DMGFL Chapter 6 Part II

Wen Anan looked at the two star mentors sitting opposite her, but, when she saw Yan Qi sitting in the middle of the two star mentors, her body immediately shook, and then….

“I, I’m not as good as what you said, I, I actually don’t know anything… otherwise, or you will still eliminate me.”

Wen Anan’s words just fell, the audience was silent, all the people looked at Wen Anan in disbelief, as if she had just said something incredible.

 Afterall, everyone else, as long as they are not stupid, can see that the two most important stars of the game are very fond of Wen Anan.

Not to mention other things, just say that the two star mentors with huge number of fans, will be able to bring a lot of popularity votes to Wen Anan.

 But what did she say that she wanted to be eliminated? Hehe! This development is too much!

All of the contestants, a large part of the girls think that Wen Anan is thinking too much and attaching too much importance to herself! This is a complete green tea bitch!

 However, to the three star mentors sitting on the tutor seat, including Yan Qi, it is obvious that Wen Anan really wants to be eliminated.

 And among them, the most shocked is Yan Qi.

Because, he had thought that Wen Anan would come to the show, it was for him.

So, she will do everything she can to stay on this show and rub his heat!

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But who would have imagined at the moment….

“Why? Why do you want to be eliminated?”

 She felt that her mind was pure, timid and not suitable for this circle, but she always felt that in such a place of intrigue as the entertainment industry, if there is such a clear flow of Wen Anan it is quite good.

In particular, all aspects of the quality of this little girl is really great, cherish her, really do not want Wen Anan to just leave.

 ”It doesn’t matter, you say your reasons, we will listen.”

The two star mentors gently asked Wen Anan with their appearance, it’s just that each of their faces don’t have the words “Mom and Dad” on them.

Compared to the other players, it is like sky and underground! It makes the rest of the players, feel depressed!

Looks extraordinarily beautiful! To be able to cry! Damn it! Indeed it is truly extraordinary!

 Wen Anan doesn’t know, she is really crying, and that is about to form a popular trend in this game.

 ”I, I’m scared……”

said Wen Anan. The rim of Wen Anan’s eyes were red.

At a glance, the little girl was just like a rabbit, looking so pitiful, the two star mentors comforted her again.

However, sitting in the middle was Yan Qi, he was unable to restrain himself.

 Originally though, in the program recording, he ignored Wen Anan, in the end, the results….

 ”What are you afraid of! Don’t cry! Can anyone else eat you here?”

Don’t know why, he looked at Wen Anan’s pathetic appearance, he had an indescribable irritability.

Why is there such a feeling of irritability, even he himself could not say, but he just did not want to see her red eyes as if she was being bullied, especially doesn’t like it.

Thinking so, Yan Qi’s face looked more gloomy, that look in the eyes of Wen Anan, it is even more terrible!

” Wuwuwu! I am afraid of you…!

One can’t control, Wen Anan is tearful again, a face full of horror staring with round eyes, looking straight at Yan Qi stunned.

Wuwuwu! The man is terrible, terrible, terrible! She wants to be eliminated!

Wuwuwu! Why did she cross into this manhua? She didn’t scold the author.

Is it because she has the same name as this woman? But there are so many people of the same name in this world, why have to let her who does nothing, every day at home and eat waiting to die in the house to cross into this manhua……

The more she wants to, Wen Anan that is completely unable to control her emotions. Ah, crying is even more.

Watching Wen Anan cry afraid and in horror does not seem to be a fake appearance, the crew of the program is simply crazy!

“Quicky! Give a great close-up! To the two star mentors and Yan Qi a major close-up! Then a few players exaggerated expression a wide close-up!”

Chen Lan really did not think, Wen Anan was so awesome! This first show crying like this, the child is absolutely on fire. Ah! In particular, most of the reasons for her crying are Yan Qi, the male god with countless fans!
 Aiya! This first burst point is too much! The two star mentors are eccentric, and the players question fairness, and Yan Qi makes players cry!

 And all this burst, all around the little girl’s body. Ah!

She looks at people is indeed really good!

Compared to Chen Lan looked at Wen Anan crying happily, that Yan Qi head is simply fried by Wen Anan’s crying.

But what really makes him care is that the words in the mouth of Wen Anan…… afraid of him.

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