DMGFL Chapter 5

“Wen An’an! Don’t cry!”
  Yan Qi couldn’t help but say directly to Wen An’an.
  However, his words shocked everyone.
  ”Eh? Xiao Qiqi, do you know this little girl?”
  Everyone’s eyes were attracted by Yan Qi’s words. Everyone looked at Yan Qi with special puzzlement, and didn’t understand why he could do it in one breath calling out the name of the player who just got on stage.
  ”How is it possible!”
  Yan Qi withheld himself, without a trace of hesitation, it seemed as if he didn’t know Wen An’an. However, he put his hand under the tutor’s table, but he held it tightly, revealing how nervous he was at the moment.
  Damn it! Just now he didn’t hold back, he almost revealed that he knew Wen An’an!
  ”Really? I don’t know why you could call her name at once?”
  Jiang Yan raised her eyebrows and looked at him suspiciously.
  Because Jiang Yan is also in the music circle, her relationship with Yan Qi is very good. Yan Qi respects her as his elder.
  ”No”. Now everyone is wondering whether Yan Qi knows Wen An’an. After all, Yan Qi’s reaction today is really weird, but he is also embarrassed to ask so straightforwardly.
  Just listening to Jiang Yan’s words and asking them to exit, everyone’s eyes would be more scorching and glancing back and forth between Yan Qi and Wen An’an.
  Now thinking about it carefully, Yan Qi’s attitude towards Wen An’an is really strange. Moreover, the two people are about the same age … Is it possible to know each other?
  ”Have you not paid attention? Isn’t she wearing a famous brand on her body?”
 As soon as Yan Qi’s words fell, everyone thought about it. It seems that Yan Qi really didn’t know the little girl on the stage.
  After all, the background disparity between the two is too great. It would be strange if they really knew each other.
  Seeing that no one doubted that he knew Wen An’an, Yan Qi was relieved in his heart.
  Calm down! Calm down! You are not the former Yan Qi now! Here is your home court. Next, no matter what she does, you should be professional to her and ignore her as the best solution!
  So, Yan Qi, who had figured it out, decided to face Wen An’an later, only to treat her as a transparent person, ignoring her!
  However, Yan Qi now does not know that he will soon be defeated by himself ~
  After all the complaints are gone, all the star tutors focus on Wen An’an again.
  Looking at the little girl in the middle of the stage, they realized at this time that this little girl looks really beautiful!
  Especially when she cried, it was really too contagious and so pityful.
  ”Wen An’an, right, your appearance is really good. It’s not an exaggeration to say that you are really the most beautiful newcomer I have ever seen.”
  He Yuxi laughed and praised that although she had stopped crying, he still can’t control his body’s gentleness.
  The kind-hearted Jiang Yan even exaggerated her face and recommended a pitiful little crying bag Wen An’an to her teammates.
  ”You didn’t see it! Wen An’an, she didn’t even wear make-up! God, this face value is really too good! With this face value alone, we can’t leave her.”
  ”It turned out to be true. Do you have any makeup? This little girl cried so badly, the eye makeup on her face did not run, and the flower was really too waterproof. “
  While the two star tutors were discussing Wen An’an, Su Yan, the show cameraman of the group also hurriedly made a big close-up for Wen An’an.
  On the square screen of the camera, Wen Anan’s petite face showed. He also took note of her unique and unbelievably beautiful face.
  To be honest, if you don’t turn on the camera in the later stage of beauty, how else would you get known in the entertainment circle!
  However, Wen Anan’s face was so distraught, but it was still outrageously beautiful, and her small heart couldn’t help but beating added with her variant expressions.
  In particular, those red and swollen eyes did not spoil the beauty at all, but instead had a more pitiful taste. This makes Wen Anan’s already pure face look more and more beautiful.
  ”Wen An’an’s face is really perfect!”
  ”Wen An’an’s face value is too high to fight!”
  ”When this episode will be broadcasted then this little girl will gather heat!”

