DMGFL Chapter 4

  Yan Qi, twenty years old this year.
  Although young, he has the most fans among all star mentors!
  His talent and qualifications are not inferior to the other two major star mentors.
  The reason why he is so young and is the creative star mentor of “Super Love Bean”, is because he is not only the hottest rock singer in the entertainment industry, but also he has considerable talent in music creation.
  At the age of eighteen, he created rock music with a “Bye Baby”, with an extremely strong and handsome approach, he entered the entertainment circle and immediately entered the eyes of all fans.
  Since then, his stardom journey has been smooth, and it has only been less than two years since his debut. He has already spread throughout the Asian region, and even has a faint influence toward global development.
  A handsome man with both talent and looks, this is Yan Qi.
  However, even if Yan Qi is now popular throughout Asia and fans are all over the world, he is also extremely mysterious.

No information on his family background came out. Even when he once attended an event and accidentally said that the song “Bye Baby” was actually written for the ex-girlfriend who first loved him. The extremely mysterious first love girlfriend, they couldn’t find.
  This is unpleasant to hear in the omnipotent fan world!
  Everyone wants to pick out the first love girlfriend of the hottest male star in the entertainment industry, but after more than a year, no one can find the one who was Yan Qi ex first girlfriend and first love.
  However, who would have thought that the former girlfriend who they had been looking for, for the first time, would be on the star talent show that Yan Qi participated in!
  It is estimated that if the program crew knows, I’m afraid that they are going to go crazy!
  This is the real point of the show! The element that can make the program firmly occupy the first throne in the summer, and it will be popular all over the region!
  It’s a pity that even the fans can’t guess things that the show crew can’t guess.
  Most importantly, as the two parties, they also decided not to let this matter be exposed!
  Yan Qi knows the true face of Wen An’an, … but he is determined not to give Wen An’an a chance to approach him!
  It ’s okay to fall into the pit once, he doesn’t want to fall into that pit twice.
  And as the legendary first girlfriend, the first love, Wen An’an

  She is a timid little bundle, then it is even more daring to expose! When she was exposed, she would wait for her face to be madly beaten by the man and woman!
  ”Your performance is really terrible. I don’t know why you are eligible to be among the 120 players, especially the girl in the white dress standing in the middle C.”
  ”Eh Eh…”

Shouldn’t this person …
Wen Anan’s face suddenly turned pale, and she looked at a certain person with a frightened look.
  The other two celebrity mentors were a little taken aback by Yan Qi’s direct attack.
  They always knew that although Yan Qi was young, his standards were very high and he was very strict.
  But as now, such a harsh phenomenon of spraying players, it really has never happened before.
  Moreover, although the performance of this group is not very good, it is also not the worst …
  ”Xiao Qiqi, you are too harsh.”
  As for age, he is 15 years older than Yan Qi . Jiang Yan looked at Yan Qi with some surprise and worry.
  Although Yan Qi’s popularity is very high, it will still affect the popularity of the show if there is such a video of him scolding players.
  ”Yeah, Yan Qi, don’t be too strict. They are all little girls with no foundation. It is their first time to come to this kind of show, don’t put people on …”
  However, before He Yuxi finished speaking, the little girl really cried.

Really a male lead! 


Very scary!
  In this comic, not only the heroine Wen Yan’an is beating her! 

Even the male lead Yan Qi is constantly beating her!
  Especially the early face-slaps came from the male lead!
  The female character took part in “Super Love Bean” and she was rushing to continue her relationship with Yan Qi to gain popularity. Who knows, there is no slag that hasn’t been abused by Yan Qi!
  In the past, Yan Qi liked her, but if the man didn’t like anyone, then he didn’t like anyone, especially because the female character thought that Yan Qi was just a poor senior, who stepped on two boats and a countryside rich second generation.
  After being known by Yan Qi, the female character bluntly said that he had no money and did not want to talk to him, so she dumped him and insulted his self-esteem, which made the already arrogant male lead intolerable

