Chapter 10-I predict! This little crying one will be popular!

Although the variety show “Super Idol” has not yet been broadcast, it is a big investment and production. Therefore, when the first stage of the trailer was filmed, the post-production team worked overtime to produce the trailer for the first stage of “Super Idol”.

And when all the contestants started to record the second phase, the trailer for the first phase was already put on major forums by Tianyu Entertainment for promotion.

Because the first version of the trailer, wanted to attract viewers to watch the first episode of the program and increase the ratings.

So, the trailer for the first issue, it was made quite explosive!

Of course, the hot spots of this first issue are all from Wen Anan, the trailer for this first issue is of course the most videos of Wen Anan.

Although it is said that in the trailer, Wen Anan is mostly a tearful little pitiful person, not as bright as the other female contestants who dance so charming.

However, after the trailer was played, the first thing that became popular was Wen Anan.

[Wow! This little girl is so pretty! When I cried, it was like a little rabbit, looking strangely distressed.]

[Who is this girl? Looks so beautiful!]

[Ahhhhhh! When is “Super Idol” broadcast! I can’t wait! Such a cute little sister, I really want to vote~]

[ This sister looks really scared, so heartbroken.]

[I predict! This little crying one will be hot!]


The trailer is being reposted continuously, it’s just a three-minute trailer video, but the number of views has not been long since it was launched on the Internet, and it has already exceeded six figures!

That growth rate is constantly climbing! Just looking at it like this, without doing data analysis, you can see that “Super Idol” is going to be a hit! The ratings of this first episode of the program are definitely going through the roof!

Moreover, in this trailer, the most watched players are not the idols, who have already debuted and have a certain number of fans, but Wen Anan, who has relatively more shots in the trailer.

The next morning, when the behind-the-scenes staff of “Super Idol” received the data feedback from the trailer, it was both surprising and it made sense.

After all, the physique of this girl Wen Anan, is not a big fire, but a black fire.

But no matter what, this girl is destined to be popular.

It’s just that they didn’t expect that the three-minute trailer for the first issue would make Wen Anan such a popular girl with no foundation.

“Sister Chen Lan, it’s really as you expected. The trailer with more shots by Wen Anan has more views than other trailers.”

“Yes, and according to incomplete statistics, after the trailer was posted on the Internet, Wen Anan received the most search hits.”

“Also, should we ask Wen Anan to register a Weibo account? Many people on the Internet are now asking who Wen Anan is and what is her Weibo account.”

After Chen Lan, who came to work, received such good news, her mood improved a lot throughout the day.

She nodded and said with a smile on her face: “OK, when you can send someone to go to Wen Anan, please mention to her, we can give her the right to use the phone temporarily.

“What if other players know about it, what if they think our show is unfair?”

Suddenly, a staff member thought of something and whispered a question.

“Who dares to mention it? Besides, our program relies on the intrigue of this group of women’s team players to be careful. Moreover, it is just to register a Weibo, which is also in response to the majority of netizens. It’s only a requirement.”

Chen Lan sneered, and did not take this matter to heart.

In her opinion, no matter which player raises an objection, it doesn’t matter. Even in her opinion, it is good to have such a person. In this way, their program is even more explosive.

And the poor Wen Anan doesn’t know that, she is a little pitiful and knows nothing, she is about to become the person who pulls absolute hatred~!

At this time, she is in the practice classroom, learning to sing and dance with the teachers arranged by the program group.

“Wen Anan, pay attention, when you sing, you should use this to sing.”

“Anan, your actions here are wrong again. You watch me carefully and jump again…”

After one day’s training is over, Wen Anan was going to collapse.

At this time, she really wanted to jump into the bathtub, soaking in a milk bath comfortably without thinking about anything.

It is a pity that the competition will be held tomorrow. She hasn’t fully learned the dance and song yet.

“Anan, come, let’s go to dinner.”

Yao Mengduo looked at the appearance that Wen Anan was still planning to keep practicing, she walked over with some worry, and softly comforted her.

However, Wen Anan pursed his lips and shook his head.

“I, I haven’t finished practicing yet. Go ahead, thank you.”

As long as she thinks, if she doesn’t dance well and gets eliminated, then she will be beaten by a male and female leads, and then she will be sold abroad as a slave…

She feels terrified just thinking about it! She had to work hard to practice! Even if she doesn’t like it, even if it’s difficult, she can only overcome it.

After all… She really doesn’t want to go the old way of the female character, being manipulated by the plot to become the vicious female character who was cannon fodder.

“An An, you are working too hard. Actually, it’s just a placement test. You don’t need to be so nervous.”

Yao Mengduo looked at Wen Anan’s nervous look, she sighed, only to realize that Wen Anan actually looked like a very weak girl. However, in fact, the tenacity that she has been working hard is really not comparable to ordinary people.

Maybe she was like everyone else in the past, thinking that even if Wen Anan became a star after debut, it would be just like a vase.

But, now from Wen Anan’s performance in these three days, she can see that this girl, she will definitely be popular!

“Thank you, I will go to dinner later when I finish practicing.”

After finishing talking, Wen Anan stopped taking care of Yao Mengduo, racing against time, began to practice again.

At this time, she has only one belief in her heart! That is, you must never follow the old path of the original owner, enter Class F, and then be eliminated.

