Chapter 14.1

After the fifteen groups of teams returned to their practice classrooms separately, Wen An’an and the group, were so frustrated!

After all, they all feel that with their useless group of members, then there will be ghosts if they don’t lose.

Although Wen An’an is the captain of this group, it should be the leader that will introduce the interaction.

Unfortunately, this child has social anxiety. Usually when someone talks to her, it would be nice if she can answer you. Let her take the initiative to talk to you? Well, that’s kind of dreaming too.

Ever since, a group of eight people sat silently in the practice room for a while, and finally there was an extroverted sister who couldn’t help it.

  “Well, why don’t we listen to this song and assign which passage everyone sings?”

Although it is a steady loss, everyone’s desire to survive is still very strong. After all, they want to participate in this talent show, who doesn’t want to be promoted?

  “Okay, let’s listen to the song first.”

    “Well, listen to it.”

Amidst everyone’s approval, the girl who spoke first turned on the speaker. As a result, after the adapted version of “Guo Se Tian Xiang” was played, everyone was silent again.

     “Why, why is the song of our group so difficult…”

That’s right, the adapted version of “Guo Se Tian Xiang” is much more difficult than the original one!

The original version is just a lyrical ancient song, but now the tune of this ancient song is a bit more cheerful, and rap is added.

Of course, the most terrifying thing is the final part of the song, that is to use Beijing Opera to sing the high notes.

The conversion between true and false sounds is obviously not something that the scraps of their group can handle.

  “I, let me talk about it first, I can’t sing at all, but dancing is okay. So, you should sing the lead, and I will sing the second.”

  “Me too, I can’t sing as a lead singer, I can’t always find the tune of my singing.”

     “I can’t sing high notes, I really can’t sing at all…”

Practice hasn’t officially started yet, the members of Wen An’an team are all showing their fears.

They felt that their luck was really bad, and it was enough to have such a dull gourd captain as Wen An’an, and now they still got such a song.

Just when the members of the entire group were in a gloomy mood, suddenly the door of their practice room was opened.

Looking up, they saw the three star tutors appearing in their practice room.

After the group of girls saw the three star mentors, they were all excited. 

However, only Wen An’an alone can’t lift up the energy, she still doesn’t understand why she has become a C captain.

     “Haha, the atmosphere of your group looks very sluggish, why, is the song too difficult?”

Jiang Yan looked at everyone with a smile, with an amiable appearance.

Listening to Jiang Yan’s words, everyone was madly nodding their heads, talking about how difficult this song is.

Seeing how these girls don’t like the song so much, Yan Qi, who has been silent for a while, frowned.

His gaze quickly swept towards Wen An’an, watching as the girl shrank behind others like a mouse to reduce her sense of presence, he curled his mouth and said loudly.

  “Wen An’an, as the captain, what do you think of this song.”

Seeing as Yan Qi’s voice just fell, he saw Wen An’an’s shoulder twitching suddenly.

She blinked her big watery eyes and looked at Yan Qi timidly, with a blank face.

I don’t understand at all, why the hero always loves to make trouble for her, obviously she is not pestering him like in the plot.

  “I, I…” Looking at Yan Qi’s increasingly expressionless face, Wen An’an suppressed the fear in her heart and sniffed, trying to keep herself from crying.

  “I think the song is very nice.”

Under the eyes of everyone, Wen An’an finally finished saying this sentence.

However, the stammering manner almost made everyone want to die quickly.

Originally, Wen Anan thought that this was over, but she didn’t expect that Yan Qi asked again.

     “Why is it nice to listen to?”

This time, listening to Yan Qi’s words, Wen An’an is really going to cry this time.


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