He hated Wen An’an, the girl who broke his beautiful first love.
  His love for her disappeared and he also suffered from misogyny. Until the appearance of the female lead, the male lead gained the ability to love others again.
  However, what does the former girlfriend know? Where is Yan Qi’s poor family background? But she had dumped him thinking that he was a countryside rich second generation.
  Not only does his family have a strong military and political background, but his mother is also one of the best entrepreneurs in the country, and the family has industries all over the country.
  But…you have to ask the man who has such an awesome background, why does he want to enter into the entertainment industry? Of course it was rebellion in adolescence!
  At the age of eighteen, he was dumped by his first love, and his father actually brought in an illegitimate child. In retaliation, because of his interest, Yan Qi simply entered their so-called ‘upper circle’ -the entertainment circle.
  This makes Yan Qi’s father and son relationship to collapse. Both father and son are stubborn ass donkeys. Under the stalemate, Yan Qi is mixing in the entertainment circle … and is getting better and better, completely ignoring the interruption of home. His financial resources are certified. After all, his gold-absorbing ability is already surpassing his mother’s.
  It’s a pity that the ex girlfriend didn’t know. She looked at her ex-boyfriend who was dumped by her and turned into a big star, so she thought that she too can enter into the entertainment circle beautifully!
  And there is such a strong ex-boyfriend Yan Qi, how can she not mix well?
  So she used her face value, after joining a company, she couldn’t wait to participate in “Super Love Bean” and wanted to continue with Yan Qi to use his superior position.
  However, what she did not expect was that after she came to this show, the fire was indeed fire, but that was black fire!
  Because she deliberately approached Yan Qi, it caused Wen An’an to be sprayed with a lot of brain stump powder.
  At the beginning, Wen An’an also had a lot of face power because she was beautiful, but in the end she became more and more monstrous, and Yan Qi’s increasingly obvious disgust directly made her from being popular in the top ten to suddenly fall to the least popularity.
  In the fourth period, 120 to 60, she was eliminated.
  The ex girlfriend who had been scared by Yan Qi was already afraid to attack Yan Qi again.
  But this time, when the heroine’s family came in, the ex girlfriend replaced the heroine and became an illegitimate girl in the big family.
  Such an identity, in the eyes of the ex girlfriend, is a very high-end identity!
  Especially compared with Yan Qi’s drama, it is even more bullish!
  Therefore, the ex girlfriend, with a strong background as the heroine’s family, directly stood up and condemned Yan Qi, saying that she was his first girlfriend.
  However, she did not expect that as she said that not only did she not retaliate against Yan Qi, but on the contrary, she also contributed to an opportunity for the male and female leads to be together, so that the female heroine who returned to the entertainment circle and became the male lead’s legendary ‘first love’.
  And herself, because of retaliating against Yan Qi, the identity of being an illegitimate girl was exposed and she received a lot of ridicule.
  But… you would have to ask why the female lead came back to life and let Wen An’an replace her.

The male lead has retaliated by entering into the entertainment industry because his father was cheating and had illegitimate children.
  If the male lead who hates the mistress and the illegitimate child knows that the female lead is an illegitimate girl, how then can the female lead be liked by the male lead?
  Therefore, when the heroine came back to life, of course, she chose to attack the hero like a big Buddha first, and made him like her. When she returned to the upper circle, she became an illegitimate daughter.
  Thinking of her part to be mixed in with the future of the male and female leads, Wen An’an was lamenting at her bad luck …
  So, of course, Wen An’an could not control herself. The developed tear glands are … crying again.
  Moreover, this time, she stared at Yan Qi, who was sitting in the middle of the tutor’s seat, crying with no image, with a look of horror …

 Was he saying too much? Why did Wen An’an cry like this!
  Yan Qi looked at Wen An’an with a vicious expression. In his impression, Wen An’an was always confident and proud. He had never seen her cry like this before.
  So, when looking at Wen An’an’s clear eyes, which was full of horrified expressions looking at him, and when the crystal clear tears continued to fall from her beautiful cheeks, his heart was inexplicable. There was an…indescribable sense of guilt.
  This feeling is not only his own, the other two star tutors have also had a lot of pity for Wen Anan, a little girl who was crying in horror.
  ”Little Qiqi, you are really too much this time.”
  ”Yan Qi, I think the little girl is actually quite good, not as bad as you said.”
  ”Little girl, don’t cry, Yan Qi, forget about him, he is usually just kidding. “
  Seeing that his companions are condemning him, Yan Qi is even more blank! This girl is pretending! Are you all blind! She pretended to be all this! This girl’s acting is old! That was how she lied she loved him!
  ”Wen An’an! Don’t cry!”
  Yan Qi couldn’t help but say directly to Wen An’an.
  However, his words shocked everyone.
  ”Eh? Xiaoqiqi, do you know this little girl?”

The author has something to say:
[Small theater]
Wen An’an (frightened, crying): Wow-! This world is terrible! I just want to go home  o (╥﹏╥) o

Two star tutors (compassion, tenderness): Do not cry, we will help you educate the male master!

Yan Qi (speechless, crash): She pretends! She is pretending! You all wake up!

119 women’s team players (white-eyed): Haha! Green tea bitch! Will cry to grab the camera!

T/N: Let me know if you see any errors


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