As long as she does not enter Class F and is not eliminated from the previous periods, then she can get rid of the tragic end of the original owner.

With such obsession in her heart, Wen Anan practiced harder.

Gradually, the time was getting late, and all the players had already left the practice room.

Only, Wen Anan continued to fight in the practice room alone.

Originally, she wanted to wait for Wen Anan to stop and then notify Wen Anan to open Weibo. Seeing that the time was approaching eleven o’clock, she couldn’t wait any longer. After all, she had to leave work go home to sleep.

So, she personally went to the practice classroom where Wen Anan was.

“Anan, don’t jump first, the program team has arranged a task for you…”


Looking at the staff who suddenly appeared in the practice room, Wen Anan stopped in confusion and walked over.

“Is such that……”

The staff approached Wen Anan and handed Wen Anan’s mobile phone.

She was very close, as if she was head to head with Wen Anan. From the eyes of outsiders, they looked very close.

And at this time, the two people who were talking did not notice that outside the door of the practice room, I don’t know when one more person was there.

She looked at them with jealousy and anger in her eyes, and after a while, she left quietly.

But, all of this, the two people in the practice classroom know nothing…

[Wow! Did you see it! The official Weibo of “Super Idol” released a message about the young ladies who appeared in the recommended trailer!]

[I, I, I’m looking for my little crying girl~!]

[Haha, I am also curious about the little girl crying miserably! 】

[Yeah! Miss Little cry seems to be this! @superlovebean116 Contestant Wen Anan]

[This Sister’s Weibo seems to be registered just now~]


This night, Wen Anan, who practiced the singing and dancing of “I am a Super Idol” tailored by three instructors for them, didn’t know that her Weibo was just opened for one night. Her number of fans jumped from 0 to five figures!

You must know that many of the contestants who have already made their debut do not have as many fans as her.

In this unknowingly, Wen Anan didn’t know that she had changed the plot little by little, and she didn’t know that she was getting popular little by little…

“Anan, Anan, get up, today is the assessment day, we have to record the show.”

Early in the morning, Wen Anan was woken up by Yao Mengduo again.

She opened her eyes, rubbed them tiredly, her voice was hoarse.

“Oh, oh, good.”

“You didn’t practice until late last night, or else I will buy you a cup of coffee to wake up.”

Yao Mengduo looked at the sleepy look on Wen Anan’s face, she said with some worry.

Wen Anan, who didn’t like the bitter drinks like coffee, and only likes sweets, nodded because thinking that her own spirit was indeed unbearable.

“Thank you…”

Thanking her, Wen Anan got up to wash, and when she went to the assessment practice room, she saw Yao Mengduo holding a cup of coffee in her hand and beckoning to her.

She hurriedly walked over, just about to take the coffee from Yao Mengduo’s hand, and drink all the coffee into her stomach, so she can wake up, who knows——

A pair of white and slender palms intercepted the coffee Yao Mengduo handed to her!

Seeing that her coffee was taken away by others, Wen Anan suddenly became a little anxious. She raised her head and looked at the person who robbed her with wide-eyed eyes. As a result, she was shocked when she saw her coffee. After breaking her guts and wishing, she hid behind Yao Mengduo and became a transparent person.


Looking at Wen Anan, someone almost killed her with his eyes.

“Teacher Yan Qi, what are you doing?”

Yao Mengduo looked at Wen Anan who was hiding behind her, and then at Yan Qi who had robbed Wen Anan coffee, she asked with some doubts.

Yan Qi glanced at Yao Mengduo, snorted coldly, and said in a very bad tone.

“Don’t you know this is recording a show! Who allowed you to bring coffee in!”


Eh? The show hasn’t started recording yet?

Yao Mengduo twitched the corners of her mouth slightly, and looked around at the players who hadn’t arrived at all. For a while, she couldn’t figure out what kind of madness the star mentor was making and murmured silently in her heart, this Yan Qi star is really the same as the legend, unpredictable and moody.

Just when Yao Mengduo was complaining in her heart, suddenly, the next scene that happened next made her dumbfounded.

She saw Yan Qi staring closely at Wen Anan.

“You! No more coffee in the morning!”


Wen Anan looked at Yan Qi confusedly, not understanding what he meant.

“Have you heard it!”

However, when she saw Yan Qi’s fierce appearance staring at her, Wen Anan immediately shrank her neck and nodded a little bit of her head grievously.

“Listen, I heard. “

Woo woo-! The hero is terrible, terrible… ooh! Why, she did not pester him anymore, why did he still look at her so upset? Woo-! It’s terrible, I really want to go home…

The author has something to say:

[small theater]

Yan Qi (fierce): No coffee in the morning!

Wen Anan (looking worried and pitiful): Why, why o(╥﹏╥)o

Yan Qi (eyes with disdain): Idiot, I wonder if drinking coffee on an empty stomach in the morning is bad for the stomach!

Wen Anan (in doubt and puzzled): How do you know that I didn’t eat breakfast?

Yan Qi (faceless and indifferent): Guessed!

The staff (polls, sneering): Cut~! Obviously paying attention to others all the time!

Wen Yanan (contemplating and depressed): I always feel that my Xiao Qiqi is getting further and further away from me! This is different from what is written in the script (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

T/N : If you see any errors, please let me know.


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