Chapter 13.2

Wen Anan came to this show not because of him, but because she really likes this stage.

If, at this time, Wen An’an knew Yan Qi’s thoughts, I’m afraid it would – hehe! You really have too much brain supplement! She doesn’t like this stage at all! This is also forced by your hero and heroine.

“So, none of you are qualified to question her as the last C captain!”

After Yan Qi announced the choice of the last captain with a cold face, everyone was shocked.

They didn’t expect to make such a choice as the last C captain! It was even more unexpected that Wen An’an would be the hardworking one among them.

At this time, many players are improving a bit because of Wen An’an’s efforts.

Even, many people have a good impression of this beautiful girl who is also very hardworking.

When everyone stared at Wen An’an with envy and emotion, Wen An’an was like sitting on pins and needles.

Alll the eyes around her felt like acupuncture, and the whole body was very uncomfortable.

“This time the C captain will lead the seven members of her team together…”

Jiang Yan was interrupted by a timid voice before she could finish her words.

“Teacher, can I not be the captain of the C position?” Finally, Wen An’an mustered up the courage and said this sentence.

Wen An’an is really a bit reluctant to be the C captain. After all, the C position stands in the middle, and the performance is also the most attractive part. She couldn’t sing and dance at all, how could she stand in the middle position? And it’s still such a dazzling position… It’s just a pity that the courage she finally took up was once again frightened by Yan Qi’s fierce appearance.

“No! Wen An’an, you are the fifteenth Captain C. Perform well! Don’t let us down.”

Seeing Yan Qi staring at her fiercely with both eyes, Wen An’an was almost crying. At this time, there was no improper thoughts of being Captain C in her mind.

At this time, she was full of thoughts-wu wu wu! The hero is terrible! Why is the leading actor so powerful and he still wants to be the judge of this show?


“Okay, now, let me announce for everyone, the process of selecting group members and songs for the next fifteen C captains.”

“First, the fourteen captains of Class A and C will select the remaining 7 players. When the fourteen captains are selected, the remaining players will automatically enter the team of Wen An’an. The selection of songs is the same. The program is the same. The group has prepared fifteen songs for you, with different styles. Songs are selected according to a lottery.”

After the announcement of the next procedure, everyone looked at Wen An’an sympathetically, and prayed secretly in their hearts that they must not be assigned to Wen An’an’s team.


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