The crew behind the program could not help but whisper discussing the face value of Wen An’an.
  However, even a few star tutors have already decided to leave Wen An’an, but they think, they can’t just leave people because of their face value.
  So let Wen An’an’s girl group perform their own specialties.
  Not surprisingly, except for Wen An’an, the other three members performed plainly.
  Although people can’t find any highlights, they can’t find too many mistakes.
  But when Wen Anan performed, all the star tutors were refreshed by Wen An’an’s timidity…
  ”Wen An’an, what is your performance?”
  To be honest, the two mentors are mostly looking forward to the performance of Wen An’an, but their expectations are not too high. After all, they are just for everyone’s performance.
  This girl, besides having a good-looking face, and especially liking them, the other … is really useless.
  ”Do you have any special skills?”
  Seeing the little girl with her head down, the whole person seemed to be very nervous and wished to disappear on this stage immediately. Both mentors were amused and helpless.
  ”Don’t be nervous, let’s chat first.”
  Jiang Yan is 17 years older than Wen An’an. Looking at Wen An’an is really the same as watching a girl, although she doesn’t have a girl yet.
  ”Why did you come to our show?”
  Even though Jiang Yan’s words were gentle, Wen Anan was still panicking at this time!
  When she thinks of the male lead now, she especially wants to be eliminated.
  ”Wen An’an!”
  Qiao Lin saw Wen An’an with her head down like an ostrich, just as if she didn’t speak. She was really upset in her heart!
  They are not stupid. It can be seen that apart from Yan Qi, the other two star tutors especially like Wen An’an.
  This was already enough to make them jealous, but Wen An’an didn’t know what to do, and she didn’t know how to cherish this opportunity, of course she was even more angry.
  One hand, Qiao Lin pushed Wen An’an forward.
  This brings Wen An’an closer to the three star mentors, and also allows the three star mentors to see her clearly. At this time, Wen An’an is really scared!
  The little face that had just cried was pale like a white wall, and the petite body was trembling slightly.
  ”Why did you come to our show?”
  Jiang Yan’s voice was a little softer.
  In the expectation of everyone, Wen An’an, who has not said a word since she hit the stage, finally said the first sentence.
  Although, this sentence is equivalent to saying nothing.
  ”I, I don’t know …”
  However, after all the instructors heard Wen An’an, it was simply…
  ”Wen An’an, you know, your voice is so great! I have been singing for so many years , your voice is definitely the clearest voice I have ever heard! “
  Listening to Wen An’an’s voice, Jiang Yan praised without hesitation. As a singer, in fact, your voice is far more important than your talent, because the gift of talent can be acquired, but the original thing of the throat can only rely on God.
  So when she heard Wen An’an’s extremely talented voice, Jiang Yan did not hesitate and decided to do it. The next time, she had to teach the little girl well.
  As another dance star instructor, he does not have too high attainment in vocal music, but he will listen. He thought that the little girl’s voice was very nice. If he had to let him describe it, then he thought Wen Anan’s voice should belong to the straight man’s voice! Very nice!
  ”Yes, I was thinking about such a beautiful little girl just now, what would her voice look like? But, I did not expect that her voice would be so nice, looking forward to your singing.”
  Facing the two, the tutor Qi Qi praised Wen An’an like this, the whole audience was shocked!
  Especially the other 119 players and Wen An’an herself.
  She blinked her eyes, thinking with some doubt in her heart, is there such a story in the storyline of the female rival coming to the show? Why didn’t she know …
  That’s right, there was no such thing in the original female supporting story.
  The original female matchmaker is a dinosaur-like arrogant person who is terrible and makes one unhappy. Once there is no strength in the game, arrogance is enough to make all the star mentors unhappy.
  Later in the questioning session, she directly hugged the thigh of the male lead, which made them even more dissatisfied.
  But the most important point is that after Wen An’an traversed into this body, because of her own personality and attributes, she also caused her body’s golden finger to make corresponding changes.
  The appearance, body and various physical qualities of the original female character were nourished by the female golden finger powder bracelet to the ultimate perfection.
  However, because the character of the female rival is very bad, it also makes her perfect body lose a lot of points.
  However, now that Wen An’an has crossed into this body, the pink bracelet has been adjusted according to Wen An’an’s attributes.
  This voice, because of the attributes of Wen An’an and the way of speaking, makes people think of it to be ideal!
  It is no exaggeration to say that the body that Wen An’an traverses is the body for entertainment, whether it is sound or flexibility of the body, it is an absolute top standard.
  However, because the female actor in the plot does not understand and cherish it, and later she withdrew from the entertainment industry, which made everyone unaware that she can make a blockbuster and is a brilliant genius with a little effort.
  ”Wen An’an, I’m looking forward to your performance, so we unanimously decided that the class where you will be first placed in is …”
  ”Class B!”

  Eh? even more she didn’t sing a song all the way only dancing or waddling. Why didn’t she get eliminated, but instead went into elite class B? 

This is unscientific!
  Just when Wen An’an looked at the face of the three celebrity mentors who were smiling and amiable, like fathers and mothers, she thought she was experiencing hallucinations.
  They heard a voice, a very angry one
  ”Teacher, can I ask why she can enter Class B. And those of us who are more serious and sing better than her can only enter Class D and F?”

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