and the rest of the time was spent on training. It’s really painful.

“Alas~! I’m really worried that after this performance, she will be hospitalized again.”

Just under Yang Ming’s responsibility, the second public performance began.

This time the audience has increased a lot, from the original 4,000 people to 5,000 people.

The increase in the venue and the number of spectators made all the players even more nervous.

It also made Wen An’an even more nervous.

She was always afraid of standing on the stage. The last time she stepped on the stage when the performance was about to end, she didn’t need to watch the audience during the whole process, and there was no dance at all. She only needed to sing. That part of the song is good.

But in this episode, she has to stand on the stage the whole time, and she is in the most eye-catching position in the middle!

The most terrifying thing is that you have to sing and dance until the end…

“An An, don’t be nervous, we can do it! During the rehearsal, we rehearsed very well!”

Fan Qianqian looked at Wen An’an’s blank eyes and was in a daze. She deliberately walked over, smiled, and comforted Wen An’an.

According to Fan Qianqian’s words, Wen An’an’s pressure is even more.

“….so kind.”

Wen An’an took a deep breath and then began to think about the lyrics and dance steps.

Before taking the stage, Wen An’an was reviewing it again, dancing with her body slightly and singing softly.

Seeing Wen An’an’s serious appearance, Fan Qianqian’s eyes flashed with unwillingness.

Last time, after her plan failed, she kept thinking that if Wen An’an didn’t practice well by then, she would unquestionably take down the C position.

So, she didn’t memorize that part of the song by heart, she just went to memorize the part of Wen An’an’s C position.

Who knows, Wen An’an fully held that climax! She actually really sang the high pitch of that paragraph!

Moreover, the dance is also memorized, and the dance is still the same. Although it is said that it is not as good as the people who have been practicing for a few years, according to her zero-based dance foundation, her performance is already very good.

So, this made Fan Qianqian’s bamboo basket fetching in vain!

However, the most terrifying thing is that Fan Qianqian’s actual part has not been practiced well!

When she was about to go on stage, her singing and dancing were not as good as Wen An’an’s!

This made Fan Qianqian anxious to death, so if anyone was the most nervous in this competition, it would clearly be Fan Qianqian!

When the self-knowledge level is not online, this time, Fan Qianqian will undoubtedly perform a smashing performance. It is not nervous anymore, it is completely turned into… self-defeating.

At this time, looking at Wen An’an’s serious review, Fan Qianqian can guess that, if nothing else happens, their group’s praise Wang Jue will be Wen An’an’s again.

If the fans outside are a little fancier, then the person who performed better in this episode, the king, must be Wen An’an again.

Thinking of this, Fan Qianqian’s reasoning was a little distorted.

It’s obvious that she thinks too much about herself and she is too wild, which leads to her failure. Her part has not been practiced adequately, but she is doing well. Fan Qianqian is completely throwing out this pot on Wen An’an. So if anyone was the most nervous in this competition, it would certainly be Fan Qianqian!

All she thought about was that the reason why she didn’t perform well in this issue was that Wen An’an didn’t give up the C position.

If Wen An’an gave up the C position, then she would never make such a mistake!

And, if she were to perform the C position, it would surely be better than Wen An’an’s performance, and then she would be able to get the next C position…

So, all of this is Wen An’an’s fault!

Therefore, under such a basis, Fan Qianqian’s attitude has completely collapsed, and Wen An’an also was about to have a new crisis in her first public performance.

It’s just that, at this time, no one has noticed Fan Qianqian’s distorted reasoning.

At this time, everyone is focusing on their own performance, just thinking about being able to give this performance a perfect achievement.

And Wen An’an was even more diligent in doing the final exercises before going on stage. After all, she really didn’t want to hold her family back because of her.


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