DMGFL Chapter 6 Part I

 Facing Wen Anan this kind of individual, who is not good at dancing, even more hasn’t sung a single verse, only a pretty face, but she is in Class B, this is really so that all the players, are particularly unconvinced.

But …, although not convinced. But no one dares to question the three judges, the average player really not dare to say the dissatisfaction in their heart.

 But there are so many players on the scene,there’s always someone who has the strength, and is an impulsive contestants.

“Teacher, can I ask, why did she get into Class B, and those of us who are more serious than she is, who sings harder, but only in Class D and F?”

 The girl who questioned was a contestant who was assigned to Class D. Because she had a little money at home, and the company she was working in was a big company. That’s why she’s here on this show, it’s just like playing tickets to brush the sense of existence, and didn’t really want to be the last six lucky winners who will get to successfully advance to sign into Tianyu entertainment.

So …Duan Mi Li did not hesitate to say the doubt in her mind.

 And when Mi Li’s words pop out, all the behind-the-scenes staff of the show team jumped up happily.

Aiya! Do something Do something! If you don’t do something how can the ratings explode ma!

Go, Go, Go! Click, click, click! Get a close-up for the two people.

 At this time all the behind-the-scenes staff that are eager to watch Wen Anan and Duan Mi Li PK up, That’s exciting! Unfortunately,Wen An’an……is really weak! With such a beautiful white face, But there is no fighting strenght!

 When the camera is switched to Wen Anan , and finds this girl, nodding her head?

Like a chicken pecking rice, Silly little head, a pair of ‘ Yes yes she is so bad is how can she enter Class B?’.

 On that little face, it just didn’t say, Teacher, you’re going to get rid of me.

 Looking at the appearance of Wen Anan, Jiang Yan and He YuXi laugh out loud.

There was some dislike that Mi Li doubted their decision, but looking at Wen Anan the little girl’s face looked at them blankly, they are really amused.

 ”Want to know why she was selected to Class B?”

 The two star mentors laughed for a moment, then cleared their voiced and with a serious face said.



After a moment of silence, many of the players responded in a whisper.

“Because I see potential in her.”

Jiang Yan smiled at the 116 players sitting in the player’s seat and said plausibly.

“The first placement test, is not just about your professionalism, it’s also the evaluation of all of you by our instructors in mind. Although Wen Anan danced, her dance was very general, she didn’t even sing.

  But, there is only one, and she is better than all of you.”

Jiang Yan’s sentence just fell, and the other players couldn’t help but reply.

 ”Is it a face?”

 If you put your face in a class, Wen Anan is definitely the First Class A ah!

“No, it’s her voice. Her voice is one of the best I’ve ever heard, The most perfect voice I’ve ever heard. So … the only reason we’re giving Wen Anan this grade for Class B, and because …we think she has that potential. In my mind, her potential is far more than that. So come on! Wen Anan, I hope you must not fail to live up to our expectations for you!”

After that, Jiang Yan smiled and turned her eyes to Wen Anan and made a cheering gesture, looking like a fan of Wen Anan.

Looking at the appearance of Jiang Yan, Wen Anan at that was scared.
  She doesn’t think she has any potential! She is just a limb, is not diligent, she is an otaku girl with a K song level!
 So can she sing and dance?Oh, my god! Give her a break!

And also the male leads fans are so cruel! She thought she’d better quit the show!

But what Wen Anan didn’t think of, Jiang Yan praised her even, but even He Yu Xi also praised her to the sky, that she really……

“Like Jiang yan, I am looking forward to her growth.But in fact, Wen Anan’s body ratio is also very good, if you can dance, it will be very beautiful, I also look forward to It.”


Wait a minute! They don’t have any illusions about her! How could she be as good as they say? !

Remembering the story of the female match, she was directly assigned to the Class F by them!

What is happening?

Chapter 5

Chapter 6 Part II






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