Chapter 14.2

She’s not a musician, and she can’t say one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, but she knows that good sound is good, and bad sound is bad.

“I just think it sounds good, and the last one is the best…”

It’s been a long time before Wen Anan suffocated such a sentence.

Looking at her cheeks flushed red, everyone couldn’t help but smile.

After all… it looks so cute!

“Okay, Xiao Qiqi, don’t tease her either. Now let’s help these poor little guys~”

With that, Jiang Yan’s and the two tutors became serious and began to teach the worst class.

It turns out that these three celebrity mentors came here to give this group of players who have very poor foundations a little help.

After all, the players in other groups are of very high level, so you don’t need to worry too much about them, but the players in Wen An’an group are really too worrying.

One or two, their singing and dancing are not very good, especially the difficulty of this song is still very high.

If they really didn’t come, the people in this group will be like performing in a car accident during the first performance.

“He Qingqing, you are in charge of the lyrics for part 1 of the lead singer.”

“Xu Qi, I have heard of your rap, but if it is okay, you will be responsible for rap…”

Gradually, after all the players in the group of Wen An’an were assigned to tasks, only Wen An’an was left alone.

However, soon Jiang Yan assigned Wen An’an a task.

 “Wen An’an, you will sing the last part with a Beijing accent.”

As soon as Jiang Yan’s voice fell, everyone was shocked.

The faces of the eight contestants, well, including Wen An’an’s own face, it was all incredulous. 

“Teacher, is this last paragraph not too difficult for Wen An’an?”

 “Yes, teacher, Wen An’an can’t do it, she sings… but is the worst of us. Otherwise, you can arrange another part for her.

“Actually, we can do without this Beijing accent…”

After all, no one can sing that high.

Wen An’an listened to the words of her group of contestants, she was like a chicken pecking rice, and quickly nodded her little head.

Unfortunately, Yan Qi killed her with one look, and Wen An’an stopped.

“This Beijing accent must be sung by Wen An’an, because she is the C-ranked captain, and this sentence should have been sung by the C-ranked captain. This is her responsibility, so she has to take on the captain’s responsibility.”

Listening to Yan Qi’s words, Wen An’an is almost bursting into tears.

She really, really doesn’t want to be the captain of this C…

“Yes, Wen An’an must come to sing this passage. I have heard her voice, and she can sing this song completely. What is missing is confidence and training. Don’t worry, we still have seven days. If she only sings this passage, I believe I can still teach her.”

Jiang Yan smiled gently and looked at Wen An’an who was crying, with a smiling face, she was really full of expectations in her heart.

She felt that Wen An’an’s voice was meant to sing the climax, finale of the Beijing-style part of this song.

“Yes, we still have a week, and Wen An’an will definitely be able to practice in a week. At that time, she will not need to dance much in this part.”

He Yuxi is a choreographer and has a lot of experience in stage setting, so when he talked about the stage, he looked at Wen An’an’s face and he was immediately inspired.

“At that time, Wen An’an will be able to dress up in ancient costumes to make her final appearance, and she can fly down by hanging wire, or sit on a garland and land on the stage, or she can rise and fall from the stage…”

As the inspiration came, He Yuxi talked about a lot of warm, peaceful and beautiful routines.

It makes everyone’s eyes light up!

 “At that time, Wen Anan only needs to be a sister, shake her sleeves a few times, or do some small movements, or just stand there and sing.”

To be honest, as a dance teacher he can think so much for Wen An’an, and doesn’t plan to choreograph for her yet, just thinking that she can sing the last Beijing accent. This is completely true to Wen An’an!

“Yes, yes, yes! In this case, the stage effect is simply beautiful! If An’an’s Beijing accent is a little better! Then the stage performance is really going to explode!

After everyone heard He Yuxi’s words, they all looked at Wen An’an with bright eyes.

Looking at Wen An’an’s so beautiful little face, they felt that if this stage was really done, it would indeed surprise everyone!

It’s just that the premise is–

“I, I can’t do it…”

Facing so many shining eyes, Wen An’an shrank her neck and muttered softly.

She can’t even sing songs, how could she be able to sing in a Beijing accent…

“If it doesn’t work, you can do it!”

“Yeah, An An, it’s up to you whether we can advance!”

“An An, you are our captain now, you have to be responsible for our future!”

“Captain, please teach me a lot in the future!”

Seeing so many people begging her sincerely, Wen An’an’s lips pressed tightly.

She didn’t have confidence, but when she looked at the other seven people, they looked at her with a begging look. From their eyes, she could also see the expectation and desire to be promoted.

Without knowing why, she couldn’t say those frustrating words.

For a long time, under the encouraging eyes of the three instructors, Wen An’an nodded timidly and said softly.

“Then I’ll…try…”

Since she is in a team with others… Even if she can’t do it anymore, she can’t hold them back.

So, come on, Wen An’an…you, you wu… What should I do if I’m still going to screw up…

All of Wen An’an, who was worried that she might mess up, started training like hell again.

Get up earlier than chickens and sleep later than dogs every day. Basically every day before anyone else gets up, Wen Anan goes to the practice room to practice vocal music.

And when it is almost three o’clock in the evening, Wen An’an will go back to the dormitory to sleep.

The members of the hell group who originally thought of Wen An’an as a squeamish bag, only then discovered that Wen An’an was actually just a little girl with a shy personality and extremely introverted.

She is not like a green tea bitch that other people have guessed, plus Wen An’an is really hardworking.

Only sleep for three hours a day, and the rest of the time is used to train the spirit, so that several other players have also been infected.

So, very quickly, there were seven more figures in the training room where only Wen An’an was alone every day.

And just when Wen Anan was training so hard and wanted to change the tragic fate of her own vicious female character.

But what she doesn’t know is that the plot that should be coming is still coming… Even because of her arrival, the reason for some things changed, and the plot also changed a little…

“Nan Nan, what are you talking about?”

Wen mother and Wen father couldn’t believe their ears, they looked at Wen Yanan with surprise.

The reason for the surprise was because Wen Yanan told them something that they never thought of.

“Mom and dad, actually…I know I am not your biological daughter.”

“This this……”

Wen father and Wen mother saw Wen Yanan so affirmatively that they didn’t know what to say for a while.

The eldest daughter is indeed not their daughter, but the daughter of Mama Wen’s sister, their niece and cousin of Wen An’an.

Back then, they just looked at the child’s mother and the father’s ominous situation when she was born, so they took the child back, and followed the newly-born daughter as a twin daughter.

Because this thing is extremely secretive, no one knows that Wen An’an and Wen Yanan are not twin sisters.

But now, they looked at the serious look of the eldest daughter, and they asked with some confusion.

“Nannan, how did you, how did you know?”

“A few days ago, the people from my biological father’s side seemed to have been found.”

Wen Yanan’s words shocked father and mother Wen again.

They only knew that Wen Yanan’s father was a rich man, and her mother was an unsuccessful junior, so they never thought that Wen Yanan’s father would come back to find her one day.

“He, is he going to pick you up?”

Both father Wen and mother Wen were reluctant to look at Wen Yanan, a daughter who they had raised for eighteen years. They said that they would give it back to others, and they would feel uncomfortable if they put it on someone else.

However, as soon as they thought about it, Wen Yanan’s father was a rich man, and if he took her back now, he would also take her back to enjoy the blessing. So Wen father and Wen mother were not too opposed.

“Well, yes.”

Wen Yanan nodded lightly, and he was indeed going to pick her up.

It’s just that she lied that she hadn’t even met anyone who would pick her up.

She is just…

“Dad, Mom, my biological father seems to be very rich. He lives in the capital and is a very powerful person. Because his wife died and he was also sick, so, this time I was picked up to make compensation.”

Wen father and Wen mother listened to Wen Yanan’s words, they nodded and said with emotion.

“This is a good thing, then you can go back. Over the years, if you followed us, you have also suffered.”

However, Wen’s father and Wen’s mother did not expect that Wen Yanan unexpectedly said something that made them both look very ridiculous.

“Dad, mom, but I think this opportunity to enjoy happiness is more suitable for An’an.”


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